resources   Ways to write an Essay in Upper First Class Style

At times, it happens that many students write an essay that impresses the examiners, and they attain nice grades. None of them can become an essay maker who can deliver a first class impeccable essay. This article will give an idea to students for turning their essays from simply good to practically awesome for years to come.

Always marking the Mundane

Lack of effort is a possible reason to lack in quality when it comes to top class essay writing. Here are some points that can help in improving over the writing:-

  • Convenient words need to be banished from the vocabulary if they are compromising.
  • Much more research work than the colleagues is required to be done.
  • Perfect English is should be written in a natural flow.

If the past essay work is looked upon, especially the opening sentence then the student can think about the following questions:-

  • Could I grab the attention of the reader?
  • Could I attack on the topic with enthusiasm from the initial stage?

If a student is objectively true to himself or herself then the answer to these questions is NO but all this can be changed.

These question’s points can be rectified by focusing on the Introduction, in which the essay title should not be repeated but much more material is required. The introduction should lead to the thesis statement of the essay backed by strong evidence. It should even consist of a hook statement that can smoothly transit to the main body of the essay.

Introductions that are Intriguing

It is the responsibility of the writer to engage the reader within the essay as he will be reading many more essays on the same subject which may tend to boredom. The engagement can be maintained from the introduction right up to the thesis statement. If a student needs to excel in an essay then only presenting a catchy thesis statement in response to the essay question would not be enough. An intriguing step needs to be taken in the essay’s methodology leading the reader positively towards the main body. A deep and extensive research can help the student in making such introductions.

Transitions that are Tremendous

Once a student gives a stimulating introduction, the next aim is to develop the central argument of the essay and set up an engaging main body. The essay can be made more engaging by treating the evidence in the main body as primary to the argument that it will support. Further research is also crucial and certain things need to be looked into it like:-

  • What is present at hand
  • What seems to be missing
  • How can the gaps be filled up

Such points can help a student to carry forward the imaginative use of the evidence for enhancing the essay body. This is a good way to professionalize essay writing for a student.

Conclusions that are Convincing

In an essay that excels, the conclusion needs to summarize the argument that was stated within the essay body along with something more creative. Even ways to proceed towards future research can be stated like:-

I. The need to admit limitations and showing awareness of location in present work is important.

II. It should be conveyed to the reader that the essay is not fully perfect and can also welcome further ideas.

Such points can be implemented and can act as an essay help for a student to attain a touch of excellence in essay writing. This will add shine to the essay content.

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