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Insomnia Solution

Discover The Secrets Of How To Beat Insomnia!

4.3 (830 Ratings) 485 Students enrolled English
Created by Prof. Paul Cline
Last updated Wed, 31-Aug-2022

What will i learn?

  • Debunk The Many Myths About Insomnia & What Causes Sleep Disturbance
  • Discover Both Natural & Artificial Remedies For Insomnia
  • Learn How Light & Environment Has A Huge Impact On Sleep, Several Ways.
  • Learn How To Better Prepare For Sleep & How To Turn Off Your Mind
  • Learn How to PREVENT Insomnia
  • Discover The Secrets Of DEEP Sleep
  • Internet Connection
  • Basic English
Curriculum for this course
17 Lessons 00:19:12 Hours
  • Insomnia Solution - Promo
    Preview 00:04:39
  • Introduction
  • The Science Behind Insomnia
  • The Brain Of An Insomniac
  • Sleep Starvation
  • The Insomnia Cure
  • Lifestyle Modificications For Insomniacs
  • Switching Off
  • Final Thoughts & Tips
  • AD COPY - Insomia Solution
  • Chapter1
  • Chapter2
  • Chapter3
  • Chapter4
  • Chapter5
  • Chapter6
  • Conclusion

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Course overview

In This Online Insomnia Solutions Course You Will Learn How Can Transform Your Life By Beating Insomnia! This Self-Help Course Covers All The Major Skills You Need To Beat Insomnia ... And Get Your Life Back!  Insomnia Is Horrible … And Nobody Should Have To Live With It. Unfortunately … We Were Never Taught How To Beat Insomnia. Now You Will Have Those Skills With This One Simple Course! 

Insomnia Saps Your Energy, Creativity, Productivity, Happiness and Drive … And Can Lead To Anxiety & Depression. Nobody Should Have To Live Like This … But Polls Show That Up To 50% Of People Have Regular Issues With Insomnia … You Are Not Alone!  But … You Will Be One Of The Very Few With The Skills To Beat Insomnia - That You Will Get Inside This Course! This One Skill Set Can Make An Amazing Difference In Your Life, Your Mood, Your Career And Your Health! 

By The End Of This Course, You Will … 

1) Learn About The Different TYPES Of Insomnia 

2) Learn The Negative Effects Of Insomnia 

3) Discover What Recent Science & Studies How Discovered About  Insomnia 

4) Learn How The Mind Of An Insomniac Works & How This Can Help You. 

5) Debunk The Many Myths About Insomnia & What Causes Sleep Disturbance 

6) Discover Both Natural & Artificial Remedies For Insomnia 

7) Discover How Medication Can Both Help & Hurt 

8) Learn How Light & Environment Has A Huge Impact On Sleep, Several Ways. 

9) Learn How To Better Prepare For Sleep & How To Turn Off Your Mind 

10) Learn How to PREVENT Insomnia 

11) Discover The Secrets Of DEEP Sleep 

12)  Find Out How To Program Your Mind For Sleep 

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Prof. Paul Cline

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"Prof. Paul" - Serial Entrepreneur and Business, Psychology & Health/Fitness Expert. CEO at Advanced Ideas, Inc, Award Winning University Professor, Therapist, Corporate Trainer, P...


  • MZ
    Mihaela Z
    Excellent knowledge that stems from lived experience. The information that you mostly find on the internet on what to do to get better sleep makes people with insomnia more obsessed and more anxious about their sleep
  • IY
    Ilona Y
    I really liked this course and it has been helping me sleep. The workbook that comes with the course has been really useful
  • RP
    Roger P
    A great course. Just to have the confidence that my insomnia is not incurable or unique is a game changer. My sleep is slowly improving and I'm watching the videos again for a second time. Money well spent.
  • JC
    Jennifer C
    Excellent course! Explained some of the principles of Chinese Medicine in a really accessible and clear way, the teacher was very knowledgeable and had a really soothing voice! Would highly recommend!
  • BF
    Beth F
    I look forward to incorporating several of these elements into my life to enhance my sleep experience! If you could slow down the middle section it'd be worth 5 stars. 
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