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General Advice for ENV Assignments

Read the whole assignment before starting to answer questions

General Advice for ENV Assignments

·You may find it helpful to read through the whole assignment before starting to answer the first question;

·You should certainly read through the whole assignment before starting to answer any part of it;

·Note the wording of assignment, in particular the action verbs and ensure that you answer the question asked and not the one that you think should have been asked!

·Where required, present arguments that are logical and contain statements which are supported by scientific information expressed in the correct scientific terminology;

·Your tutor will not look favourably on over-generalised discursive writing that fails to address the points at issue;

·For most written answers, credit will be given for the overall ‘quality’ of the writing – for clarity, structure and appropriate style – as well as for the content


The module is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to be able to compete for current (placements and internships) and future job opportunities through learning in four dimensions; self-awareness (of own career preferences and choice), awareness of the labour market, strategic and career-planning skills and self-presentation skills


The module therefore aims to equip students to critically evaluate and reflect upon the requirements of the postgraduate level market and roles in preparation for the Placement Yea

Module Learning Outcomes

In relation to the specialised area of study, students will, with minimal / no guidance be able to:

Subject-Specific Knowledge, Understanding & Application

a)Assess the knowledge, skills and competencies required to effectively undertake postgraduate level roles, in their given discipline;

b)Evaluate current and future work place trends relevant to their chosen postgraduate-level career pathway;

c)Demonstrate appropriate skills, competencies and knowledge when completing applications for postgraduate level roles;

d)Critically reflect upon and present material to a range of audiences.

Employability & Changemaker Skills

e)Use their knowledge to identify opportunities for change;

f)Use evidence to generate impact for themselves and their communities.

·All answers must be word-processed.

·Present answers in clear English with a good standard of grammar.

·When answering questions requiring calculations and data presentation:

-present your answer clearly;

-include all steps in a calculation;

-use SI units;

-give your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures;

-give all graphs, tables and diagrams a title;

-clearly label axes on graphs.

·It is essential that all work that is not your own is referenced (see Plagiarism below)

·The SkillsHub Harvard Referencing Guide details an acceptable method of referencing.

·Where reference is made to legislation, guidelines and principles, state the full name and date.


What constitutes plagiarism or cheating? If you submit an assignment that contains work that is not your own, without indicating this, you are committing ‘plagiarism’. This might occur in an assignment when:

·Using a choice phrase or sentence that you have come across;

·Copying word-for-word directly from a text

·Using text downloaded from the internet

·Borrowing statistics or assembled facts from another person or source;

·Copying or downloading figures, photographs, pictures or diagrams without acknowledging your sources

·Copying from the notes or assignments of a fellow student.

The penalties for plagiarism are severe and could result in you being terminated from your programme of study at the University

Based on your experience and expertise, choose the job advert (from the selection of adverts provided on NILE) that you believe is MOST appropriate for you.

Develop an application pack in the form of a portfolio, that includes:

·Details of the job e.g. title, location, key responsibilities and key skills requirements etc..

·A cover letter.

·Evidence of your suitability (e.g. CV - qualifications, work experience, supporting materials, examples of your skills that link to the job role etc.), based on what is requested in the advert.

·A 200-300 word reflective summary that outlines your views on the application process for the chosen job.

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