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Definition and types of Electromagnetic Spectrum

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Definition of Spectrum

It is a type of conditions which does not remain fixed whereas it keeps on varies across a continuum.  Continuum is a type of theories or model which shows the change which involves gradual quantitative transition without the changes or discontinuities. The first time this word is used by the scientist to define the colour of the rainbow after a prism passes it. It is considered as the light effects which are done by the rainbow after it can move from a prism.

Definition and types of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range in which full frequencies is considered of electromagnetic radiation which is also the feature of the distribution of the radiation which is absorbed by the object. The device which to measure the frequency of Electromagnetic is termed as spectrograph or spectrometer. There are many parts which can be seen by the human eyes, and that is termed as visible Spectrum, so the electromagnetic which can be seen by human eyes is visible Spectrum. The wavelength varies between 390-700nm.

The electromagnetic Spectrum is also used in radio and telecommunication as it helps the communication to telecast the news everywhere in the society, the frequencies in which it deals is below than 300 GHz.

There are many types of electromagnetic Spectrum which are shown below:

Radio Waves – This is the longest wavelength of all kinds of electromagnetic Spectrum; the range is from the foot-long to several miles long. These waves are used to transmit information from one place to many different places. It helps the individual to get more amount of data efficiently, effectively and timely. It is more been used in radio, radar, satellites and computer network. The waves are generated by transmitters and are received by the radio receivers with the help of antennas. It is kind of modern technology as it helps the people to get connected, so this help then to communicate correctly and able to reduce the barrier in communication.

Microwaves – It is not having the wavelength of radio waves as it has a wavelength in centimetres. There are many uses of microwaves as it helps the individual in cooking, to transfer some sort of information and also help to forecast the weather. It is more effective in communication as it able to remove a different kind of barrier which is there as the waves is able to penetrate the clouds which are not able to be done by other waves, it can also penetrate the smoke and light rain so this helps the user to deliver relevant information quickly to its final destination. As if the information does not reach on time, then it may happen, the data is of no use so it should arrive in time than only it able to get the proper result. As per the scientist, it is found that the whole universe is covered with a massive amount of microwaves, which is also considered as Big Bang.

Infrared – This wave is found between microwaves and visible lights. The waves can be divided into two parts as "near-infrared" and "far infrared". Near-infrared is the waves which are found closer to visible length as it has a short wavelength. These are the standard wavelength which is located in TV remote as with the help of waves it able to change different channels. Far infrared is the one which is away from visible light, and it has a long wavelength, they are thermal and give off heat. Anything which releases off heat is considered as Infrared, so this is the reason the human body is also found as a type of Infrared

Visible Light – These waves are easily be seen by human eyes; the range is usually lower as it consists of 390 to 700 nm, which is equivalent to the frequencies of 430-790THz.

Ultraviolet – It is also a short wavelength, but it is having more length than Visible length, they are the ultraviolet rays which comes from the sun which causes sunburn. The ultraviolet rays are protected by the ozone layer as it stops them from reaching the earth orbit, but as time is passing there is a hole in the ozone layer, so the UV rays can enter in earth orbit and able to cause many types of problem to live as well as non-living things. It is not visible from human eyes, but as per the research which is taken place, it shows them there are an insect named bumblebees which can able to see the UV light. The UV Light helps the scientist to see in the universe and able to observe the movement of stars in the universe.

X-Rays – It is having the shortest wavelength even it is shorter than UV rays. As per the scientist who is researching upon the same is considering it as particles and not waves. The concept of X-Rays is found by the German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen. As to know about the X-Rays correctly they used to penetrate the soft tissue of skin and muscle and able to take pictures of bones in medicines

Gamma Rays – As per the research, it is found that as the wavelength becomes shorter it able to have more amount of energy, Gamma rays are the shortest wavelength, so it contains most of the energy. As a result, it very harmful to the environment. It is having so much of energy, so it can help the doctor to cure the cancer patient as with the help of this treatment of cancer patient is done, and it also helps the doctor to take a detailed image of the human body for precise diagnostics medicine. It is not quickly produced as it can able to destroy many places so it can only be produced in high energy nuclear explosion and supernovas.

Characteristic of Light

Light is electromagnetic radiation which also contains some part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The characteristic of light is shown below:

Reflection – It can reflect from one object to another object as in the same direction or into a different direction, as it can go to the same direction is the surface is smooth and shiny and if the surface is rough or uneven than it will go in different directions.

 Refraction - Light refracts when it changes its speed, as if the movement of light is slower then it refracts towards the normal line and if the light speeds up than it will refract away from the normal line.

Dispersion – It is the process in which the light can separate into different colour which happens due to the change in the degrees of refraction. It is the reason why the rainbow is formed.

Interference – Light can be superimposed so either it will be constructive interference or destructive interference.

Definition of Visible Spectrum

 It is the portion of the electromagnetic Spectrum which is easily visible from the normal eyes. The electromagnetic radiation which passes from the wavelength is termed as visible light or simply light. The typical human eye can respond to 380 to 740 nm, which in frequency is 430-770 THz. It does not have all the colour, which is can be seen from human eyes and able to distinguish from the brain. To get many other colours, it has to mix many different wavelengths. The wavelength which contains only one colour also considered as pure colours or spectral colours.


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