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Tips for Essay Topic Selection:

In this article, some interesting tips have been stated so that it can help a student in improving the essay writing skill. The student may have to face essay topics of any nature so strengthening this skill is important. Here are some tips as follows:-

Tip 1: Choosing the Title of the essay

Students usually get a title or question during most undergraduate essay assignments from their university or the institute concerned.

If a student has to choose a title for an essay on his own then the title should be a brief summary reflecting the essay’s subject and aim. For example: “The role of Computers in a global economy 1995-2005”

At times, the title of the essay can also be phrased as a question. For example: “How does Foreign Direct Investment impact the national economy positively?”

Tip 2: Writing the Structure of the essay

At times, students find out that they cannot stick to the draft structure as per rule but deciding on an essay structure in advance will help the student to remain on the correct path while writing an essay. Sub-Headings for various sections can be created, and some of them can be removed later as per the student’s liking.

Tip 3: Decide upon the Conclusion at the very first

Some students may find it strange to decide upon the conclusion of the essay beforehand. This method helps the student in writing the essay easily if he has an idea of what points are to be proved. While carrying out the research, the material required to support the argument needs to be selected. Even the material which does not support the argument should be selected so that the student can explain that why his argument is better.

Tip 4: Writing the Introduction of the essay

The Introduction of the essay is meant to convey the essay’s subject to the reader. It also tells the reader about the issues which are to be dealt by the student. Even the student needs to engage the reader by convincing him about the relevancy of the essay so that he would like to read further beyond the introduction.

Tip 5: Writing the Essay Body

The essay body consists of the content that is to be written on the basis of the research work done by the student. The body also consists of the information related to the essay title and the main arguments.

The student needs to frame the essay body in style as per the directive stated within the essay question like “Evaluate this” or “Discuss this” are some examples.

The student will always have to remember that all that he writes within the essay body should be related to the essay question. If he includes anything more on his own then he will have to explain as to how that material too caters to the essay question.

Tip 6: Writing the Conclusion of the essay

The conclusion paragraph should consist of a summarization of all the main points made by the student within the body paragraph. It should reflect your points, in a way, showing that your argument has been backed by strong evidence, and the essay question has been answered properly through the body paragraphs.

Tip 7: Top most tips for writing the essay

A student can even apply some top tips while writing an essay like:-

1. Only relevant examples should be used

2. Irrelevant content should not be included

3. The number of words used should be balanced to keep word count in control

4. Proper referencing should be given to texts used by other authors

5. The content should be to the point and complicated words should not be used as they can be tracked easily.

A standard essay will consist of an Introduction, Body and Conclusion starting with a Title.
It is also important to include all the references within the text that denote the sources from where the student has used the material. The student also has to include a bibliography at the end of the essay, which will be a list of all the publications referred by the student while writing an essay. There is a difference between a bibliography and a reference list – A reference list consists only of those materials that a student has referred to, but a bibliography also includes those books that the student has read since they have been relevant to the study being done for the essay, but they are not directly referred to by the student. Let us hope that this article will provide appropriate essay help to those students who need to work upon their essay assignments.

Apart from an essay, simple tips can also be followed to make writing other coursework assignments very easy

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