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B740 Nursing

Health promotion (HP) is the procedure of empowering individuals to increase decisiveness, and to recover, their well-being (World Health Organization, 2019). According to World Health Organisation (WHO), It involves many areas, including environmental and social interventions.
As a main purpose of communal health, health promotion backs the individuals, governments, and communities to handle and address health obstacles (World Health Organisation, 2019). In the case study posed in the assessment, we meet Jo, who has recently been identified with
a borderline personality disorder. Since the diagnosis, he seems to gradually deteriorate because he excessively consuming alcohol over the recommended weekly units. In addition,
Jo could also be made aware of the risk factors and other conditions associated with it, for example, bipolar disorders (Rowland & Marwaha, 2018). Studies have likewise revealed an enlarged prevalence and likelihood of patients developing tendencies of socially isolating themselves (Wang et al., 2017). This has been mentioned in the case study, therefore is a need to involve professionals such as community workers,
occupational therapists, and clinical psychologists. Community health workers role is to regularly assess Jo and refer back in case of extreme conditions. A therapist will help him to overcome alcohol addition by focusing treatment towards Jo’s strengths. A clinical psychologist will meet with Jo to identify underlying problems – mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. The health education model may be required to influence Jo that his desire 

to be away from all social engagements such as going to work and seeing family may be due to the adverse presentation of the diagnosed condition. A receptive Jo may be insightful in the progression of the mental health condition and work towards various recovery modalities that can be developed by the health education model unique to Jo
Health promotion
Health promotion is the conscious effort of stakeholders within a health system to initiate, institute and propagate relevant health-related information to a target population (World Health Organization, 2019). Health promotion strategies have been implemented across most
populations worldwide with varying success (World Health Organization, 2019). However, a majority operate under the sole mandate of the worldwide governing body for health, The World Health Organisation (WHO, 2021). At the local level, local authorities educate patients
to learn about benefits of being drug fee and handling peer pressure. Promoting health abide by factors that are either dependent or independent of the control mechanisms that aid its use among populations (Seaton et al., 2017).
For instance, health promotion measures are applied to achieve subjective political objectives and are essentially not in the best interest of the targeted population. In contrast, health promotion can address health campaigns designed to control or eradicate disease burdens or epidemics. This is classically seen in far-flung world areas, naturally with varying degrees of success (Fusar-Poliet al., 2020).
Empowering individual
"According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), empowerment is a process through which people gain greater control over their choices and actions affecting their health", reassuring people to see empowerment not only as a communal task but an individual one too (World Health Organisation, 2010). Empowerment is a crucial part of recovery that reinforces a person-centred and holistic style to care. Service users are empowered with skills, evidence, support, and motivation to make a knowledgeable choice about their health. Health
empowerment is seen all over the place around us if we pay attention to our environment. It takes the form of advertisements, hospital pamphlets or leaflets that focus on giving data to the public about the hazards of behaving or living an unhealthy lifestyle, tips on how to change or where to get help and other statistics (World Health Organisation, 2010).
Borderline Personality Disorder

We meet Jo, who has recently been identified with BPD. BPD is a psychological ailment that affects how individuals think about themselves and others, causing problems in daily living. It includes issues with self-esteem, emotional regulation, behaviour, and a proclivity for destructive relations (Shah & Zanarini, 2018). The conditions predispose him to the risk of developing mood disorders that can be very hard to control if he is not adhering to prescriptions (Rootes-Murdy et al. 2018). Moreover, Jo will not benefit from pharmacological therapy alone if he is not educated or empowered Z on the precipitating dependent and independent factors and the triggers (Helle, 2019). Therefore, it is incumbent on health experts including guidance counsellors, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, social workforce, doctors, nurses, and many other professionals to be brought on board (Thomas et al., 2016).

Unknown to Jo, this compulsive behaviour can be led back to his increased level of anxiety (Helle, 2019). In conjunction with his increased anxiety levels, Jo is also developing mood disorders when it is noted that Jo is experiencing an emotional rollercoaster (Jain et al., 2021). Jo has developed a substance abuse disorder as a coping mechanisms complications that he may not be aware of at present. This can be appropriately addressed by the imposition of cognitive behavioural.

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