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Fundamentals of Sales & Marketing Management for Hospitality

Learn the fundamentals of sales and marketing and kickstart your career

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Created by Manish Gupta
Last updated Fri, 23-Sep-2022

What will i learn?

  • Principals of Sales management in Hospitality
  • Understanding planning process
  • 4Ps of Marketing and understanding implications on hospitality
  • Ethics in Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Basic understanding of hotel operations
Curriculum for this course
57 Lessons 05:14:39 Hours
  • Introduction
    Preview 00:00:29
  • Marketing Stages History
    Preview 00:05:17
  • Marketing Concepts - Segmentation
  • 4Ps of Marketing
  • Pricing Concepts in Marketing
  • Product Concepts in Marketing
  • Place Distribution and Promotion Aspects in Marketing
  • Difference in 4Ps between B2B and B2C Models
  • Planning for Sales & Marketing
  • Formal and Traditional Definitions of Marketing
  • Sales Management and Organization Chart
  • Sales and Marketing Organization for Hospitality
  • Expanding Roles of Sales Managers
  • Qualities required of Sales Managers
  • Changing Behavioral Trends in Sale Management
  • Technological Trends in Sales
  • Managerial Trends and Skills Required in New Millennium
  • Behaviors to be avoided by Sales Persons
  • Moral Judgements and Ethical responsibilities of employer towards employees
  • Unethical behaviors towards employer, colleagues, customers
  • Ethics in Sales Mix and How to create Ethical culture in organization
  • Introduction to Sales Ethics
  • Customer Vulnerability creating ethical issues
  • Examples of Customer Vulnerability and Code of Ethics
  • What is Customer Relationship Management system
  • CRM and Different marketing and transaction approaches
  • Customer Life Time Value and How to manage relationships
  • Benefits of Planning and Responsibility of planning
  • Process and Stages in Sales Function Planning
  • Stage 1- Analyze the Situation Relevant for Sales Planning
  • Stage 2-4 - Setup Goals and Strategies
  • Allocating Resources and Implementation Plans
  • Performance measurement Metrics Setting Guidelines & Planning method
  • Designing Organization Setup for Sales
  • Examples of Organization structures and guidelines to develop
  • Sizing of work force and fixing Sales Quotas
  • Importance of Sales budget and forecasting
  • Process of Making Forecasts and Characteristics of good plan
  • Estimating Demand in Breakdown Approach
  • Quantitative and Qualitiative method to estimate demand
  • Importance of Recruitment Selection
  • Recruitement Process
  • Job Analysis and Description
  • Developing Qualifications
  • Sources of Sales peoples
  • Selection Process - Initial Screening
  • Predicting Performance and Turnover
  • Reference Check and Interview Process
  • Responsibilities in Interview
  • Socialization of Workforce - Orientation
  • Training of Sales Persons
  • Developing and Implementing Sales Training
  • Training Need assessment and Type of Training
  • Training Content and Delivery
  • Sales Compensation Plans
  • Developing Compensation Plans
  • Objectives and developing Compensation Mix

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Course overview

The sales and marketing department in the hospitality industry is not only important because it increases sales and profits. But, with the help of these two points, the industry can know the customer's expectations and demands.


The sales and marketing department also positions the hotel, its price and promotion to both customers and B2B and intermediates.


Learners who have an interest in this field can enrol themselves and learn the fundamentals. has appointed the best instructors. All of them are associated with renowned hotels and resorts. They will teach you in a proper manner and share their journey in the industry.

If anyone wants to be a part of this field, first, they must know the fundamentals. So, what are you waiting for?


Enrol now, and let's dive into the ocean of sales and marketing.

Why should you Learn Sales & Marketing Management for Hospitality with has designed the Course in a proper manner. Before getting into too much detail and making the students learn how to manage sales and marketing, they will introduce the fundamentals.

All our instructors are masters in sales and marketing. They will inform you about the different ways and techniques the hospital industry follows to reach out to their target customers. In addition, they will make you learn about the different techniques you can follow to know your customers' expectations.

