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Function Of The Arterial System

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An artery is depicted as a windpipe that is moreover stated as a blood vessel that takes the blood away from the heart to the overall parts of a body. Most of the arteries carries the oxygenated blood the two of the exceptions that are stated to be pulmonary as well as umbilical arteries. This arteries tends to carry the deoxygenated blood to the different organs that may oxygenate it. The effective arterial blood volume is that extracellular fluid which fills the arterial system. The arteries are depicted as the part of the circulatory system that are responsible regarding the delivery of the oxygen as well as nutrients to the overall cells thus concentrating on the fact of the removal of the carbon di oxide as well as the waste products. This also helps in the maintenance of the optimum blood pH as well as deals with the circulation of the proteins and the cells present within the immune system. The arteries forms a part of the circulatory system. The primary function of the arteries is depicted to be carry the oxygenated blood after it has been pumped out from the heart. The coronary arteries also possesses the aid regarding the heart in the work of pumping the blood by sending the oxygenated blood towards the heart thus allowing the muscles to function effectively. The pulmonary artery carries the blood to the heart but the pulmonary veins carry the oxygenated blood to the heart.

The veins are depicted as the blood vessels that carries the blood towards the heart. Most of the veins are associated with the carrying of the deoxygenated blood from the body tissues back to the heart. There are also some exceptions that consists of pulmonary as well as umbilical veins both of which carries the deoxygenated blood from the tissues to the heart. Veins are identified to be less muscular than the arteries present in the heart. Veins possess the valves that tends the blood to flow in a backward direction.

However there are certain differences between the arteries as well as the veins in their shape as well as their functionalities. Arteries like veins are significantly identified as the tube shaped vessels that carries the blood within an overall human body. Moreover, the primary difference between this two is the functionality they tend to perform. Arteries primarily carry the oxygenated blood away from the heart to the overall body, as well as the veins carry oxygen-poor blood back to the heart from the different parts of the body. The position of the veins are closer beneath the skin surface whereas the position of the arteries are deepened within the body. Veins will collapse if the flow of the blood stops whereas the arteries will remain open if the flow of the blood stops due to the fact that they contain thick muscular layer.

Elastic arteries are depicted to be the closest in regards to the heart as well as experiences the greatest amount of pressure as the heart forces the flow of blood into them. They  possess  the  highest  amount  of  elastin which in result enables  them  to  expand. Moreover, when the heart relaxes, the recoil of the overall procedure propels blood onward. Thus a cross section reveals abundant elastin that is identified as the wavy fibres in regards to the thick tunica media. In comparison to the elastic arteries, in the muscular arteries, the tunica media is composed of the smooth muscles. Muscular arteries intends to deliver the blood to the specific organs of a body. These arteries possess relatively more smooth muscles as well as less elastin in respect to the elastic arteries within the tunica media. Thus they enable them for actively relaxation and contraction. Moreover, in the muscular arteries, small changes within the blood vessel diameter tends to influence greatly with the flow as well as pressure of the blood thus making the muscular arteries making them crucial in regulating the circulatory dynamics. The primary lack in the sympathetic stimulation which causes vasodilation which further widens the lumen that is present within the artery.

Arterial anastomoses primarily allows one major artery to branch as well as feed as many areas of the body within the blood. If the supply of the blood is restricted or cut off at any of the branches it will be redirected to another branch for allowing it wherever it needs to go. The arterial anastomoses is depicted as the connection of the two things that are normally diverging. The procedure of anastomoses generally refers to a connection in between the blood vessels or between the two loops regarding the intestine. This procedure is further depicted as the communication in between the arteries or the branches of the arteries. This will be actual or potential. The actual arterial anastomosis the arteries meets the end to end node. Moreover, the potential arterial anastomosis the communication takes place in between the terminal arterioles. Such type of communications may dilate only after the collateral circulation. If a sudden occlusion is identified on the main artery then the procedure of anastomosis fails to compensate the loss.

