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What Is a Climate? Difference Between Climate And Weather? What Type Of Climate You Live

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What is a Climate?

The interaction among five constituents of climate system stimulates the daily weather in a region and the averages from weather from a longer period is known as climate. In developing the understanding regarding climate, various meteorological variables should be considered calculation, humidity, wind, temperature, precipitation and atmospheric pressure. There are numerous elements that affects climate for a region, terrain, altitude, existence of water bodies with currents and latitude. The usual scenario of climatic system in a location represents the ‘climate’ of the region. The classification of climate can be facilitated through the ranges and average of various variants, usually depicted as precipitation and temperature. The classification system that is commonly used in categorizing climates is Köppen climate classification. The study of climatic changes and the impact of changes on diversity is measured by understanding the study of evapotranspiration by Thornthwaite system. Another system that depicts the climatic state of a location is Spatial Synoptic Classification systems. The definition of climate change by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of 2001 is, “Climate in a narrow sense is usually defined as the ‘average weather’, or more rigorously, as the statistical description in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quantities over a period ranging from months to thousands or millions of years. The classical period is 30 years, as defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). These quantities are most often surface variables such as temperature, precipitation, and wind. Climate in a wider sense is the state, including a statistical description, of the climate system”.

There are different types of climate, tropical wet climates, tropical wet and dry climates, Semiarid and desert (arid) climates, Subtropical dry summer climates (Mediterranean), Humid subtropical climates, Humid oceanic climates (Marine West Coast), Humid continental climates, Subarctic climates, Icecap climates and Highland climates. The long-term patterns of weather is known depicts the climatic state of a region. The precipitation and average temperature for a longer period in a region depicts the climatic state. The other elements that influences the climatic state are, the various kind of temperature are, the average direction and speeds of wind, weather extremes, rate of sunshine, local geography, weather extremes, days of freezing (if any). Angle of sun’s ray is considered to be one of the most influential factors of climate changes. The angle of sun in tropical region, between 23.5 degrees north and 23.5 degree south, at least once a year the region will experience the direct angle of the sun as the sun will be directly overhead. The temperature differences in tropical regions are minimum with hot summers and little temperature drop in winters. The regions of Antarctic and Artic experiences sun over the horizon for almost 24 hours, commonly termed as the midnight sun and also experience the other extreme condition of sun rays, where the sun never rises. Mountains, wind and oceans are the external factors, which is responsible for influencing the state of climate. Winds reflects the nature of carrying moisture for the land. In the regions like South and North of Equator experiences flow of winds through the southeast and northeast regions. The winds in tropical regions force the air pressure to rise. The result of the wind pressure caused humidity, monsoon and thunderstorms. The mountains forces the wind pressure to rise during the crossover state. The phenomenon drops the temperature of air, leading the condensing process of moisture in rain and cloud. The oceans stimulates moisture, leading to rainstorms. Oceans also causes buffer in temperature of the coastal regions. The five climatic groups were divided by Wladimir Köppen, a well-known climatologist in the 1900s. The climatic state of tropical climates are usually humid and hot. The region with rivers, lakes and ocean causes humidity with cool and damp winters, hot and dry summers. The moisture is blocked by mountain ranges, resulting in dry temperature.

Difference between Climate and Weather

The major difference between the phenomenon in climate and weather is the amount of time. The behavior of the atmospheric state over longer time period depicts the climatic condition of a region. On the other hand, weather reflects the state of atmosphere in a comparatively shorter time period. Climate is basically the average outline of the weather state in a region, which is considered for almost 25 years in a row. On the other hand, weather depicts the everyday condition of atmosphere in a region in regards with humidity, temperature and wind speed. Climate is the average of the weather condition of a specific region over a long period of time whereas weather is measured by minute-by-minute calculations of the atmospheric condition of the specific region. Climate signifies the behavior of atmosphere over a longer duration whereas weather signifies atmospheric condition of atmosphere in particular geographical location in short period. The climate does not usually changes at a constant rate whereas the weather changes constantly. The climate of a region is affected by precipitation and temperature. On the other hand, weather is affected by humidity, temperature, precipitation and air pressure. The assessment of weather is usually assessed from a longer duration whereas the assessment of weather is usually conducted over a shorter period. The study regarding climatic state is known as climatology. On the other hand the study related to weather is known as meteorology. Weather is usually a momentary condition or behavior of atmospheric condition whereas the climatic state is measured by considering the average of weather for a longer duration.

What type of climate you live in by going over examples of Earth's different climate types?  

There are five climate types in Earth, namely, tropical, dry, temperate, continental and polar. The tropical climate is humid and hot with average temperature around 64 degree Fahrenheit with the association of 59 inch precipitation every year. Another type of climate is dry, where the precipitation rate is low as the humid content is usually evaporated, causing dryness in the regions. Another type of climate in Earth is temperate, where the region reflects humid and warm summers with the presence of mild winters and heavy thunderstorms. Continental is another climate type in Earth, which reflects a combination of cool and warm summers with extremely cold winters. The winters in continental form can represent strong rates of wind, snowstorms and a temperature below, 22 degree Fahrenheit The polar is the last form of climate at Earth, which is considered to be the coldest region on the planet.

I live in the tropical type of climate with the existence of equatorial belt and represents humid and hot weather conditions. The regions with tropical climate experiences heavy rates of rainfall and thunderstorms due to the vertical upliftment of air. This region reflects the possibility of effective growth of vegetation due to the existence of sunshine and heavy rainfall. One of the main regions with tropical climate are Indonesia, West Africa, Brazil- Amazon basin. The usual day temperature of regions with tropic climate is around 35 degree Celsius as the heat is usually consumed in rain formation and evaporation process. In the night time of regions with tropic climate, the heat loss is restricted by the coverage of cloud, resulting in the minimum temperature fall of around 22 degree Celsius. The regions with tropic climate demonstrates a slight changes in temperature in a year. We experiences heavy rainfall mostly when the sun is overhead. The experience with tropic climate can be pleasant due to its consistency and high possibility of growth and development of vegetation in the regions.


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