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Collecting Materials from Various Sources for your Essay

Many universities allow their students access to the libraries and it means that a variety of resources open up for them to research for their assignment, especially if they are related to essay topics or any other write up. The library just does not consist of text books but also of journals, magazines, e-books, DVDs and even access to other electronic resources.

When so much of material is available at hand then the first step for a student would be to translate his or her essay question into a search statement. The search statement can be developed by thinking of the words related to the given topic which can be found in sources like newspapers and text books. Sources like library catalogues or e-journals are the ones on which an impressive search statement can be applied.

Once your search statement is ready, the most appropriate resource within a subject area can be decided. Many of the options to choose from can be Opinion based points, Results from research or the history behind a particular topic for the essay.

After the apt resource has been decided and the essay topic is clear, the resources at hand can be looked into more clearly. If the resource is say a database then its data can be examined minutely and it will have to be seen that only the points relevant to the question are being taken up. It is so because in a case when it is an author’s work and he may have tended to hide something then such data may be misleading for the essay.

Another good way to source relevant data to an essay is by using the bibliographies of books accessed to extend the list on the subject under consideration. This can become an access on the most up-to-date writing regarding the topic.

Further notes related to Researching Material

A student’s review on literature
A comprehensive summary of a student’s past and present research is known as Literature Review. A student has to make a Literature review at some point of time during the research work.
Regularly identifying relevant material and then examining it is important for producing a good literature review. Apart from making this review, it is also important for a student to understand that how information in his or her study area is published and then how it is searched.

In the beginning of the literature review, a search may be carried out for Knowledge improvement of the subject, obtain ideas about area specific research conduction and also to identify keywords and key people. In the middle of the research, the literature can be reviewed to self examine progress, to check for new findings in research for self improvement, to check relevant literature in similar areas and think of innovative keywords. While writing down the research, review can be used to check for new findings for innovative rectification, to introduce the assignment topic, support the findings and give a demo of self understanding.

Speed up your source collection

The procedure of the searching process can be speeded up by using techniques like data alerting services and maintaining saved searches. Modern computer Internet browsers help the student in using such techniques.
Your research can be made up of useful resources
A student will need to cater to a wide area of resources for enriching his or her literature review. If you feel that your research table should contain more than fifteen resources then go for more searching.
Remaining up to date
It is good to always stay tuned with the ongoing developments in your area of study. Using an automated service which alerts you like ZETOC can be of immense help.
Other sources of essay help in your assignment completion can be like journals, books, mailing lists and learned societies. It seems that the number of sources is endless.

Material Source collection is crucial in any type of coursework assignment for a student.

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