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Square Inches And Square Feet? How To Convert Square Inches To Square Feet?

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History: The origin of ‘inch’ is observed to come from the Latin word ‘uncia’ that would equate to ‘one-twelfth’ of the Roman foot.

Over time there came a number of varying standards for inch in the past, but today’s definition is based on what is defined by international yard. Among the earliest definitions of the inch would be on basis of barleycorns, where 1 inch would equal the length of three dry, round barley grains placed from one end to the other. Another version of inch would be measured to be the width of what represented a human thumb. In this case the length would be obtained by averaging the widths of three such human thumbs – small thumb, medium thumb, and a large thumb.

Current use: Today inch is mostly in use by the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many of the countries that once formed a colony of the UK. It is sometimes even used in Japan and some adjoining countries in regards to building and measuring electronic parts for example size of displays like monitors and TVs.

Square Inch

Square inch or square inches refer to units of area that is equivalent to the area of a typical square having each side measuring one inch. The symbols used below denote square inches –

  1. square in.
  2. sq inches,
  3. sq inch,
  4. sq in.

"Square inch" is the unit for measuring an area equal to squares having sides with measurement of one inch on every side. One square inch equals 0.00064516 square meters. Abbreviations that can be used here are in2, SqIn and

  1. For the area measurements of shapes like rectangles, multiplication of length with the width or Length * Width gives Area.
  2. For area of shapes, like squares Area can be measured as length (inch) * length (inch) = Square inches.

The unit area of a square with sides being 5 inch in length can be derived in the following way. 52 (5 * 5) inches which gives back an area measuring equalling 25 square inches. This can never be written as 25 inches as inches gives measurement of linear distances. Square inches on the other hand is the measuring unit for area. To put this in a simpler way, a square with sides measuring one inch will always end up being one square inch. This applies for other shapes also, that is to say area of all shapes which can vary between circles, rectangles, or even other irregular shapes should always be denoted by square inches instead of inches.

When it is about a rectangle just multiplication of measurements for length and breadth is all that is required to figure out the area of the rectangle in square inches. For example, suppose a rectangle has measurements of length equalling 4 inches and the breadth being 3 inches. For this particular case, the area of the rectangle can be 4 * 3 = 12 sq inches.

It must be noted that use of phrases like “12 inches squared,” should always be avoided as this gives a completely separate meaning. It is the measurement of area which gets indicated by the term “square” or for the matter the little (‘²’). Since the measuring unit for the area in discussion is inches, the phrase “12 square inches” gets written as “12 in².”


History: Before the units of measurement were standardized, the definition of the foot which is still being used would vary. Measuring with the unit foot was performed in several different systems that included the Roman, the English, the Greek, the Chinese, and the French systems and for each system the length measured by a foot was different. The reason for this varying length was due parts of human bodies having been used as the basis for the units of length. Examples for this can range from cubits, hands, span, digit as well as others that sometimes were referred as anthropic units. This would result in the measurement of foot differing among 250 mm to 335 mm back in those days in contrast to today’s precise measurement of 304.8 mm. As United States is among the few, or probably the only country where the foot is widely in use even to this date, several countries happened to use their own versions of the foot before the metrication. Evidence to this comes from the large list of outdated measurements of feet.

Current use: Today foot is mostly used by United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many of the countries that happened to be colonies of UK for day to day uses. US, for example uses feet and inches commonly for measuring heights and shorter distances like field lengths sometimes also in yards. Feet are also generally used for measuring altitude in aviation as also elevation like mountain heights from sea level.

Square Feet

Square foot refers to the imperial unit of measurement for the United States customary unit that is neither SI, nor metric for denoting area of shapes and these are mainly used in United States. For calculating the areas of rooms in units of measurement like square feet, measuring of length and breadth of the rooms are done in feet, then the measurements of both length and breadth are multiplied together for providing area in ft². For example, the rooms measuring 12 ft * 15 ft can be described to be having the area equivalent to 180 ft² or 12 * 15 = 180. The abbreviations and symbols for this kind of measurement is given by:

  1. sq ft
  2. ft²

To describe architectures or real estates, these square foot measurements are symbolised to be square having a slash or line through it. Square feet is the unit of determining area of shapes.

Worldwide usage:

  • Square foot is mainly found to be used in countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada as their measurement units for area.


Square foot refers to the measuring unit of area used by imperial and United States customary measurement systems. Since square measurements are basically two-dimensional derivatives of linear measurements, hence one square foot gets defined as area of squares having sides 1 foot long.


When represented in terms of the metric system, square foot denotes squares with sides having a length of 0.3048 metres. This makes 1 square foot to be equal to 0.09290304 square metres.


Square foot refers to the unit of measurement that is primarily used for indicating area of architectures, real estates and interior spaces. Square feet is also used to describe the areas for any surface representations like carpet areas, floor-plans, walls and roofs while acres are units used to specifically describe areas in regards to parcels of land.

1 square foot roughly equals 0.000022959 acre.

1 acre equals 43,560 square feet.

For calculating the area of rooms in square feet, measurements of length and breadth of that room is to be conducted in feet, then multiplication of these figures can provide the area in ft². As an example, rooms measuring 12 ft * 15 ft can be described to be having areas of 180 ft² or 12 * 15 = 180.

Whenever square feet are being used, it is crucial to keep in mind that the figure represented through square feet is referring to the area of the concerned space and not the exact dimensions of this space. As an example, rooms described of having area of 20 ft² does not mean 20ft x 20ft for then, the area would have been 400 ft² for this room. Instead, it refers to rooms with sides having the measurements 4ft * 5ft such that area derived is 20 ft².

Conversion between feet and inches and vice versa

Component units:

  • 1 ft equals 12 inches or 1 inch can be written as 1/12 ft
  • Therefore, one can further subdivide 1 ft² into 144 square inches (where sq inch refers to squares with sides 1 inch long)
  • Therefore, one can derive 1 sq inch to be (1/12)2 or 1/144 sq ft (where sq ft refers to squares with sides 1 foot long)

Real world examples

The best real-world example for this can be standard 30 cm long rulers or scales. These rulers measure up to 12 inches or 1 foot. If four of these rulers are placed on top of each other at right angles to the horizontal plane, they create a perfect square of sides 1 foot each. Therefore, area of this square thus formed becomes 1 ft * 1 ft = 1 sq ft which if represented in inches becomes 12 inches * 12 inches = 144 sq inches. Hence the following equation is obtained:

1 sq ft = 144 sq inches

Or 1 sq inch = 1/144 sq ft

Or 1 sq inch = (1/12)2 sq ft

In exact terms 1 sq inch gives us 0.006944’ sq ft



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