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The Hybridization of Acetylene and Its Structural Formula

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The hybridization of Acetylene is sp-hybridization. In such type of hybridization the two types of carbon atoms which is present undergoes mixing of one of the s-orbitals with one of the p-orbitals. The combination give rise to the formation of the sp-hybridisation. The two sp-hybridised orbitals of the carbon atoms make a C-C sigma bond. The other sp-hybrid orbital of the specific C-atom overlaps with the s-orbital with one H-atom which led to the formation of C-H sigma bond. The carbon which are present forms joining with the other atoms. Each of the carbon atom is only joined with the other two atoms instead of joining with the four atoms. The carbon atom which is present hybridise their outer orbitals in advance before the formation of the bonds. At one time only two of the orbitals is hybridise. The Acetylene utilize the 2s orbitals and the 2p orbitals. However, it leaves one of the orbitals that is the 2p orbitals which is unchanged. The hybrids which is new forms the sp hybrid orbitals as they are formed by an s-orbital and the p-orbital. Both the orbitals are arranged and they reorganized themselves. All the different types of alkane have the sp3 bonding. All the different types of alkene have the sp2 bonding and all the types of alkyne have the sp bond hybridisation. Acetylene is a type of chemical compound which is formed by two carbon atoms and two atoms of hydrogen. An unsaturated hydrocarbon consists of double or triple bond among the two carbon atoms. The Acetylene is a colourless gas that have a unique smell which is similar to the smell of garlic. The Acetylene can change its state from gas to liquid. The Acetylene need to be heated up so that it comes into the contact with the air. It must be heated in a way so that it is not exploded.

Acetylene consists of one of the easiest molecular formula which can be easily memorized. The structural formula of Acetylene is C−H≡C−H. The molecular formula of Acetylene is C2H2. The Acetylene belongs to the alkyne group. It belongs to the alkyne group as there is presence of a triple carbon bond. The triple carbon bond of the Acetylene is known as the covalent bond. The covalent bond of the Acetylene consists of one sigma bond and two pi bonds. Hybridization can be stated as the ability or the potential of the atomic orbitals in order to form a new atomic orbitals with a different orbital. These orbitals not only effects the covalent bond it also disturbs the properties of the covalent bond. The formation of the triple bond in Acetylene is due to the overlap of one of the sigma bond with the two pi bonds. It is one of simplest form of alkyne.

Hybridisation can be stated as one of the important factor related with the bonding. The sp^3 bonding is related with the involvement of four sp^3 atomic orbitals which is hybridised. It consists of four electrons groups. Example of such hybridisation is methane. In case of the sp^2 bonding there is involvement of three sp^2 atomic orbitals which is hybridised. It consists of three groups of electrons. Example of such hybrisation is Ethane. In case of the sp bonding there is involvement of two sp-hybridized orbitals. This two orbitals consists of two electron groups. Example of such sp hybridisation is H−C≡C−H. In case of the sp^2 hybridisation there is two sigma bonds and one pi bond and there is another group where there is one sigma and one pi bond. Therefore in such case there is total of three group of electrons, however, it requires 4 electrons that must be donated by the carbon atom. As the valence of carbon is 4, so it requires 4 valence electrons. However, the p orbitals consists of only 2 electrons. It requires to combine two of the three 2p orbitals with the orbitals of 2s in order to make use of the extra valence electrons which is greater than 2. It is one of the favourable condition as it helps in lowering of the energies of the two of the orbitals present in 2p. This increase the stability of the compound. In case of sp^2 bonding, 4 valence electrons is required. Only 1 electron is required which contributes to the sigma bond. In such situation all the three 2p orbitals is combined with the 2s orbitals so that they can easily achieve stabilization of energy to degenerate four hybrid orbitals. This led to the formation of the four sp^3 hybrid orbitals. Sp hybridisation takes place between an s and a p-atomic orbital. Here the concentration of the characteristics of s is 50% and that of p is also 50%. The arrangement of the orbital is linear.sp^2 hybridisation is the mixture of one s with the two p- atomic orbitals. The percentage of s- characteristics is 33% and that of p is 66.66%. The geometry of the arrangement of the orbital is triangular. Sp^3 hybridisation is the combination of one of the s-atomic orbital with three of the p- atomic orbitals. The percentage of s-characteristics is 25% and that of p is 75%. The geometry of the orbital is tetrahedral.

The C−C bond in Ethane have a bond length of 1.5 Angstrom, which is formed by the overlapping of sp^3 orbital with each of the carbon atoms. The carbon and hydrogen bonding which is six in number is created by the overlapping of the sp^3 orbital on the two carbons. All the bonding present are sigma bond. The sigma bond can be easily rotated. In case of the Ethene the bonding is double bond. The bonding is represented with pair of dots which are the electrons. The carbon is a full octet and all the hydrogen need a pair of electrons. The structure is known as the Lewis structure. The half-filled atomic orbitals which are the valence orbitals consists of the unpaired electrons. The bond order of the carbon-carbon is of the order two. The carbon-hydrogen bond is of the order one. In case of Acetylene there is triple bonding of carbon-carbon. Acetylene is one of the simplest form of alkyne and the molecule is linear in structure. The triple bond length is 1.20 Angstrom. The carbon bond is sp hybridised. There are two sp hybrid orbits with an angle of 180 degree. The orientation is perpendicular which is along the two different axis which is the y and z. The bond overlap each other where there is overlapping of the sp orbitals of each of the carbons. The two C-H sigma bonds is formed with the overlapping of the second orbital of sp with each carbon and with the 1s orbital of the hydrogen. The carbon atom which is present is half filled and it is perpendicular to one another. There is presence of two p-orbitals which forms the two pi-bonds among the carbons, which helps in the formation of the overall triple bond. There is different strength of the bond which is represented with the unit of KJ/mol. In case of Ethane the strength of carbon-carbon bond is 376KJ/mol, for Ethane it is 611 KJ/mol and for Acetylene it is 835 KJ/mol. The more is the electrons the length of the bond is shorter and the strength is much stronger. Different bond consists of different arrangements forming different angles and structure. The carbon-carbon bond length of the Ethane is greater than that of Ethene and Acetylene.


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