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Define Infraspinatus Muscle: Discuss The Origin Insertion And Action Of This Muscle

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1. Definition of Infraspinatus Muscle

Infraspinatus muscle can be defined as a thick triangular muscle that majorly occupies the key portion of infraspinatous fossa. Being one of the four muscles in rotator cuff, the most significant functionality of this muscle is to rotate the respective humerus of shoulder externally for stabilizing the entire shoulder joint. An infraspinatus muscle helps in assisting the arm lifting when arm is being turned outwards or external rotation. The significant tendon of this particular muscle is one of the tendons, which stabilize the shoulder joint as well as constitute the rotator cuff. All of these four tendons are responsible for making up the rotator cuff to hook up to any specified muscle for moving the shoulder within one particular direction. The four distinctive muscles, whose tendons form the rotator cuff majorly include the infraspinatus muscle, the teres minor muscle that is helpful in outward turning of the arm, the supraspinatus muscle that has the core functionality of elevation of arm and then moving it away from the body and finally the subscapularis muscle that is responsible for moving the arm by simply turning it or internal rotation. The muscle arises from the medical two thirds of the infraspinatous fossa. The damage to the rotator cuff is often referred to as one of the most common reasons of shoulder pain and it is needed to be treated as soon as it is being felt.

2. Discussion of Origin of Infraspinatus Muscle

The origin of infraspinatus muscle is from infraspinatous fossa of the scapula. This particular muscle medially to the infraspinatous fossa of the scapula and then laterally to the middle facet of respective greater tubercle of the humereus. As soon as muscle arises by the fleshy fibres from medial of two thirds of infraspinatous fossa and by the tendinous fibres from the ridges on the surface. This infraspinatus muscle even arises from the infraspinatous fascia that both covers as well as separates it from the teres minor and teres major. These fibres eventually converge to a tendon that glides on the lateral border of scapula’s spine before passing across posterior part of capsule of the shoulder joint. It is being inserted into the middle impression on the greater tubercle of humerus. The muscle originates from the scapula, which is often termed as shoulder blade. In other words, this muscle gets its origin from the infraspinatous fossa of the scapula. This infraspinatous fossa is a large and triangular shaped concave surface at the back of the scapula. Moreover, this infraspinatous fossa can contribute to the name as well as shape of the infraspinatus muscle. This muscle could be strengthened by standing on the left side of a wall. With any one end of any resistance band being secured in the wall and holding the wall with the right hand of the respective human being. The right elbow is to be bent at the 90 degree angle before resting completely against the side of the human being. When trigger points are present within the infraspinatus muscle, they could provide the human being with pain right at the location, before sending pain to the other and seemingly absolute unrelated areas of the body.

3. Insertion of Infraspinatus Muscle

The infraspinatus muscle can be inserted at the middle facet of greater tubercle of the humerus. A trapezoidal insertion of the infraspinatus within the humerus is extremely large than the respective equivalent insertion of supraspinatus. The main reason of involving infraspinatus getting involved in the rotator cuff is for tearing off the supraspinatus as soon as possible. From the infraspinous fossa, this infraspinatus muscle can travel upwards diagonally before inserting onto the topside of humerus. The humerus is the longest bone of the upper arm of a human being and more specifically, this infraspinatus muscle getting inserted onto a larger and round prominence being situated at the top or outer part of the humerus. This particular prominence is referred to as the greater tuberosity or greater tubercle. The infraspinatus muscle is the thick triangular muscle that is located at the posterior aspect of the scapulas. This infraspinatus tendon eventually inserts within the middle facet of the humerus’s greater tubercle. The infraspinatus is the first external rotator of human arm and it is also in helpful in stabilizing the respective humerus. The muscle tendon is often separated or segregated from the capsules of shoulder joint by a bursa that might communicate with subsequent joint cavities. The infraspinatus muscle majorly reinforces the capsule of shoulder joints.

4. Action of Infraspinatus Muscle

The action of the infraspinatus muscle is mainly lateral rotation of the arm and even stabilization of humerus. The infraspinatus is the major external rotator of the shoulder. As soon as the arm is being fixed, it eventually adducts the inferior angle of the scapula. The main synergists of the muscle are deltoid and teres minor. This teres minor and infraspinatus is responsible for rotating the head of the humerus outward direction such as rotation, lateral and external. These muscles even assist in carrying out the human arm in backward direction. This specific muscle is responsible for few different and distinctive actions as well, which are stabilization of shoulder joint and lateral rotation of the humerus. In the first action of stabilization of shoulder arm, the infraspinatus can help in maintaining the stability of shoulder by simply keeping the top side of the humerus within its accurate position against the scapula and the upper arm moving throughout the subsequent shoulder joint. In the second action of lateral rotation of the humerus in human shoulder, this infraspinatus muscle can eventually cause external or lateral rotation of the humerus. This particular action of the muscle mainly involves arm twisting or outward turning, for example when any individual rotates their arm in outward direction as soon as he or she pulls a door for opening purpose. The joint cavity of the bone gets filled up and a flexible action is being executed without any problem.


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