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What Are Decomposers? Explain Their Role In The Environment: How People Use Them?

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A decomposer is a type of organism which decomposes and also breaks down the organic materials that include the remaining of the dead organisms. Decomposers also include various types of bacteria and various types of fungi. These are the organisms that carry all the process of decomposition in which the living organisms goes to death. It is a very important process as it allows the organic material which recycles the ecosystem. Mushrooms are a type of fungi that plays a very important role in the case of decomposition. Without decomposers, it is impossible for the dead organisms to get decomposed. This means that the carcasses may pile up and also the available energy will never be repurposed. Without the decomposers, the plants will not be able to run the nutrients and may die accordingly. They will lead to the death of the predators. Decomposers are important in the case of the food web and if decomposers are not there it may cause the cease of all the species. Decomposers are mainly of two types including bacteria and fungi.

Bacteria are microscopic unicellular organisms. They play a very vital role in the environment. Besides it also have various harmful effects. Various serious diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, and cholera occur due to the attack of various types of bacteria.

Fungi are also unicellular microorganisms. They are the main decomposers present in the environment. There is a different type of fungi including yeasts, molds, etc that causes serious harm in the body. This is the reason fungi play a vital role in the environment.

Role of Decomposers in the environment

Decomposers are very important for the environment and in all types of ecosystems. If no decomposers are there it would not be possible for the dead organisms to get broken down and it would not be possible for them to get recycled into a living matter. The reason behind the decomposition by the decomposers are for survival. Decomposers are heterotrophic that means that they gain the energy from the organic material that is ingesting. Different types of nutrients received by the decomposers such as bacteria and the fungi in a case to use them for growing and for reproducing and also to propagate the machines on their own. The effect that causes due to the survival of the organisms is the organic material and the nutrients that are recycled among the ecosystem because all the other organisms consume the fungi and the bacteria. When in of the living organisms die, five stages are followed by the decomposers to decompose the organism. All the five different steps include fresh, bloat, decay, remains, advanced decay and active decay. The two main processes that occur in the decomposing organisms are autolysis and the putrefaction. An analysis is a process at the time of which the enzymes of the cell of the organisms that are dead breaks down. Purification is the process when the microbes grow and also reproduces with the help of the body after death.


This is the process that starts as the heart of the organism to stop beating. As no oxygen is entering into the body and a high amount of carbon dioxide is generated inside the body. At this time the process of autolysis starts occurring even the process of putrefaction also starts to begin.


Due to the reason of putrefaction a type pf gas is generated which is known as the bloat stage. Various gases are there that are purged from the living organisms' bodies.

Active Decay:

The amount of the mass that is left, liquefaction and the disintegration of the tissues started to begin. The bacteria create several chemicals such as ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide. This are the chemicals that cause a very strong odor.

Advanced Decay:

The mass that has in the soil with the surrounding soil that will increase in the nitrogen which is very important for then plants.

Dry remains:

At this stage only the dry skin, the cartilage and the bones that are left. The growth of the plants may occur in the remains due to the increased level of nutrients present in the soil. Gradually the level of the bonus will remain intact.

Human uses of decomposers

Decomposers include both bacteria and fungi. As bacteria are the most usual way in case of getting sick. This is also the most usual microorganism that helps human beings. Bacteria are the organisms which have a single cell. This is the oldest living organism that appeared first on the earth.

Bacteria help human beings and to any other living organisms to digest their food. Even all this bacteria fight against all the harmful bacteria that remains inside the body of the living organisms. It creates antibody inside the body that helps in fighting against the harmful bacteria. The intestinal bacteria are very useful in the case of digestion, this is the reason this type of bacteria is used to produce various probiotic drinks which are very useful for human beings. Besides this bacteria are also used outside of the human body. Bacteria are also used to produce various types of medicines and also different types of foods such as yogurts and cheese.

Fungi Are also the single-celled organisms which include the yeasts and the molds. This helps in absorbing various dead plants and other matters of a various animal. Fungi are very important for the human body and also for other living organisms. Fungi are used in the case to produce medicines. Besides this, many of the antibodies are generated with the help of the fungi. The first antibiotic that was created named penicillin was a type of bread mold. Fungi also include yeast which is also the reason for the production of beer, bread and also wine. This is also used in the case to kill various insects. There are several uses of the fungi both in the field of science and also in the everyday life of the human body.


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