The Course is divided into three parts. The first one is an introduction to fundamentals, the second is deep dive into sales and marketing, and the third one is practical. After completing the course, learners will not just have a great understanding of this field. Rather, they will be able to gain a few skills required to be part of this industry.


What is the Importance of Sales & Marketing Management for Hospitality in your Career

Competition in the hospitality industry is getting tough with time. New hotels and resorts are coming up to serve the customers in the best possible way. Companies hire sales and marketing managers to stay on top of the list. Their work is to reach out to their target customers, make them aware of their new offers and increase sales.


To survive in the industry, companies have to come up with new ways to entertain and take care of their customers. A sales and marketing manager's duty is to develop new ideas to promote the business and increase profits.


It can be a collaboration, or it can be a huge marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is also one of the best ways to promote your business.


The hospitality industry is growing globally. This certification course will help you to get a job or an internship in a hotel, restaurant, pub or resort.

How do you find sales & marketing management problems for Hospitality?


Like every other industry, sales and marketing management has its way of finding out if there is any issue or problem. First, have a look at the sales of the company. Then, always keep checking the reviews and ratings of your hotel on the internet.

These days, sales and marketing managers rely on social media the most to promote their brands.


Therefore, they need to keep their social media handles always updated. If they notice that the followers are not increasing or people are not engaging in their posts, that is a problem. At that point, they will have to think of new ways to make their customers engage.


To find out problems, they will have to take regular customer feedback. Marketing managers also have to focus on web analytics too. For example, how many people are booking their stay online and how many people are just checking out the website.


Key features of Sales & Marketing Management for Hospitality include


The key features are:

1. Customer management: Sales managers need to make phone calls to people who have hired their services earlier or enquired about it. Each phone call is a chance to convert the prospect into a customer.

2. Email marketing - It is not dead. Rather, several software is there that deliver attractive templates. Sales and marketing managers need to come up with sarcastic emailers. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make people aware of your business and get their attention.

3. Analytic tools - Your brand is coming up with different marketing campaigns. But, until and unless you have a look at the results, you will not be able to know whether the campaigns are even serving the purpose or not. Analytic tools are there to measure results.

4. Sales intelligence and prospecting - Acting tracking and call recording are the two main tasks. Sales and marketing managers also have to manage contract databases and history.

Who this Course is for:

This course is designed especially for beginners who do not have any knowledge in this field. The appointed instructors do not just have long years of experience in this field. Rather, they have strong teaching skills too.


Their techniques will help young minds know different ways to manage sales and marketing in the hospitality industry.

People who have knowledge but want to know more or are not in touch with this field can also enrol in this Course.


What you will learn from this Course

You will learn different ways by which you can manage sales and marketing in a hospitality firm. To compete with the other companies, you must come up with different strategies and ways.

Understanding the issues and expectations of the customers is an important thing. You will learn to use different analytics tools and check the results of marketing campaigns. Our instructors will make you learn different ways you can follow to promote your business through the help of social media.

You will be able to know the importance of hashtags and emailers too.


What are the outcomes of these Courses/ Skills you will gain

Your marketing and sales skills will improve. Problem-solving skill is a must if you want to pursue sales and marketing and big in the industry. You will never be able to come up with attractive strategies until and unless you are aware of the customers' issues.

Live classes will be scheduled. Our instructors talk about different ways how you enter the industry.


Career after Sales & Marketing Management for Hospitality

1. Sales associate

2. Telemarketer

3. Social media manager

4. Sales and marketing manager

5. Marketing specialists

6. SEO expert

7. Copywriter

8. Sales representative

9. Marketing manager

10. Product/service manage

Know your Instructor

Hey learners! I am Manish Gupta. I am a sales and marketing manager. I will be your main instructor. I promise I will not bore you with several PPTs. Rather, in our live classes, there will be no PPTs. We will discuss different ideas related to sales and marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol right now.



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