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Your College Essay can become the Best if crafted well

A well written college essay is something that can convey about a student to an examiner. It’s more than just the grades of the student; actually it’s about the personality of the student. It’s so as an essay can highlight the ideas and thoughts which a student can convey to the reader. If some points can be followed as per which a college essay can be written then nothing can stop you from attaining good grades in your coursework. The points can be read as follows:-

Go for a thorough Brainstorming: If you find any difficulty in starting with the essay then go for a self analysis brainstorming session. Such a session can be done by yourself or with your peers, friends and parents. Through this exercise you can list down your strengths and weaknesses from your mind, right down to a writing pad.

Make your Initial Draft: After you have finished writing all your notes in your pad, start designing an outline of your essay on a draft paper. You may tend to make errors but then further improvisation can take place in the later drafts.

Go for the IBC Essay Format: Start making an Introductory Paragraph, a Body Paragraph and finally a Conclusion Paragraph. Your college essay needs to be a three paragraph essay which can impress your examiner in minimum time.

Specification to the topic: Try to figure out that how does the topic question of the essay match to your personality. Whatever you will write in the essay should support this specific viewpoint. Ultimately, you will have to win over the essay.

Be creative in your writing: Just don’t stick to books or the Internet for essay material. Taking references from real life surroundings is also equally important to add innovation to your essay. In this way your essay can be deemed as creative.

Honest Answering is the key: Make sure to write things adhering to the topic as per your choice. There’s no need to impress the examiner by writing what he may like. If you feel to write about an issue that relevant then be honest and go for it. Examiners will like your honesty more than your puzzled creativity at most times.

Set up a Feedback Mechanism: After you have made the final draft of your essay, then show it to your peers, friends or parents. They will recommend you to make some changes if required. Go for such modifications but make sure to reflect your own style within the essay. In this way, your essay’s creativity will persist. If you feel that while reading the rectified essay draft, its language is sounding like your friend’s then surely something is wrong somewhere and you need a correction back again.

Mandatory Proofreading: Always make sure to give a repeated proof reading to your essay before proceeding further. It may be that you can come across various spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or even typing errors. The typing errors means that the style of framing the sentences or phrases may at times be slack and failing to convey the correct logic. All of these errors need to be rectified by you or even by other readers who may catch your mistakes that you may miss out on.

If such methods are kept in mind then you can surely craft out a nicely designed essay. You also need to remember that these points can also be followed while designing a five paragraph essay as its structure may be long but the creative result will be similar.

Such points are very useful and hence mandatory to follow as they can add the creative bent to your college essay. Always remember that the examiner has loads of college essays to check. So his or her reading power to stick on to one essay can be very limited. If you want that your essay doesn’t bore out the examiner to throw your essay and move on to the next then provide him with such an X-factor to it. Success will surely be yours.

The skill of crafting is not just applicable to essays but even in case of other content material.

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