An arteriole is depicted as one of the several different types of the blood vessels that is involved with the transport of the blood around the overall body. The other blood vessels include arteries, veins, capillaries as well as venules. The primary structure regarding the arteriole is depicted to be the tiny branches regarding the arteries that may lead to the capillaries. Arterioles are under the significant control of the sympathetic nervous system, as well as constrict and dilate for the regulatory flow of the blood. The prime functions of the arterioles includes the transport of the blood from the arteries to the capillaries. These are also depicted as the primary regulators regarding the flow of blood as well as pressure. These may be small in size but plays a very important role for the health of the heart. The blood vessels that are associated with the carrying of the oxygenated blood away from the heart as well as to the body’s tissues. As the blood moves down towards the down of the arterial network these vessels are depicted to be getting smaller and smaller just like the branches of a tree. When the arteries are decreased in the size they are referred to as arterioles. Arterioles are observed to share most of the properties that are possessed by the arteries. These are depicted to possess relatively thick and strong walls that tends to contain the great percentage of the smooth muscles, which further depicts that they are not under the voluntary control. Moreover it is also shown that the most greatly regulated vessels of blood present in a human body, arterioles also includes the clear distinction of the contribution that makes most of the blood pressure to increase or decrease at times.

Whenever a human body is functioning, the arterioles ensures that the pressure of the blood remains to be static or normal that it may be within the healthy limits. However, there are certain conditions which may affect or decrease the performance of the blood. There are three primary conditions that are identified and stated below:

Arteriosclerosis is identified as the thickening, hardening, as well as loss of the elasticity regarding the arterial walls. This process tends to restrict the ability for the regulation of the flow of the blood as well as allows for the increase in the build-up of cholesterol and plaque within the arterial walls. The main factors regarding this type of condition are stated to be high cholesterol, smoking of cigarettes, high blood pressure as well as high triglycerides.

Arterial stenosis is depicted as the abnormal narrowing regarding the arteries. This is caused due by certain number of things that includes smoking, infection, pollution, diabetes as well as birth defects. The constant constriction regarding the blood vessels that is caused in regards to the pollutants or some infections that are chronic and also may lead to the disease of fibrosis of the present arterial tissues.

Arteritis, is depicted as the inflammation in regards to the arterial walls in as well as around the scalp. This process is often associated with diseases that are connected with the autoimmune. The tenderness of the arterial walls may lead to the decrease within the flow of the blood. A significant example is observed as the GCA or the giant cell arteritis. This disease mostly affects the branches of the external carotid artery regarding the neck. With the GCA that has been impaired with the flow of the blood may cause the symptoms such as headache, loss of vision, change in the vision as well as pain in the jaws while anything is being chewed in the mouth of a human body.

Capillaries are depicted to the smallest type of the blood vessels that are found within a human body. These are the significant blood vessels that consists of many significant importance which is stated in the following paragraph. The significant job is to enable the exchange of the substances in between the blood as well as the surrounding tissues. The significant place where they can be easily seen is the position outside the white portion of the eyes. Capillaries are significantly found in every square inch of the body, from the skin to the deepest tissues present within the body's cavities. There are between 60, 000 to 100, 000 miles of the blood vessels that stretches throughout the human body, and they depends on the size as well as weight of the person, and most of these blood vessels are observed to be capillaries. The function of the capillaries is that they deliver nutrients as well as oxygen to the other tissues as well as remove the by-products regarding the cellular reactions that are identified to be carbon di oxide as well as water. The lungs being the exception the capillaries tend to carry oxygenated blood thus carrying the deoxygenated blood.

The walls are depicted to be very thin that that allows the substances for easily as well as quickly diffusion or passing through them. The capillaries are depicted to be much thinner in comparison to the arteries as well as veins as the walls of the capillaries are made up of the single layer of the endothelial cells, flat cells that aligns the overall blood vessels. These blood vessels are aligned with the flat cells within the overall body.

Capillaries are depicted to be selectively permeable that means they continue to allow some of the substances but not the others. The permeability is that which allows them to carry out their overall job so that depicting it that how permeability varies depending on the organs or the tissues they are found.

Capillaries are significantly divided into three important types, in accordance to their pore structure. These are stated below:

Fenestrated: These capillaries possess many pores in respect to the different sizes. The wall of the small intestine possess this type of capillaries that allows the digested molecules of the food to be carried out to the overall blood of the body.

Continuous: This capillaries feature the tight junctions regarding the endothelium for making them highly impermeable in regards to anything but also with the smallest molecules. The brain capillaries are continuous capillaries; as their pores are so tiny that only water as well as small ions can pass through.

Discontinuous: This capillaries states that these are the wide pores within their cell walls as well as large spaces between cell layers to allow large molecules to pass through. The discontinuous capillaries are found primarily in the liver, which produces a various number of different proteins that needs the larger space to pass through into the overall body of the humans.


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