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Looking For The Latest Film Dissertation Topics of 2023?

MyAssignmenthelp brings an array of outstanding topics for your post-grad research

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What Are Film Dissertations?

Film dissertations are intrinsic parts of graduate & post-graduate film & media studies programs across major colleges & universities. They are critical studies of diverse subjects such as the varied aspects of filmmaking, the history of the global & regional film industries, the economy of cinema, the socio-economic impact of cinema, and the like. Theses and dissertations in film and media studies carry out an in-depth and systematic exploration and analysis of cinema as a vital facet of contemporary arts and critical cultural artefacts, intending to discover new insights & contribute to the existing literature in the field. 

What Are Film Dissertations?

How To Find A Good Topic For Your Film Dissertation?

Choosing the right dissertation topic is a significant task in itself. Dissertations need to be extensive pieces, showcase pertinent research & acute analyses, reveal insightful nuggets, and make fruitful & long-lasting contributions to the existing body of research. However, finding a good topic is easier than choosing the right subject that allows you to conduct substantial research, explore diverse sources, and deliver a dissertation that is informative, intriguing, & insightful. is here to help you with 100+ film dissertation topics on different aspects of film studies. 

How To Find A Good Topic For Your Film Dissertation?
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What Are Some Of The Best Film Dissertation Topics In 2023?

A good topic for writing an acceptable film dissertation in 2023 must tick specific requirements besides being relevant & engaging across different audience demographics. The global film industry has undergone drastic changes in the last decade, thanks to the rise of technology. CGI advances in cinematographic devices & technologies, the rise of OTT platforms, and various other factors have changed not just the mechanics of the industry but also the very process of filmmaking. And the audience, too, has changed drastically. All such changes have shifted the field's focus on research and investigations. However, one thing’s for sure; there never was and will never be any shortage of topics for film dissertations. The trick is to choose the most appropriate one.

MAH is here to help students save time & effort in finding the best film dissertation topic with a curated list comprising 100+ unique research ideas.

Cinematography Dissertation Topics

  1. The Shooting Methods In Modern Cinema
  2. Movies As A Visual Language
  3. The Language Of Lens
  4. Thinking About Cinematic Continuity
  5. The Impact of Light & Shadow On Visual Storytelling
  6. Analysis of High-Definition Cinematography
  7. The Influence of Special Effects and Animation on Film
  8. Cinematographic Techniques Across The World
  9. Industrial Cinematography
  10. Potent Psychological Aspects of Framing in Cinematography

Dissertation Topics on Film Production

  1. The Evolution of The Film Production Team Since Yore
  2. Film Production During Hollywood’s Golden Age
  3. Casting & Production—How They Became Intertwined?
  4. From Screenplay to Scheduling—Evaluating The Stages OF Film Production
  5. A Look At The World’s Biggest Film Production Houses & How They Changed The Industry
  6. Theory, Industry, and Aesthetics of Asia-Pacific Co-Productions
  7. Film Production: A Case Study of Collaboration
  8. The New Hollywood Cinema Development Process
  9. Changing Values of Post-Production & Marketing In Film Production
  10. The Business of Film-Making

Research Topics on Historical Films & Film History

  1. The Film Industry Before CGI
  2. Federico Fellini, Francois Truffaut, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray – the four most prominent names in the history of world cinema
  3. Evolution of the filmmaking process through the years
  4. The history of science fiction movies
  5. Changing Socio-cultural representations in Hollywood
  6. A Lookback At The Silent Era
  7. The History of Historical Films
  8. Evolution of Animation In Film Making
  9. A Concerted Study of Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan
  10. Women In Film-Making Through History

Dissertation Topics On Biographical Films

  1. Biopics In Contemporary Film Culture
  2. The Art of Making A Biography
  3. Examining The Hollywood Spin On Biographies
  4. The portrayal of historical figures in world cinema: A study
  5. Real to Reel: The Process of Depicting Real People & Real Events Accurately
  6. History Through Cinema: An Investigative Glance
  7. Crafting A Biography on Sydney Lumet: The Actor’s Director
  8. Marlon Brando: A Case in Study
  9. Understanding The Phenomenon That Is Charlie Chaplin
  10. Creating Myths Through Biographies

