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Basic selling skills

Fundamental Selling Skill Course

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Created by Ahmed Sam
Last updated Mon, 29-Aug-2022

What will i learn?

  • Understand the language of sales | Handle objections | Seal the deal | Use a prospect board | Follow up on sales
  • No requirements other than welling
Curriculum for this course
31 Lessons 01:09:22 Hours
  • Introduction
  • Types of sales
  • Common sales approaches
  • Glossary on common terms
  • Preparing to make a call
  • Performing a need Analysis
  • Creating potential solutions
  • Starting off on the right foot
    Preview 00:02:19
  • Warming up cold calls
  • Using the referral opening
  • Making your pitch
  • Know your customer needs
  • The three 80-20 rules of selling
    Preview 00:02:41
  • Features and benefits
  • The burning questions
  • Raised objections
  • Common types of objections
  • Basic strategies for handling objections
  • Advanced strategies for handling objections
  • Close it now
  • Powerful closing techniques
  • Things to remember
  • Closing is not the final stage
  • Thank you note
    Preview 00:03:03
  • Resolving customer service issues
  • Stay in-touch
  • Deal with information
  • What is Prospect board?
    Preview 00:01:51
  • The layout of prospect board
  • A day in the life of your board

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Course overview

The course offered by provides the basic knowledge and skills to help you turn into a successful salesperson. It’ll teach you how you can help customers meet their requirements. You will also learn to manage customer queries and complaints. This course from will also teach you to use NLP techniques to manage your customers.

Why Should You Learn Basic Selling Skills from offers the best-selling skill course for you. Our courses are –

(i) The best in the market – You can access the top courses available at the best price.

(ii) Designed by the experts – Our marketing courses are structured with help from the top marketing experts. So, you won’t miss out on anything important.

(iii) Affordable market rates – Our fundamental selling course offers the cheapest price in the market so you can purchase them within a limited budget. You'll not find another service in the market to offer such affordable rates.

(iv) Well-researched information – offers expert and skilled Ph.D. writers who can provide tailored information-rich content for your selling skill course.

(v) Offers high-quality samples – offers top-quality samples on basic selling skill courses with a detailed and comprehensive explanation of sales.

What is the Importance of Basic Selling Skills in Your Career?’s Basic Selling Sills Course will guide you with the –

(i) Introduction and Selling Cycle

(ii) Preparing and Strategizing the Sale

(iii) Methods of Prospecting

(iv) First Contact with Prospective Buyers

(v) Meeting Customer Requirements

(vi) Creating a potential sales presentation

(vii) Managing and handling objections

(viii) Negotiating sales with the customers.

(ix) Closing the sale

(x) Greeting the customer

(xi) Following up with the customer

(xii) Creating a Loyal Customer Base with Repeat Business and Referrals.

(xiii) Recognizing the Signals and Behaviors of your Buyers.

(xiv) Understanding the applications in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Body Language.

(xv) Managing Difficult Customers

(xvi) The Correct Approaches of Great Salespeople

(xvii) Major Common Mistakes done by Average and Poor Salespeople.

(xviii) Facilitating interaction between the Customers and the Salespeople.

(xix) Removing misconceptions on selling.

(xx) Conclusion.

How to Develop Selling Skills?’s Fundamental selling skills course will teach you –

(i) Using universal sales concept to sell any product or service.

(ii) Establishing trust by selling yourself to your customer.

(iii) Vital personality tests to achieve success in life.

(iv) Developing relationships with customers for long-term success.

(v) Contributing emotions in human life and leveraging them for sales.

(vi) The importance of hard work and the means to create a persisting habit.

(vii) Leveraging visualizations on the entire sales call process.

(viii) The basic concept of failure, its effect on life, and overcoming it.

(ix) Acquiring the knowledge to experience a successful career in sales.

(x) The value of passion and the means to create it.

Key Features of Basic Selling Skills

The basic selling skills course from will teach you the essential selling skills like

(i) Using a science-based approach to turn into a better salesperson.

(ii) Nurturing the appropriate attitude for sales – the means to overcome rejection and frustration.

(iii) Following the proper method to conduct sales meetings.

(iv) Tracking sales activities and motivating oneself.

(v) Immediate application of the learned skills in daily life.

(vi) Understanding the clients and learning the methods to uncover their issues and requirements for sales generation.

(vii) Better understanding of clients by addressing their problems and meeting their needs.

(viii) Saving valuable time by effectively qualifying the leads.

(ix) Realizing the most familiar objections in clients' requests and replying to them.

(x) Turn into a potential negotiator.


Who is this Course for?

Myassignmenthelp’s Fundamental Selling Sills Course will best suit new salespeople who have begun or are pursuing their careers in sales.

What Will You Learn from this Course?

The course will teach you –

(i) Obtain the fundamental knowledge and skills to become a successful salesperson.

(ii) You'll learn to close your sale successfully.

(iii) The course will teach you to manage various customers.

(iv) You will learn to meet your customer’s requirements.

(v) This course will teach you to manage several complaints and handle them effectively.

(vi) You will learn to use NLP or neuro-linguistic programming to level up your selling techniques.

What are the Outcomes of the Course?

This course from will teach you –

(i) Logical concepts with practical sales tactics.

(ii) Gain more knowledge about sales.

(iii) Get accustomed to the various selling tactics.

(iv) You’ll learn the art and skills of selling.

(v) Selling to yourself and making yourself trustworthy.

(vi) Gaining more customers with better long-term relationships.

(vii) Selling the products and services with creative visualizations.

(viii) Using emotions in your sales operations.   

Career Opportunities after Basic Selling Skills

On successful course completion, you’ll become –

A great professional salesperson

Gain opportunities in various industries and organizations.

Start your career as a qualified salesperson.

Know Your Instructor

Harold Lloyd has been a master sales trainer for the past 18 years. He has trained more than 80 batches to date. Harold has completed his sales training at the Kingstone Sales Training Institute in Wisconsin.


How do I start the Basic selling skills Course?

Starting your Basic selling skills Course is very simple; you apply for it.

What is the first step to working in Basic selling skills as a regular user?

Learning about the basic skills concept is the first step to working as an average user.

How do you solve the Basic selling skills problem?

This course will help you resolve sales-related issues with basic selling skills and equip you to face them better.

Why should we use Basic selling skills?

The basic selling skills course can help you learn the necessary fundamentals to become a successful and professional salesperson.

Which among the following are features of Basic selling skills?

The basic selling skill features are as follows –

(i) successfully close a sale.

(ii) manage difficult customers

(iii) meet buyer requirements

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About instructor

Ahmed Sam

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  • AB
    Anna Bagel
    This course covers all the basics and is easy to understand
  • OC
    Oriana C
    Really satisfied with the course that I really recommend. Everything is explained clearly and with examples that help you understand the concepts better. Thanks so much
  • EA
    Elvin A
    Very good Instructor, i love how he speaks and how he explains. I feel connected whenever he explains it, he doesn't do too much theoretical talk like what other instructors do, which is quite nice. But instead, he gives an explanation that is easy to understand and example that i can relate
  • HN
    Hisfan N
    I like and enjoyed the course! Chris himself teach the course in an amiable way. For a person who knows very little about sales, I gain a lot. (I'm really eager to apply these lessons!) I think to make this course even better, why not add a section about Cold calls. Perhaps experienced people would say "Oh that's basic you should've known!" But to a total newbie like me, that would be so helpful, especially with Chris' knowledge and experience, it would certainly be useful. All and all I did enjoy this course. Thank you Chris for the lecture!
  • BK
    Bahram K
    Because of very good and simple examples to understand the hole selling concept. Thank you Chris
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