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Marketing Executive Report: Financial Performance Analysis and Action Plan

Section A

In your role as a Marketing executive, you have been asked by the Marketing Director to produce an original report assessing the company’s financial performance and identifying what actions they need to take to ensure that they remain profitable.

Your report should cover the following points:

1: Prepare financial analysis for your chosen retailer comparing its present to past performance and the performance of its competitors. You must use the following KPI’s (Key performance indicators)
oTotal Sales or sometimes known as Gross Sales
oGross Margin (gross margin= total sales - the cost of goods sold/total sales)
oNet Margin (net margin = total sales – total cost/total sales).
2: Explain your chosen retail’s position in the marketplace and prospects for the future.  Is it future promising or questionable?

1: What does your chosen retailer need to do in the future to provide strong financial returns? Why?
oYou will need to go back to your coursework one findings relating to the growth opportunities you have identified. Is this something which the company can implement easily? Is the company in a good financial position to pursue these opportunities?

2: The retailer’s overall strategy: in coursework one you have identified elements of the retail strategy, which require improving, in this section, you will need to provide a detailed explanation if these growth opportunities will enhance the retailer’s overall strategy or not.

Demonstrated authoritative knowledge and understanding of the retail’s financial performance, used relevant theories and references to support their explanation.    Have demonstrated very good knowledge and understanding across a broad range of issues within the retail financial and identified the key areas which the company can improve.    

Have demonstrated sound knowledge and understanding of the retailer’s financial performance as a result provided reasonable explanations.

Have demonstrated only limited knowledge and understanding of the retail’s financial performance; as a result, their explanation was limited.

Unsatisfactory response to the brief. There is a little coherence in the material. Most of the content is irrelevant to the target audience.

The evaluation of their work indicates a capacity to develop and apply their own-grounded perspective to their studies, to deal with uncertainty and complexity, to explore alternative solutions, to demonstrate critical evaluation and to integrate theory and practice in specific problem situations.

Have demonstrated an ability to effectively assess the chosen retail’s strength and weakness about their competitors and provided a very good explanation of their market position and integrated relevant theories to support their explanation.    Have demonstrated an ability to effectively assess the retail strength and weakness and made an adequate attempt to explain their market position, with limited use of theories and frameworks.    Have demonstrated a limited competence in analysing the retail environment, as a result, provided a brief and vague explanation about their market position with one or no theories used.

Only weakly developed elements of understanding are present with too many errors or omissions, failing to achieve the learning outcome of the module.

They have shown that they understand the relevant concepts within these areas, their application and their importance in an integrated framework. There is evidence of wide reading and selective use of consistently high quality of sources.

They have shown good knowledge of the relevant theories and concepts taught in the module. A wide range of up to date sources was consulted and very well integrated into the analysis.

They have demonstrated a sound understanding of the key theories /concepts. However, the application of those could have been better. A wide range of sources was consulted and was integrated into the analysis. Shown some knowledge and understanding of the key frameworks; however, they weren’t applied correctly. Lack of research, students, only used limited resources Very little use of relevant theories/concepts, demonstrating questionable knowledge and understanding. Used inadequate numbers of references.  

Extremely-Well-Presented recommendations which are fully informed by the previous sections. Very well focused on how the given organisation can improve its overall retail strategy.    

An excellent discussion on how the given organisation can improve its retail  strategy, which is fully informed by the previous sections.    

A good discussion on how the chosen organisation can improve its retail strategy, which is informed by the previous sections.

A satisfactory discussion on how the given organisation can improve its customer management strategy, which is mostly informed by the previous sections.

A rather weak discussion on howthe given organisation can improve its retail strategy strategy. The discussion is not informed by the previous sections.

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