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Essay Writing is one of the most basic assignment tasks for a student within academic life. Many students try their best to write a good essay which is briefly written and well argued, but they miss out on forming a good structure for the essay. If essay help is provided then the student can structure an essay very well.

Strategy to structure an essay

Starting of the structure:

Make sure that you are going to answer the question being asked within the topic of the essay. This will enable you to plan the structure of the essay, and you will be able to prejudge your decided structure in a concrete manner.
The Keywords within the essay question will also enable you to strategize on your essay structure for sure. As an example, if the question is asking you to discuss then your structure will be different from the case in which you will be asked to evaluate. You can read this article further to understand more about essay structure.

Basics of the structure

Once you get to understand what the essay question is trying to say, you can start forming the structure of the essay content. If you are structuring an essay in a way to present an argument then you will have to include a thesis statement within the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement should be written with two to three sentences within the introductory paragraph. By this method, you are conveying an immediate response to the reader on how you will approve or disapprove to the essay question by responding to it.
Always remember that the beginning sentence within your essay’s first paragraph should be strong. This will help in grabbing the attention of the reader so that he can be impressed to stay on with the rest of the essay. In this way, the structure of the essay should be designed, as per which the first one or two sentences should be attractive.

Paragraphs of the structure

While deciding upon the number of paragraphs for designing the essay structure, you can go for the three paragraph structure which consists of the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. If you need to elaborate your points within the body paragraph then you can also opt for a five paragraph structure. It consists of the Introduction, three Body paragraphs and the Conclusion. The basic three paragraphs can be defined as follows:-


The basic things you need to know about this paragraph are that it consists of a Thesis statement and answers to the Question being asked for solving the essay. This paragraph along with the rest of the content should be written in Third Person Language. Further, this paragraph can consist of a hook sentence which can link it to the next paragraph which will start the body of the essay.

Main Body:

The Main Body can consist of three paragraphs if it is a five paragraph essay. Make sure that these paragraphs are properly linked to each other and are written with well elaborated points. They should be properly addressing to the essay question and should be well supported by strong evidence. The evidence should be referred to the journal by a renowned scholar or a reputed primary text resource. Just make sure to follow the references that your university has directed you to do so.


Within the Conclusion paragraph, you can summarize the entire topic you have discussed within the essay. Avoid mentioning any new points over here and you have to show the evidence that you have been successful in proving the thesis. Further, you should also remember to give a repeated proof reading to the essay for enhancing its structure by rectifying all the spelling and grammatical errors.

Apart from an essay, many other content tasks need a proper structuring

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