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Describe Factors Affecting Ionization Energy

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Ionization energy in both physics and chemistry is the lowest amount of energy that is needed for successful removal of the most loosely bound electron, valence electron of the isolated neutral gaseous molecule and atom. The ionization energy is quantitatively expressed as X + energy → X+ + e- 

Where, X is a molecule or atom that has the core capability of ionization and X+ is that specific molecule or atom with the removed electron and e- is the removed electron. It is mainly referred to as an endothermic procedure. The closer is the outermost electron to the atomic nucleus and higher is the ionization energy of the element or atom. The chemistry or physics science mainly utilize different measures of the ionization energy. According to physics, this specific unit is the total amount of energy needed for removing the single electron from one single molecule or atom being expressed as the electron volts. According to chemistry, this unit can be referred to as the total amount of energy needed for every atom within a mole of substance for the purpose of losing one electron each in the enthalpy or molar ionization energy, which is being expressed as kilocalories per mole (kcal/ mol) or kilojoules per mole (kJ/ mol).

A proper comparison of the Ei of the elements within the periodic table eventually reveals two periodic trends of Ei is increasing when an electron is moving from left to right in a specified time period and Ei is decreasing when the electron is moving from top to bottom within a provided group. The second distinctive trend eventually results from the outer electron shell that is been progressively sent farther to the nucleus with the extra involvement of one inner shell in one row since the electron moves down the column. An nth ionization energy mainly refers to total amount of energy that is needed for removing the electron from species with an alteration of n - 1. There are three examples of ionization energy, which are:

X → X+ + e- 

X+ → X2+ + e- 

X2+ → X3+ + e-  

This term of ionization potential is the old name for the ionization energy since it is the oldest methodology for measuring the ionization energy on the basis of ionizing specific sample and even accelerating that electron to get removed with the help of an electro static potential. In spite of this fact, the term is being considered as completely obsolete. Few important factors are present, which affect the respective ionization energy like nuclear charge, number of electron shell, effective nuclear charge or Zeff, type of orbital ionized and finally occupancy of the orbital matters. The first and the foremost factor is the nuclear charge. It is noted that the greater the magnitude of nuclear charge is more tightly the electron is being held by nucleus, thus high would be the ionization energy.

The second important and significant factor is the number of electron shells. It is being noted that the greater is the size of an atom, the lesser tight would be the electrons being held by nucleus, hence lowering the ionization energy. The third distinctive and important factor affecting ionization energy is the effective nuclear charge or Zeff, which is noted that the greater the magnitude of electron shielding as well as penetration, it should be lesser tightly for the electrons to be held by nucleus. Moreover, the lowering of the effective nuclear charge or Zeff of an electron would be lowering the ionization energy. Another distinctive and significant factor that affected the ionization energy is the kind of orbital being ionized. It is the atom that comprise of a more stabilized electron configuration and having lesser tendency of losing the electrons before checking the high ionization energy. The final factor that eventually affects the ionization energy is the occupancy of the orbital matters. When this orbital is completely or half filled, it becomes extremely difficult to effectively remove the electrons.

The (n + 1)th ionization energy is extremely large than the nth ionization energy. As soon as the next ionization energy includes removal of an electron from the similar electron shell, this increment in the ionization energy can be referred to as primary for the incremented net charge of ion. This net charge is from which the electron getting removed. The electrons that are being removed from the extremely highly charged ions of any specific element getting experience from the great forces of an electro static attraction. Hence, this removal needs high energy and moreover, when another ionization energy is getting involved by removal of the electron from a low electron shell, it is being noted that the distance gets majorly reduced within electron and nucleus, after incrementing both distance as well as electro static force on which this force should be overcome for removing that particular electron. These distinctive factors mainly are responsible for increasing the entire ionization energy.

There are larger jumps within respective successive molar ionization energies of the magnesium. These are extremely smaller than the 3rd that needed stripping off the 2p electron from the neon configurations of magnesium. This particular electron is quite close to a nucleus than their preceding 3s electrons. This type of energy is even a basic periodic trend in the organization of a periodic table. The movement from left position to right position in any period or upwards in the group is also undertaken in this ionization energy. The first and the foremost ionization energy had been increased with major expectations within sulfur and aluminium within chemistry’s periodic table. When the nuclear charge of nucleus is getting increased within the period, this atomic radius gets decreased before electron cloud is becoming close to the nucleus. The atomic ionization energy could be properly predicted after detailed analyses with the help of an electro static potential as well as Bohr model in the atom. Thus, the three factors of size of positive nuclear charge, size of atom and screening effect of the inner shell electrons mainly affect the ionization energy.


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