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Ways to Develop your Ideas

Elicitation techniques can be applied at various stages during a research process even if it related to a dissertation proposal and may help the students in:-

I. Identifying the research question.

II. Planning a search of the literature review which should be comprehensive.

III. Providing a structure to the personal collection of data.

The student’s Research Question

A student may need to perform some research in the form of a literature review or may want to identify a thesis topic. The two approaches mentioned here are as follows:-

General to Specific Approach

Students can follow this approach if they are able to decide their own research question and thus starting with a broad area of study:-


1. Students can collect all their relevant information.

2. They can apply an elicitation technique to split their area of study into smaller concepts which are inter-related.

3. They can create a visual record of such a process.

4. They can identify any uncertain areas.

5. They can create a list of probable research questions.


Specific to General Approach

Students can follow this approach if they have a research question that is narrowly defined within place, such as those provided by people like industrial sponsors.

1. Students can gather all their relevant information.

2. They can apply an elicitation technique to expand the argument which surrounds the original question.

3. They can create a visual record of such a process.

4. They can identify any uncertain areas.

5. They can create a list of probable research questions, maintaining a focus on their work’s original concept.

Visual Records and Elicitation Techniques need to be used in both these approaches as these techniques have been designed to enable the user to see a study area from a global and holistic perspective. This can even provide unique insights that are important to create an original research question.

Mind Mapping

Mind alias Concept Maps can be used in framing a research question, planning related to essay help or literature review. They represent information in a visual format by making use of images, colors and symbols to help the brain in recalling.

A Mind Map can assist students in identifying the gaps in their knowledge. The author Tony Buzan suggests some rules to create Mind Maps as follows:-

1. Students can start by making a colored image in the paper sheet’s center.

2. They can use numerous images within the Mind Map.

3. Words can be printed in Capital Letters.

4. Mind Maps can be structured if printed words are on lines, and all lines are well connected to each other.

5. Words can be printed one word per line.

6. Color Usage can stimulate creative ideas and improve in memory recall.

7. It is better to jot down all the ideas of the mind spontaneously.


Brainstorming is an exercise that students can carry out within a group or with themselves. It can be conducted with the supervisor and the process consists of concept analyzing connected to the research topic, followed by recording everything associated with the concept. The four practical rules for Classical Brainstorming as per B822, Technique Library are:-

1. Avoid criticism until the ideas have been gathered to defer the judgment further.

2. Ideas should be free of any inhibitions.

3. Plenty of ideas are always preferred.

4. Idea improvement is the outcome of building ideas on other people’s ideas.

Bibliographic Software Packages

These software packages help in sorting references and creating reading lists. Examples like BibTex, Procite and RefWorks, are easily available in the market.

These software packages can be used for many other tasks rather than just storing and presenting references. Databases related to the list of quotation terms can also be stored for anytime use. Comments within the notes field can also be added to assess any reference in the future during a different research.

Desktop Search Engines

The Computer’s Desktop runs search engines that can act as useful tools for retrieving information in formats like Word Files and Emails.

Apart from research work, ideas need to be applied in other assignment tasks as well

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