resources   Simple Steps to memorize for writing an Academic Essay

Academic Essay, this is an essay which by its name reflects that it is meant for students to work upon for accomplishing their academic assignments. Writing an academic essay is not that tough as some students find it to be for completing any of their academic courseworks. If some simple steps can be memorized by the students then writing such essays will become as smooth as spreading butter on the bread. Any essay help which a student requires in writing such kinds of essays can be instantly available in the form of peers, parents or even online essay experts. Here are some simple steps for you as a student to memorize instantly for writing an academic essay:-

Topic Examination: If your teacher assigns you with an essay topic then start researching on that topic for loads of material that is relevant to the topic. If you are told to find a topic all by yourself then think over choosing a topic which is to your liking and interest. Such a topic will enable you to research for enormous material and even you can contribute your own ideas and suggestions to the topic, provided they are relevant to the topic.

Thesis Writing: Writing of the thesis statement within an academic essay is slightly different than that of other essay contents. In this essay, a thesis statement is usually written at the end of the Introductory Paragraph. This is a statement which you have to elaborately prove upon in the rest of your essay. For example, you can highlight the nature of a particular person in a story within your thesis statement and then elaborate on his or her nature throughout the essay.

Outline Formation: Here, you have to make an organized list of points which you will be using within the essay. If you make an outline of these points before hand by jotting down all such points from your mind, right on a rough paper then your direction of essay writing will become well defined. This will enable you to write and complete your essay faster.

Initial Draft Writing: After forming the outline of your essay, next you can go towards writing a draft in which you can fill in your entire well thought content. Since this will not be the final draft so you can rectify your mistakes and word length patiently.

Paragraph Division: Your outline consists of a certain number of points. So make sure that each outline point has a paragraph dedicated to it. In case if your outline has four points then make sure that they have four distinct paragraphs written later in the essay. Every single paragraph can consist of three or more than three sentences to give itself a distinct look.

Apply the AEI Theory: By AEI we mean to say Argument-Evidence-Impact Theory. This is a method in which you can first state an argument to a belief, followed by evidence like a quotation or theorem reference which backs the argument. Lastly, an Impact is a well analyzed review of why and how is an argument so crucial in context of the essay. This impact can further turn into the argument of the following paragraph and so on.

Second Draft Writing: In this draft writing, you can edit out any paragraphs that don’t provide substantial arguments to validate your stand towards the topic. Here, you may require to research even more.

Apply Transitional Paragraph Styles: Make sure to use phrases in last end of a paragraph which should match to that of the one’s used in the initial portion of the next paragraph. Such smooth transitions will not make a reader feel that you are ending you essay paragraphs abruptly.

Final Draft Writing: While you are working upon the final draft of your academic essay then make sure to track and rectify all the possible spelling and grammatical errors you may have made. If you want then you can also involve a friend or peer of yours during the proof reading level of the final draft.
If you memorize such simple steps within your mind then writing an academic essay will not be tough or time consuming. It will surely be an assignment help that you will do for yourself while enjoying it.

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