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DMKT5008 :digital marketing


DMKT5008 Digital Marketing Spr ...

Answer: Study background:   The whole study is focussed on the importance of digital marketing in nowadays. The importance is being felt by one of the renowned names in the entertainment ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing Spr ...

Answer: Introduction The whole study is focussed on the importance of digital marketing in nowadays. The importance is being felt by one of the renowned names in the entertainment industry. It is ...

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DMKT5008-Importance of Digital ...

Answers: 1.Importance of digital marketing for HMV In the modern world, digital marketing has become a common phenomenon. In the words of Mooney and Slobodian (2016), digital marketing can help co ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer: Introduction Clintons, which was previously known as Clinton cards was established in the year 1968 was founded as a chain of stores in the UK by Don Lewin. Clinton is a well-known greetin ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer: Introduction Marketing refers to the technique by which the product or services are promoted, sold and distributed (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2018). Marketing is one of the most critical ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer Introduction The concept of digital marketing can be considered to be one of the area in the recent times which is playing a very vital role. In recent times it can be stated that many of t ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer Digital Marketing Introduction When e-digital marketing came into the limelight, many knew it was the future of buying, selling and promoting goods and services. Digital marketing is using ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer:  Digital media trends and its effect on hotel industry Literature Review The growing presence of internet in people’s everyday life have made digital media an essential tool in ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer: Introduction This report presents the differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing and the importance of digital marketing. It also discusses the website optimization techniques t ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer: Introduction This report discusses the difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing and also explains its importance for the Clintons to invest in digital marketing. It illustrates ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer: Introduction  Marketing forms an essential part of the organization and any company who is looking out to gain an extensive consumer share will be required to ensure that the company ...

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing ...

Answer: Digital marketing is related to all marketing efforts which the businesses leverage all the digital channels like e-mail, social media, e-mail and the websites to contact with prospective a ...

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Digital Marketing Asessment Answers

The course DMKT5008 is designed to test digital marketing skills of student through lessons on digital marketing tools, use of online tools, the application of specific terms and understand the customer lifetime values. This course is for graduate and Ph.D students of management and it will increase their competence in adapting digital marketing skills to expand their business. It is important that each student attends each class lessons and be attentive in following all notice given in the Blackboard.

Digital marketing or online marketing is the promotion of brands through connection with the consumers on internet. It refers to advertising of products through digital tools such as mobile application, goods, services and social media. Digital marketing is important for consumers too as they rely heavily on these data to decide whether they should trust any product or brand or not. Modern day digital marketing is a vast channel where onboarding of brands, online advertisement and strategies are made for marketing. By developing an omnichannel for such marketing strategy, marketing experts can study audience behaviours and decide which product can appeal to the masses. So, it can be said that digital is one of the core of marketing today and business cannot exist without the utilization of digital tools. It gives managers the impetus needed to excel in their business. The University emphasizes on completing the digital marketing course as it resolves various types of problems which are as follows:  When you are starting with any new venture, the most common question by you is that I do not know my audience or my consumer. You cannot be successful in your business unless you fully understand your audience. Getting to know your audience is a time consuming process and the marketing team in your organization can support you to identify different audience personas and discuss about their needs of interest  Many new business managers are unaware about the best practices in SEO. Having an understanding of SEO can improve search engine ranking, ensure that your organization is always viewed during business organization search and optimization is achieved.  Social media plays a key role in business and many entrepreneurs utilize the power of social media to reach their audience or to market their products. The knowledge on digital marketing can enhance engagement in social marketing and ensure that social media is effectively used to create a niche and brand value of their products.  Many of the managers complain that their marketing teams siloed. Breaking those siloes are important to develop flexible structure. In such case, marketing team should engage in cross-challenge functionality with the team so that multiple skills sets are handled effectively. This assessment will test the knowledge in digital marketing through two types of activities. The first activity will be a short answer question. It will not be a simple short answer questions based on theories applied in class. Instead, it will test comprehension and interpretation of the topic by providing scenario based questions and giving some analytical exercise. The minimum eligibility criterion for qualifying this assessment is 50%. All students must review their blackboard and go through the practice exercise which will be made available to all two weeks prior to the main test. So, it is expected that the students follow each notice on a regular basis by checking their Blackboard and messages. The second assessment will be an essay based exercise. It will test student’s skill in discussing and applying digital marketing theories while setting up any new business. The essay will graded based on comparison with a marking rubric. Before drafting the essay, each student should quickly go through the rubric. It will help them understand the tutor’s expectation while completing the work. There are various important component of digital marketing. The course code will introduce students to each of these components. To effectively utilize marketing channels, digital experts should go through the following components of digital marketing:  Paid research or pay per click advertising is a type of sponsored result displayed on the top of a search engine results page. These ad charges consumers for each click and the advantage of digital marketing skill are that you can tailor it to ensure that they can be tailored based on the basic search terms entered. The advantage of such ads is that they are made after studying consumer behaviour and they can easily boost the traffic of the website.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of optimizing the content of website and ensuring that your page appears at the top of search results. Use of SEO can invite visitors to a specific site when they are searching for any specific product. By the use of keywords and phrases, SEO can widely increase the visibility of any website. A strong SEO strategy can have major influence on digital marketing campaigns.  Content marketing is also one of the components of digital marketing. It serves to educate and inspire all those consumers who are seeking information. When any content matches the consumer’s expectation, the trust level increases.  Social media marketing is not just having active social media accounts. Instead, it is about weaving social elements into the business marketing strategy. The more an audience engages with the content, the more likely they will share the information with others.  Email marketing- Email is one of the quick method to reach any consumer. Any successful email campaigns may be informative, engaging as well as entertaining. Marketing emails should have trustworthy content and they should be conversation in nature.

Location: Laureate University, Australia Study level: Graduate and undergraduates Unit code: DMKT5008 digital marketing

The course has a minimum weightage of 35%. It can play a major role in fulfilling the final marks for the semester. It is essential that all students use practice lessons to master the work and understand how to fulfill the course requirement.

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing

Question: Learning outcomes assessed: • Explain the foundation principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish between traditional and digital marketing. • Identify the relevant laws and guidelines that pertain to the different aspects of digital marketing. • Apply digital marketing tactics to develop an integrated and effective digital marketing approach a ...

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Your Bibliography: Batra, R. and Keller, K.L., 2016. Integrating Marketing Communications: New findings, new lessons, and new ideas. Journal of Marketing, 80(6), pp.122-145.

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