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Was Megara Greek Mythology? Why Megara Is The Mvp In Hercules?

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  • Course Title: Was Megara Greek Mythology? Why Megara Is The Mvp In Hercules?
  • University: Brock University

Megara is associated with the Greek mythology and a name of an important place in the ancient Greece, according to the Greek mythology, Megara is the first wife of Hercules and actually represented to as a tragic figure. The story of Megara is notoriously tragic in its most cruel fashion. For the Greeks she is like a goddess and an important part of the legend of Hercules like his twelve labours. Megara is an important figure in her own right and a symbol of an undeserved tragedy. The mythology of Greeks, Megara’s story is highly inconsistent therefore has several version of the story of this particular character.  

Megara is the MVP in Hercules because in the animate series of Disney Megara is the most valuable person who by her own virtue becomes the heroin. There are several factors which play integral part in the journey of Hercules. In this aspect, Megara is shown to be a woman honest and upfront who proved that she has all the capability to handle her problems. Firstly Megara proves that she is the strongest and will be surviving all the adversities. She can do anything to get freedom from Hades. She improved that she is not impressed with the showing of the muscles by Hercules and his heroic moves. In the animated movie of Hercules, Megara was supposed to be saved from Nessus by the hero. When Hercules tries to charm her, she rolled her eyes and gave him the tight smile mentioning she is not impressed.

Megara has got sarcasm on her side. Despite Hercules is a hero with real manly charm, Megara with her sharp comments and smartness show her view of life sarcastically. She is MVP in Hercules for her glorious locks that represents beauty and char. Like all the other Disney princesses, Megara has unmatched beauty that can attract anyone in the world. Megara is a human being suffering in the kingdom of Hades underworld. Therefore, she also does mistakes. Most important of those mistakes was betraying Hercules. However, she is a strong woman and easily recovers herself from this problem. She is a selfless woman who does not think anything before selling her soul to save the life of her ex-boyfriend. Here she is again gets betrayed by everyone. Despite her past and her hesitation about romantic entanglements, she put her vulnerability out there as well as loved again. She can sacrifice everything for Hercules starting from leaping under giants, falling columns for save the life of the person she loves.

Megara’s story is most clearly told and detailed in the work of the Greek playwright Euripides in the 480 to 406 BCE and the in the writings of the Roman playwright Seneca in 4 BCE to 65 CE. Both of these two writers have written plays concerning Hercules and his wife Megara. However, the story of Megara is known in a form of mythology long before her story was written by Euripides. This is the reason why there are different version found about her regarding her life with the Greek hero Hercules or Heracles. These differ in terms of detail as well as chronology but are related to the same tragic story of this woman character. Very little about Megara is known before her marriage with Hercules. It is found in the mythology and different writings that Megara was the princess of and the daughter of Creon who was the king of the Greek city Thebes. The story of Megara starts with the war when Thebes was invaded by the rival people named Miyans. This time, Hercules who was raised in this city of Thebes, came to defend the ruler of the city. He led all the warriors of Thebes in the battle and under his leadership, the warriors worn the battle against the Miyans. Thus the city state was restored to its former ruler Creon.

As mentioned before, Megara was the daughter and the princess of Creon, she was offered to be the bride of Hercules by her father in a form of gratitude and respect for saving the throne. Thus Megara was married to Hercules and like every princess started to live happily. This couple and three sons but according to some versions, they had eight. Now the problem arises with this happiness. Hercules was the son of the king of the Gods, Zeus and an unsuspecting mortal woman named Alcmene. She was not a wife of Zeus but a common human being. Now the wife of Zeus was Hera who became zealous of Hercules as he was the son of her husband’s affair. Therefore Hera always want to make the life of Hercules to be miserable. This is the reason why she used to pop up in his life whenever, he is happy or spending his life with ease. Thus she made everything mess up in the life of Hercules. Now Megara is associated with Hercules and trying to do her best to keep her husband’s life successful.

In such time, Hera complicated everything by ordering Hercules to leave his family to go and complete the last of his twelve labours. During this time, the kingdom of Hercules is left unprotected. Now in some versions or stories, like that of the play by Euripides, after completing twelve years of labour, Hercules found that he Creon of Thebes was murdered and taken over by Lycus a usurper. This man was just about to kill Megara and her children but Hercules appeared and saved his family. According to other versions of this mythology of Megara, Hercules was performing the last years of his labours where he was ordered to subdue the three dog named Cerberus in the underworld.

To some of the writers, the older version of this myth relates that Hercules did not begin his labours of twelve long years until he felt the pain of death of his beloved wife. In the works of Seneca and Euripides, the usurper Lycus had taken the throne of Creon in the absence of Hercules and forced Megara for marrying him. At this point of time, Hercules arrived and saved his family from the schemes of Lycus. He was giving thanks to the gods and suddenly by the struck of Hera, her step mother, who did not want Hercules to be happy in his life, started to think that all his children was of Lycus. Under this suspicion, he killed all his own children. In some of the other versions, the hero here Hercules killed his wife Megara also along with the children. Megara’s story was always a subject of tragedy and set the paradigm in all the myths related to Hercules and his bravery. She is also the scape goat of the rivalry and jealousy of Hera on Hercules. Through the stories and plays written by Seneca and Euripides, this character of Megara gains more popularity in all over the world. Both Megara and her children are shown to be the archetype of the innocent caught between the greater conflicting forces. The second wife of Hercules had the same fate due to the jealousy of Hera but at least she was responsible for her own death. However Megara portrays a figure to be the guiltless innocent who with her children suffered meaningless as well as brutal death.

Megara on the other hand is a city situated in the area of West Attica, Greece. This city lies in the northern section of Corinth. This city was a trade port and specialized in the exploration of wool as well as other animal products that include livestock like horses. In addition to this, the people of this country utilized this port for their ships and wealth so that they gain leverage on the armies of neighbouring poleis. This city was under the rule of mythic sons of King Pandion II, of whom Nisos was an important ruler. This particular ancient city was under democratic type of government. This city has experienced democracy on the two occasions. Among these, the first one was between 427 when there was a democratic uprising and 424 when narrow oligarchy was primarily installed. The second one was in the 370s when the people of this city Megara expelled some of the antidemocratic conspirators. However, by the 350s, the city lost its democratic status and returned to oligarchy. One of the first actions of the new oligarchy in 424 was to put focus on the people to vote openly. Here the democracy was promoted at their best. At that point of time, the thinking of democracy was too difficult because in the other parts of the world there was only the monarchy and oligarchy. It is important to note that Megara stood different from those other neighbours promoting the democratic rule. When the city had lost its democratic status by the oligarchy, it became clear that the rules and regulation of the government changed a lot. From the resources it has been found out that the Megarian democracy used ostracism. This was a procedure under the Athenian democracy through which the citizens can be expelled from the city state of Athens for long ten years. This was the process of neutralising someone on whom the people of the state had shown extreme anger. Similarly, as mentioned before, the voting process was open in the later part of the period when the oligarchy took the main responsibility of the state. This clarifies the fact that the democratic government used to utilise the process of secret ballot box at the time of election.

According to some of the texts, Megara was particularly famous for the explorers because of its beauty and artworks of the city. It was famous for its textiles and had played an important role in the city planning and building of the architecture in the city state. This city state played an important part in the Persian war. This state contributed 3000 heavy armed troops and 20 ships for confederating forces for helping the Greeks to win the partisan war of Salamis.


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