Topics On Silent Films

  1. The Importance of Music In Silent Films
  2. An Analysis of F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu
  3. The Power of Silent Films
  4. Charlie Chaplin: The Silent Movie Icon
  5. Comparative Analysis of Five Of The Greatest Silent Films of All Time
  6. A Study of Radicalism In American Silent Films
  7. Investigative Glance Into American Silent Horror & Science Fiction
  8. A Deep Dive Into The Work and Art of Buster Keaton
  9. History In Motion: A Look At Early Documentary Films
  10. A Study Of Silent Cinema In India

Film Dissertation Topics on Documentaries

  1. A Study Of The Art of Documentary Film-making
  2. Using Natural Light, Sound, & Ambience For Effective Documentaries
  3. Investigating The Possibilities Of Public Representation In Modern Documentary Filmmaking
  4. Critical Analysis Of Rhetoric In Political Documentaries
  5. Virtual Voyages: The Mystic of Travel Documentaries
  6. The Craft of Creating Creative Non-fiction For Screen
  7. A Critical History of Nonfiction Films
  8. The Art of Directing A Documentary
  9. Nature Documentaries In India
  10. How do Documentaries Contribute To Social Change?

Research Topics For Hollywood Films

  1. Women in Hollywood: A Case Study
  2. Sexuality In Hollywood & Its Effect On Society
  3. A Look At The Biggest Production Studios In Hollywood
  4. What’s So Special About the Golden Age?
  5. Light, Camera, Action, And Magic: The Fantasy & Fiction Genre of Hollywood
  6. Citizen Kane—The Greatest Hollywood Movie Ever?
  7. Hollywood: An Industry That Changed The Face of The World
  8. Money, fame, and debauchery—a look into the downfall of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars
  9. Black Representation In Hollywood
  10. Socialism & Communism In The America Film Industry

Dissertation Topics For Narrative Films

  1. Narrative Theory of Popular Movies
  2. Analysing & Manipulating The Five Key Elements of Film Narrative
  3. Investigating The Dimensionalities of Narrative Film-Making
  1. The Perpetual Allure Of Superhero Movies
  2. Animals In Movies: A Look At The Best Representations
  3. Commercial vs Art-House Films: A Never-Ending Struggle?
  4. Screenplays vs Books: The Difference In Narrative Structures
  5. Masculinity and Violence in Modern Films
  6. Film Critics and Reviews: Their Impact On Film-Making
  7. The Psychology of Suspense: How Films Manipulate Our Minds & More?

Best Film Dissertation Topics For College Students

  1. Influence of Social Media On the Modern Film Industry
  2. The Key Ingredients of A Successful Film Director
  3. Storytelling Through Cinematography
  4. Film Noir: Studying The Modern Implementations of The Style
  5. The Criticality of Editing In Film-Making
  6. Exploration of Fear In Film-Making
  7. The Mass Appeal of Movies
  8. The Psychological Motives Behind Method Acting
  9. Investigating The Tactics of Character Interpretation
  10. The Greatest Cinematic Performances of The Last Decade

Top Topics For University Film Dissertations

  1. Different Forms Of Narrative Structures
  2. The Impact of Technology On Filmmaking
  3. Studying Shakespeare In Films
  4. Developing A Compelling Narrative: A Look Into The Process In Its Entirety
  5. The History of World Cinema Through Quentin Tarantino’s Pastiches
  6. A Critical Look Into Stagecraft
  7. Music & Movies: How One Affects The Other?
  8. The Polarising Take of Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula Adaptation
  9. Understanding Stanley Kubrick
  10. Daniel Day-Lewis: A Close Look At Masterful Method Acting


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