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Difference Between Alice In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass

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Difference Between Alice In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass:

By mentioning the name of Alice, one may think that it is related to children’s stories written by Lewis Carrol. Certainly, Alice Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are viewed as two classic work of children’s literature which for over the centuries have been read by the children’s and adults alike. These two stories narrate the tale of young girl whose name is Alice and finds herself in strange environments where she come across several diverse and unfamiliar characters. Even though Alice is viewed as central focus in both the stories however, each tale is exclusively different in its purpose, style and character.

The first publication of Carroll was Adventure in Wonderland during 1865. After three years of his first story telling about the young girl Alice Liddell and her sisters, following her request for a story that was full of nonsense. The formation of this story commenced on river picnic as Carroll started telling the tale of Alice in Wonderland to entertain the girls. Contrasting the spontaneity in the creation of first story, Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass was published six years following the first story when Alice was in her teenage. The second story was held more logical meaning than the first and was clearly different in terms of both style and direction.

The introduction of Alice and how she finds herself in the other world is completely different in each of the stories. In the story of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, Alice’s inquisitiveness and boredom resulted her to follow the White Rabbit when he rushes passed her. She ends up falling down into the rabbit hole that leads her and her reader in a world of magic that also had disorders. While Carroll’s wonderland is a place where Alice finds several characters difficult and very much odd. She encounters numerous characters during her journey where many of the characters signified real people that was known to the real Alice Liddell. All through the first story, Alice also discovers herself growing and falling at numerous stages, something which Carrol did not repeated in Through the Looking Glass.

The curiosity of Alice leads her to other world in Through the Looking Glass. Not like the first story of Carroll’s, this world is one which is logical and in that it loses some of the magic. Alice on entering through the glass mirror, her surrounding is reversed and Carroll repeats the same image of reversal all through the story in the poem of Jabberwocky, the mirror images of Tweedledee and Tweedledee as well as when it was White.

There are numerous differences between Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. These differences might be because of disparity in time among the writing of both the stories and the situations that surrounds the Carroll’s writing along with the intention which was possessed by carroll when he started to tell the tale. Nevertheless, these differences are considered necessary to distinctive nature in each story and convey the reader with an entirely different portrayal of the view which Carroll had of relationship amid the adult and child. Whether it amounted to differences between the characters in stories or the style in which the story was written, they play a vital role in the development of Alice and in the depiction that was intended by Carrol.

Both the stories are structured in the different manner that was written by Carroll. For Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, there is no direction to the story and one can easily place the chapters in any sequences and the story would still make sense. Whereas the opposite is true in the situation of Through the Looking Glass since Carroll has clearly indicated in the beginning at the time of introducing the game of chess.

Reasons for writing Through the Looking Glass by Carroll:

Lewis Carroll lived in the Victorian age and his writing was highly influenced during that time period. While for the Victorians they were easily caught on the cusp of new age where all the old certainties were vanishing. Carroll came to mean a readiness to have faith in wonderland, fairy tales, innocence, sainthood in the fast-fading vision of golden age when it appeared possible for humanity to transcend the conditions of human. Despite the fact the several aspects of Alice series was critique Victorian values, Queen Victoria yet praised the work of Carroll. Carroll subconsciously promoted the female dominance of Britain royal order inside the wonderland.

Carroll also made a point to mock the method of education in Victorian Age all through the series where Alice continuously struggled in applying her knowledge which she learned in her elementary lessons. Additionally, Carroll also provides an insight into how the human beings are forced to adapt to the cultural demands and situations, representing that following the rule and laws that is not regularly the best solution. Carroll wrote the story to show that Alice has been ordered around by almost all the creatures that comes into her contact that is dictated by the strange rules of this world. She is forced to feel as if she was constantly in wrong even though she did nothing unusual for a child of her age.

Carroll’s main purpose of writing the story was to portray the unreasonable dictatorship which portrayed the strictness of the Victorian world, especially towards the children. The way in which Alice interacts with the creature of Wonderland can be compared to imperialism of British and prejudice in the direction of countries that was conquered Britain and colonized. Carroll wrote the story mainly because to show that Alice has been socially tolerant unless and until the things take the turn of utter nonsense. Ironically, Carroll had acknowledged that the royal order and his promotion of female dominance in the story reflected the reign of Queen Victoria. The concept of Alice regularly eating and feeding her appetite all through the Victorian societies represents obsession with the over-consumption and informally addressed the issues regarding the contamination of food in the market and supply of water.

Connection between Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass connected:

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are stories that can be referred as the work of children’s literature by Carroll. Lewis Carroll wrote Through the Looking Glass as the sequel of Alice in Wonderland. The story is very much connected as it almost represents the mirror image of Alice in Wonderland in respect of setting and imaginary. The first book commences outdoors during the warm month of May, used continuous changes in terms of size as the plot devices and draws the imagery of playing cards. The second story opens the indoor on the snowy winter night which was exactly after six months later. The plot uses frequent change of time and spatial directions as the plot grows and draws the imagery of chess. Carroll in the both the stories incorporated several mirror themes that included opposite and anti-clockwise backward running of time in the plot.

Both the Alice and Looking Through the Glass is drawn from the extemporaneous stories which was later refined and filled with the wealth of allusions to both his own experience and Alice’s as well. This includes her travels through the Wonderland and the chess board world behind the Looking-Glass. Both the stories represented that Alice encountered a multitude of curiosities.

The characters in both the stories are more than whimsical ideas that was brought to into existence by Carroll. The characters ranged from silly to rude and portrayed the Alice Liddell’s adult life. The figures of parents in Alice’s reality represented in Alice in Wonderland as the unintellectual figures from their behaviours along with their interaction with one another. In both the stories Alice once again enters into the fantastical world and this time by climbing through the mirror in the world which she can further it. She discovers that similar to a reflection each and everything is reversed that included the logic. While Through the Looking Glass connection between verse such as Jabberwocky and The Walrus and Carpenter was very much evident. The mirror that motivated Carroll remains displayed in Charlton Kings.     

Alice was seen to be polite, well raised and interested in others even though she at times makes the incorrect remarks and upsets the creatures in Wonderland. She is easily put off by the abruptness and rudeness of others. Whereas in Alice in Wonderland she carried an identity crisis believing that she has been swapped by somebody else while in Through the Looking Glass she completely losses the identify of her own when she forgets her name and other things that defines her.

In both the stories the initial impulsiveness turns into a tempered through experience. Even though Alice turns through her experience, the stories were neither moralistic nor it was written with the objective of teaching lessons. Rather they were considered as the most highly imaginative fairy tales ever conceived.


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