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Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding is a major part of marketing courses and a rather challenging one. Many students even get stuck with the assignments before writing a single word. This is because they struggle to find a branding dissertation topic that is attractive yet trending. Finding a good branding dissertation topic is essential because it gives you the direction of the paper. However, if you have trouble generating a good branding dissertation topic yourself, you can always rely on for help. is a leading academic website that specialises in writing top-notch branding dissertations. 

Branding Dissertation Topics

How to find a topic for a Branding Dissertation?

Students need to remember a few things to decide their ideal branding dissertation topic. First, students need to determine the requirements specified by the professors and the broad field of research they want to conduct. After finalising that, students can research for content availability and decide the type of research they want. Finally, check with the professors to find out if it's plausible and approve the topic. Alternatively, students can consult experts to find the best branding dissertation topic for them. 

How to find a topic for a Branding Dissertation?
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What are the best Branding Dissertation topics?

Dissertation topics are important since they guide the students in writing their papers. Finding the best branding dissertation topic for your branding dissertations can be a hassle. If you are running out of ideas, you can check these topics in the below-mentioned categories: -

Functional Branding:

  1. The role and functions of Influencer Marketing in promoting sales
  2. The psychology of customers, its assessment, and the function it has in the field of digital marketing
  3. What are the influence of leadership style and team process in terms of innovation and performance in functionally heterogeneous teams?
  4. Define the functions and relationships among the strategic orientations, international diversification, performance of organisations and cultural intelligence
  5. Is there a need for corporations to emphasise corporate diplomacy to enhance negotiation skills for executives functioning in a volatile business environment?
  6. Compared to the individual charismatic form of leadership, does organisational leadership offer leadership functions to an organizationally beneficial degree?
  7. 10 Importance of functional brand strategy
  8. The elements of functional branding in an SME
  9. Functional branding vs Symbolic branding
  10. The qualities and perceived value of functional branding in a corporate environment

Visual Branding:

  1. The elements of the visual branding
  2. The 10 essentials of the visual branding
  3. Explain in detail the 4 components of the visual branding
  4. How many visual branding elements are there, and how do they affect the customer’s mind?
  5. How to create a strong visual brand – A detailed insight
  6. How to captivate your audience with visual branding
  7. Creating visual identity: How to use the key visual branding elements like a pro?
  8. Logo vs Fonts: Which elements are more crucial in visual branding?
  9. Disadvantages of using too flashy imagery in visual branding
  10. Ranking the different types of the visual branding
  11. Role of fonts in visual branding

Symbolic Branding:

  1. Brand Symbol – how to choose one
  2. Importance of brand symbolism
  3. Symbolic brands vs Functional brands
  4. How brand symbols can help a business grow
  5. Effect of brand symbols on customer minds
  6. 4 Elements to create a strong brand
  7. 8 types of branding and how they are used in creating brand
  8. Branding ideas – How to generate the best ideas in a corporate
  9. De-branding and the decline of symbolic branding
  10. Symbolic branding and the 12 brand archetypes
  11. Importance of timing while creating brand symbols

Brand Positioning:

  1. 7 brand positioning strategies
  2. Purpose of writing brand positioning statements
  3. Value proposition vs Brand positioning
  4. Core elements of strategic brand positioning
  5. How brand positioning changes according to the target audience?
  6. Co-relation between Brand promise and Brand positioning
  7. Role of vision boards to create brand positioning strategies
  8. How brand positioning helps businesses to differentiate from others
  9. Brand positioning and brand values – The underlying relationship
  10. Brand positioning and how it affects customer perception?
  11. Relation between brand positioning and inflation

Benefits of Branding

  1. Branding – why it matters the most?
  2. Advantages of a strong branding campaign
  3. Disadvantages of over-branding a product
  4. 5 types of branding – Explaining the branding elements
  5. Can a company have too many brands? – Effects of having multiple brands
  6. A 10-step brand development strategy that every small business can apply
  7. Creating a brand – 20 questions to consider
  8. Benefits of creating a niche brand
  9. Benefits of creating a brand for the masses
  10. Benefits of hiring ad agencies for creating brand campaigns
  11. How managers decide the budget to get optimum benefits from branding

Individual Branding

  1. Individual branding vs family branding
  2. Differences between individual branding and umbrella branding
  3. Advantages of individual branding strategies
  4. Individual branding – All you need to know
  5. Individual branding strategies – The dark side of it
  6. 5As of individual branding
  7. 10 golden rules of personal branding
  8. Individual branding tips to boost business
  9. Why and how choosing a theme is crucial for personal branding
  10. 4 pillars of individual branding

Brand Extension Branding

Attitude Branding

  1. Attitude Branding and its importance in marketing
  2. How does the attitude of a brand change?
  3. How can companies improve brand attitude?
  4. What causes customers to incline or move away from products?
  5. Key features of brand attitude
  6. 10 Brand strategy examples and what do we learn from them?
  7. Brand attitude and its role in deciding the success of the brand
  8. Key elements to identify brand attitude?
  9. How 7 components of branding strategy affect brand attitude?
  10. How do the 4Cs of branding affect brand attitude?

Top Branding Dissertation topics for 2022-23

  1. Does branding through celebrity endorsements have any challenges?
  2. Evaluation of impacts on different stakeholders
  3. Branding of NGOs – Who gets the benefits?
  4. Has digital branding equated global culture to the same model?
  5. The pervasiveness of branding and how it impacts teenagers?
  6. Biasness in branded journalism and exploration of ethics in BBC/CNN
  7. The evolution of branding
  8. An examination on how religion interfered with branding
  9. Self-branding and the role of social media for new-age entrepreneurs
  10. Effects of risk on brand equity – A survey of popular European chains
  11. Apple Inc – a case of retaining brand value through innovation
  12. Semiotics and branding – Break down of logos and fonts of major retail brands

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A brand dissertation is a literary work to help you get detailed knowledge about different types of branding and how they affect an organisation’s profitability.

There are many trending topics on brand research. According to the surveys, the most popular essay topic on branding is “Social Media Marketing: The end user’s attention and factors affecting the popularity of brand posts.”

There are no specific titles that are ideal for any brand thesis. Instead, you need to understand the thesis questions and audience needs and make up a title accordingly.

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