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What Do The Brobdingnagians Represent? Difference Between Lilliputians And Brobdingnagians

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What do the brobdingnagians represent?

In Gulliver’s Travels, the satirical novel, Brobdingnag is a fictional land. It is written by Jonathan Swift. That land is occupied by giants. Lemuel Gulliver visits the land after the ship on which he is travelling is blown off course. He gets separated from the party who along with him was exploring the unknown land. The adjective Brobdingnagian represents anything that is of colossal size. The author describes the location of that place and the geography and provides a map. The map is provided at the starting of  second Part. It describes that Brobdingnag is located on the north west coast of North America. It shows Point Monterey, Port Sir Francis Drake, Cape Mendocino, Cape St Sebastian , Cape Blanco and the mythical Strait of Anian. It is  depicted as a peninsula extending west into the Pacific to the north of the Straits. Gulliver describes his voyage from England. They wintered in the Cape of Good Hope. The ship reached a latitude of five degrees south, northward of Madagascar in March 1703. Later they reached Moluccas in April, which was about three degrees northwards of the line. They faced storm, which made their ship move about five hundred leagues to the east. Brobdingnag is claimed to be a continent – sized peninsula. It is located between Japan and California. Length wise it is six thousand miles and breath wise it is between three and five thousand miles. It is described as a peninsula, terminated to the north east by a range of volcanoes up to 30 miles high separating the country from unknown land and beyond. It is surrounded on three other sides by the ocean. Citizen has never developed ships which can venture in the ocean. The place had 51 cities, huge number of villages and 100 walled towns. The capital of the place was Lorbrulgrud. The king having a seaside palace at Flanflasnic. The capital contained 80000 houses. The length of the capital is about fiffy four English miles and two and a half in breadth. Lorbrulgrud is located near the middle of that empire. It is three thousand miles distant from the home of the farmers on the coast. The journey took ten weeks. On the way five to six rivers had to be crossed, which were more deeper and broader than the river Ganga and Nile. Even the smaller river was like that of Thames at London Bridge.

What is the difference between Lilliputians and brobdingnagians?

The citizens of Brobdingnag are described as giants who are as tall as 60 feet high. They have stride of ten yards. All the flora and fauna are in proportion. The rats are the size of mastiffs and their tails is two yards long, wanting an inch. The mastiffs are equivalent to four elephants in the weight. The flies are big like a Dunstable lark. The wasps is the size of partridges. They has stings  sharp as needles and is an inch and half long. This meant that the nation posed as danger to human beings who are of normal size like that of Gulliver. He had to use his hanger verhy often to attack vermin. The citizens of the place are civilized. There is an animal called splacknuck . it was about six feet long. The fossil records are claimed to show that the ancestors of the Brobdinnagians were once even large. The king of the land argued that the race has deteriorated.

In the novel of Gulliver Travels, Lilliput and Blefuscu are two fictional island nations. It is written by Jonathan Swift. The two islands are neighbors in the South Indian Ocean. A channel of 800 yards wide separates both. Little people who are about one – twelfth the height of ordinary human beings inhabit both the islands. Both the kingdoms are empires. A self - styled emperor rules both. The capital of Lilliput is Midendo. The capital of  In pictures, the islands are arranged like an egg. The ship were Gulliver bounded the ship for the East Indies. It faced violent storm to the northwest of the Land of Van Diemen. Lilliput is said to be twelve miles in circumference. Blefuscu is located northeast of Lilliput, across an 800 – yard channel. Lilliput is ruled by an Emperor. His name is Golbasto Momarem Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue. He is assisted by a first minister, who carries a white staff. He is also assisted by several other officials, who bring articles of impeachment against Gulliver on ground of treason. The name of the high admiral or galbet is Skyresh Bolgolam. The name of the lord high treasurer is Flimnap. The name of the General is Limnoc. The name of the chamberlain is Lalcom. The name of the grand justiciary is Balmuff. The teachings of the prophet used to be followed in both the nation. Sectarian divisions exist in the debate between the little – Endians and the Big – Endians.

How did the brobdingnagians treat Gulliver? What did Gulliver do in Brobdingnag? 

The ship on which Gulliver was travelling got changed due to storms. He went in search of fresh water along with his companion. They were chased by giants, into the ocean and back to the ocean. The giants who were humans with a height of 72 feet tall. They are called Brobdingnag. He was left back by his companions. He was drifted away from his companions. One of the Brobdingnag, spoted him. They were curious and interested in him. The giant on whose land he was found brings him home. He was a farmer. The farmer realized how easily he can exploit him and make a lot of money by forcing him to perform, due to his small size. The farmer demanded that he work very hard. That took toll of his physical health as well as emotional health. The daughter of the farmer was fascinated by Gulliver. She took care of him. He refered to her as Glumdalclitch. She was a nurse. The farmer treats him as a curiosity. He was exhibited for money throughout the kingdom by the farmer. The word got out and the Queen of Brobdingnag wanted to see the show. The farmer sold him to the King and the Queen of Brobdingnag .She started loving him. He was then bought by her and kept as a favorite at the court. The daughter of the farmer, Glumdalclitch became a member of the court of the Queen. She joined the court as a nurse of Gulliver. The King and the Queen of Brobdingnag, loved him. The Brobdingnag carried him along like a pet.  The King and the Queen of Brobdingnag expected that his antics would make people come and visit him. This would in return generate revenue for the kingdom of Brobdingnag. But the dwarf of the Queen did not like him. He was jealous of Gulliver as the Queen was more fond of him.  Gulliver was very tiny to use their huge chairs, beds, fork and knives. So the Queen commissioned a small house to be built for him, so that he can be carried around in it. This box came to be referred to as his travelling box. During the time he stayed there, he had faced lot of trouble. He had many accidents. The dwarf of the Queen droped apples on him, which were the size of barrel. The dwarf of the Queen dropped hailstones on him. The hailstones were the sixe of batter of the tennis balls. That left him bruised. A dog picked him up in its mouth and carried him to the royal gardener. A bird of prey attacks him and was about to grab him. The Queen had instructed a toy boat to be made for him. He used to avail that. One day a frog jumped on his boat. He had to deal with it. Out of all the danger, he faced, the attack by a monkey was a dangerous one. The monkey snatched him and carried him to the roof of the palace. Later on he was rescued from that place. He used to amuse himself by using the stubble of the King of the Brobdingnag to make comb. He used the hair of the Queen of Brobdingnag, to make chairs. He used to play piano for them by running up and down the keys of the piano. He used to discuss the state of affairs of Europe with the King of Brobdingnag. The King was a avid listener. The King was not impressed with the account of Gulliver in Europe, mainly when he learnt about the usage of cannons and guns in the wars. He had spent for over two years in Brobdingnag. One day he went to a trip to the seaside along with his travelling box. After sometime, an eagle of a huge size picked up his travelling box. He was inside the travelling box. That giant sizes eagle after soaring in the sky along with the travelling box drops the travelling box in the sea. He was later spotted by some sailors. The sailors returned him to England.


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