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Background of Crispus Attucks

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Who was Crisus Attucks?

Crispus Attucks was born in the year 1723. He was a dock worker, who have been earning his livelihood with several difficulties. He was originally from Africa. He was considered as a native American. There has been a controversy over Crispus Attucks being a free man or a slave. It is considered that he was the first personnel who died in the Boston massacre. As per the journals that were published by Boston's states him as mixed origin. He was born in Framingham and was did not have any record until there was a runway notice of a slave named Crispus Attucks. A reward of 10 ponds was allotted on his name. People who will be bringing in Attucks back. He had spent most of his life in sea working in the dockyard. He became a sailor as well and was serving in the route of Atlantic.

Explain the Background of Crispus Attucks?

Crispus Attucks was born to a family of a slave and Natick Indian mother. This gave him the origin of mixed originality. Hence he was neither a black nor a white but had a mixed heredity. He was also a slave who was serving his master until the year 1750. In the year 1750, he escaped. Attucks lived in the situation where he could be any time forced to join the navy forces by the British soldiers. This was continuously taunting the entire lifestyle of Attucks. He in his early life formed a team of his own with few other members. This indicated the fact that the members of the group along with him was fighting for freedom of Boston as they did not support the rule of the British soldiers, This is the main reason that he and his friends were continuously rebelling against be the British soldiers and were going against the colonists who were loyal to the British army. The acts that he along with his group performed includes devastating of British goods and breaking of the shops that had British goods in them along with the shop keeper being harassed for keeping British goods. His early life was jot very easy as he used to work in a dock yard and hence wise it was his sole source of income.  

Explain the Background of the Boston Massacre?  

Boston massacre was a seat riote that took place in the year 1770. The event took place on the King's Street in Boston. The entire scenario started in between an individual British soldier and the American colonists. This scenario quickly turned into a bloody slaughter which sparked the American Revolution. In the year 1770, the scene of Boston degraded in a rapid rate as near about 2000 British soldiers occupied the land of 16000 natives and colonists. The reason of this forceful imposing of British taxation system. This process was highly protested by the colonists who have been rallying in the city rebelling against the forceful tax imposition by the British soldiers. Clash in between the patriotic colonists and the colonists who were loyal to the British kept on increasing. Vandalizing British goods and shops selling British goods have been performed by the British government.

Hence wise a mob was attacking a well reckoned British loyal shop, meanwhile custom officer Ebenezer Richardson who was nearby as his house was close to the action spot fired through his window and unfortunately the fire stuck an 11 year old kid and the entire scenario got worst. Within no time the entire force of captain Preston was arrested and the conflict among the colonists and the soldiers broke in a much greater extent. 7 months were required until captain Preston and his army were brought for trial. Until then tension was at its peak and the British troops were forced to retreat from Boston. With mere irony it is to be stated that the lawyer fighting for the captain Preston was a colonists, who later went on to become the president of America.

On March 5 1770, Private Hugh White was the sole soldier who was protecting the money that is stored in the custom office. Colonists appeared and started insulting him and threatening him and no sooner Hugh White lost his composure and attacked the colonists this resulted in the colonists throwing stones and ice balls to Hugh White. During this period of assault on White felt the need of reinforcement and hence wise called for help and reinforcement. Mean while captain Thomas Preston came with help with several soldiers.

Considering the bloodshed that would occur, the entire mob was afraid and plead for peace and requested Thomas not to fire. After this incident the colonists struck the soldiers with clubs and sticks and in the mean time one of the soldiers fired and seeing that the other soldiers started fired. This led to liking of 5 natives which included Crispus Attucks and injuring many others

How Was Crispus Attucks Involved?

Crispus Attucks was involved in the process of American Revolution in both direct and indirect manner. In this case the main aspect that is considered is that Attucks was highly involved in the initial stages of the American Revolution until he was killed. He being the 1st ever individual had been acting as a role model. Even after the death of Crsipus Attucks, he had been encouraging people. This encouragement imbibes the fact that he has been acting as a sample for several youth after several years of his death. It is also considered that his death was anyhow the reason that the war took place much before it should have occurred. Hence wise he had contributed in both direct and indirect manner. This is the main reason that he is given such high importance in the American Revolution history.

