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A Care Study of a Service User Admitted with an Acute Psychotic Episode

Present A scenario of a service user admitted with an acute psychotic episode.

You will develop a 2500-word care study, based on an acutely unwell or deteriorating individual (relevant to your field of practice) or an individual (relevant to your field of practice) who has the potential to deteriorate, that you have cared for in clinical practice. You need to ensure that confidentiality and safe practice is maintained.

You are expected to briefly outline the current health status of the chosen individual and present a comprehensive nursing assessment of them, using an appropriate framework. You will then critically discuss the assessment findings in relation to relevant pathophysiological or psychosocial theory relevant to your field of practice.

Choose a suitable timeframe e.g. such as the first 6hrs of admission or first 4-6 hours caring for an acute or deteriorating patient (post-operative care, Accident & Emergency). You are required to critically discuss nursing priorities in managing their care, with rationale. You will also be expected to include a discussion of factors that impacted on the care given and evaluate the effectiveness of the care provided.

Finally, you will identify your main learning points and how these might influence your future practice.

You will be expected to use relevant literature from a variety of sources to support your discussion throughout the essay e.g. evidence-based guidelines; nursing texts; specialist nursing journals.

In this piece of work, you will be expected to:

Proportion of marks


Present your work clearly with a logical and coherent structure

You will have:

• Structured your essay in a logical manner including an introduction and summary or conclusion

• Used one font consistently throughout theessay

• Developed your essay coherently including correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction




Access relevant literature and use correct citation practice

You will have:

· Included an accurate and complete referencelist

· Accessed and used good quality literature to support your work throughout theessay

· Demonstrated both depth and breadth of reading


Succinctly present a patient/service user scenario (a service user admitted with an acute psychotic episode)

You will have:

· Summarised your chosen individual’s current health status

· Included relevant bio- psycho-social information that is important to their care management and recovery




Clearly present a systematic assessment of the chosen individual

You will have:

· Chosen and applied an appropriate framework for assessment

· Included a systematic assessment of their current health status

· Identified the main concerns/problems for your chosen individual arising from the assessment



1050 WORDS

Relate the assessment findings to relevant pathophysiological or psychosocial theory

You will have:

· Offered an explanation or rationale for the assessment findings using relevant pathophysiological or psychosocial theory



· Related the individual’s presenting symptoms to the chosen theory e.g.

why is the individual agitated or confused?


Critically discuss the nursing management of the individual within a given timeframe

You will have:

· Identified the priorities of care in your chosen time frame

· Critically discussed the care provided including a discussion of factors which impacted on the options available e.g. age, previous medical history, current medication.

· Evaluated the effectiveness of care provided

· Made suggestions as to how care might have been improved



1050 WORDS

Consider the implications of your learning to your future nursing practice

You will have:

· Identified your main learning points from undertaking this assessment

· Considered how this learning might inform your future nursing practice




Please make used of subheading and each criteria should be done separately so it can be easy to view.

Please use only UK based references/information website such as NICE, NHS, WHO etc

Make sure to read the criteria carefully and also look at the Marking Rubric

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