What role did he play in the Boston Massacre?

Crispus Attucks had a major role to play in the American Revolution. In this case the main aspect that is to be concerned is that Crispus Attucks has been highly against the British army who had taken over Boston. He and his mates were revolting against this aspect. As per this aspect the main concern that is considered is that the Crispus Attucks and his group constantly kept attacking the British soldiers whenever they had a chance. This led to the fact that they were being a constant nag for the British soldiers. He wanted the British soldiers to leave Boston. They were at a constant riot stage. In this case the main aspect that is considered includes the fact that better every now and then they were having collision with the soldiers. However the fights were not always bloody. One fine evening he along with his group was revolting in front of the custom office. During this revolt act there was only one British soldier in the position. Due to this reason the main concern that arose was that the Attucks along with his group were able to threaten Hugh White, the sole soldier who was present in the location. This imbibed the fact that they not only threatened the soldier but also bullied the same. After constant bullying, the soldier was forced to call for reinforcement. Meanwhile after the plead of reinforcement, Captain Preston along with other soldiers for supporting and revving Hugh White. In this process the main fact that is to be considered includes that on order of Captain Preston they started open firing. In this open firing process Crispus Attucks along with his 4 friends died. He was the very first people to sacrifice his life for performing the American Revolution. After this event the entire scenario in Boston changed. The main aspect that is to be considered is that the colonist youth got highly charged up and started revolting. In this process of revolting they got successful in processing of defeating the British army. With the death of Crispus Attucks the spark of defeating the British army was already instilled. This lead to the happening of the war much before the estimated time and British army was forced to retreat. This is the main reason that this incident of such high value in the incident. From instigating the youth to retreating of British army the death of Crispus Attucks had a very vital role to play. Being the first one to sacrifice his life for getting independence, Crispus Attucks is still remembered as a rebel who fought for his country men.

What did Crispus Attucks do in the American Revolution?

The role that was played by Crispus Attucks has been given very high value. In the year 1770, he was the center of the Boston Massacre incident.  He has been the very first casualty that took place in the American Revolution process. In the year 1840, during the period of African American patriotism, he was considered as a face of patriotism. It all started in the year 1723m when Attucks was born in a place little far from Boston. He was slaved until the year 1750. After 1750, he escaped and was no longer a slave. After the Boston massacre incident, his death day was annually celebrated. This leads to the fact that proper assessment of popularity of Attucks can be made from this section. Hence it can be stated that he had an important role to play in the early stages of the American Revolution. To be very precise, it can be stated that Crispus Attucks was the very first individual who sacrificed his life for the colonists in the process of demeaning the British soldiers. This led to the fact that proper establishment of the revolutionary process was with held by Attucks and his troop. Boston Massacre ensured that the name of Attucks stay in the history of American Revolution for ever. Despite the greats that he did for his country men no proper data was collected and resurrected regarding him. This created an issue and dilemma among the public regarding the origin of Attucks. It is seen that two version of characteristics of Attucks is available in the journey. The first version is that of the British people and the second is of the data that is provided by the colonists in their journals. In this case the major concern that is considered is that there were a huge diversification in portrayal of his character. As per the British journal Attucks is depicted as a mad person as in he was described by John Adams in court. They wanted to portray that he was mentally unstable and that is the reason that the army had to fire. In case he was mentally stable the army would not have fired and these incidents would have never occurred. This is the British version of Crispus Attucks. Again, the difference in between the Attucks described by the British version and that of the Colonist is very high. As per the   journal of the colonists, Crispus Attucks have been a thorough gentleman who have sacrificed his life for the sake of this colonist men. As per the African concise, Crispus Attucks is seen as a model of patriotism who had the burning desire of getting freedom and hence he tried his bit for getting freedom and in this process he lost his life as the first one to sacrifice himself for Boston’s freedom. His death have been the result of several youth getting motivated for getting engaged in the American Revolution in the near future as well as in far future. The spark was instilled among the youth by him and this was the reason that success and magnitude of the American Revolution had a tribute to pay to Attucks. This is the main reason that the functioning process is highly affected due to the presence of the first group who sacrificed their lives for freedom. This is where the role of Attucks got so high and the entire process was continued hence forth.


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