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What Is Ampere Law And Its Formula? How Is Amperes Law Similar To Gauss Law?

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Ampere's law and Its formula

The Ampere’s Law was provided by Andre-Marie Ampere in the year 1826.  It is one of the basic and the most common law related to magnetism. The Ampere's circuital law is associated to integrated magnetic field, over a closed loop in electric current, which passes by the loop. The Ampère's circuital law was described under the classical theory of electromagnetism. The Ampère's circuital law was deduced in the year 1861 by the scientist, James Clerk Maxwell in his paper ‘On Physical Lines of Force’, The Ampère's circuital law is considered to be one of his most renowned and significant equations, as it constructs the base for classical electromagnetism. The concept depicts the proportionality of magnetic field around electric current in space and electric current acting as a source. Ampère's law can be explained as the equation that represents that, magnetic field constructed through electric current is proportional with the extent of electric current. The proportionality is constant and is equal to penetrability of the free space. The magnetic field deduced by electric current is found directly proportionate to elements of current intensity and current conductor. The relationship is inverse with the square of distance among the conductor and the point as well as the relationship is perpendicular with plane connecting point and conductor. The origin of original Maxwell circuital law was derived in the year 1855 based on the Faraday’s lines of Force, which was linked to the analogy of hydrodynamics and related form of electric current and magnetic field, which tends to construct them. The original circuital law depicts magnetostatic situation in which the system is considered static. However, the original law was modified by incorporating Maxwell’s correction. The original Ampère's law was first discovered by André-Marie Ampère. Ampère's law was considered as a formal depiction of calculus, magnetic field through arbitrary chosen route is equivalent to net electric current, which was enclosed through the specific path. The extension of Ampère's law was formulated by James Clerk Maxwell by the application of a mathematical formula as an extended version of law, comprising magnetic fields. The inclusion of magnetic fields arises without the presence of electric current, between plates of condenser, where the electric field experiences alterations. James Clerk Maxwell is known for designing the mathematical formulation for the purpose of including magnetic fields which arises that emerges without the existence of electric current. In the theory of Ampère's law, Maxwell reflected that the changing electric field can be complemented by changing magnetic field. The Ampere’s law enables the calculation of magnetic fields through the connection among electric current, which generates magnetic fields. The formula of Ampere’s law states that in a closed path, total elements of component in relation to magnetic field equals the electric current, which is multiplied by empty’s permeability.

The incorporation of closed path (magnetic field, infinitesimal section of incorporated path) = bounded electric current through the path * empty’s permeability


∫B.dl = μ0I


B: magnetic field

dl: infinitesimal segment of integration path

μ0: empty's permeability

I: enclosed electric current by path

The Ampere-Maxwell equation in integral form is given below:

S×bda=∮Cbdl=μ0(Ienc+ε0ddtSen^ da),


b: magnetic flux

e: electric field

Ienc: enclosed current

μ0: magnetic permeability of free space

ε0:  electric permittivity of free space

n^outward pointing unit-normal

First term in right hand was revealed by Ampere. It reflects connection between current Ienc

Circulation of magnetic field, b, above closed contour time

Ienc denotes to currents regardless of physical origin

Second section regarding an equation is the contribution of Maxwell and reflects circulation of the magnetic field, initiated through time rate of alterations of the electric flux.

The equation reflects the flow of current in simple circuit, comprising battery and the flow of capacitor.

During the propagation of the EM waves in the matter of the current Ienc is commonly apportioned along with the terms of the current densities. Integral calculationequation is:

S×bda=∮Cbdl=μ0(∫S(jf+∂pt+×m)⋅da+ε0ddtSen^ da),


Jf: free current caused by the moving charges

Jp= ∂pt: polarization,

P: electric polarization from the bound charges in the dielectrics

jm=∇×m is the magnetization current, that is, the currents needed to generate the magnetization m

How is Ampere's law similar to Gauss's law?

In order to know the similarity of the two laws, both the laws are to be known individually. The Gauss’s law has been first described in the following lines that have been followed by the similarity. The Gauss’s Law is also called as the Gauss’s flux theorem.  This law was first stated by Joseph Louis Lagrange in the year 1773 and it was followed and improved by Carl Friedrich Gauss in the year 1813. According to the Gauss’s law it can be stated that the total electric flux through a closed surface is 1/ε0 times that of the surface charge. The name of the law has been derived from the name of the maker of the law Karl Friedrich Gauss. The law states a relationship in between the net charge that the surface encloses and the electric flux through any closed surface. The electrical intensity that arises because of the differentiation in charge can calculated through the application of this law. In every case a closed surface that is imaginary is considered for which the evaluation of the electric intensity is to be done. The closed surface referred in these cases is known as Gaussian surface. It can be shown by the below mentioned formula –

E⃗ .d⃗ s = 1∈0 q .

Suppose we consider q as a point charge, which has been placed inside a cube having its edge as ‘a’. Therefore according to the Gauss law, the flux through each face of the given cube will be q/6ε0. In other words, the Gauss theorem states that the relationship of ‘flow’ of electrical field lines that is called as flux with the charges existing within the enclosed surface.  The net electric flux remains zero when there are no charges enclosed by surface.

The basic similarity between both these laws is that the theorem deals with vector calculus. The only minute difference is that Gauss’s law deals with divergence whereas the Ampere’s law deals with circulation. Divergence refers to anything coming in or going out of a closed surface where as circulation refers to anything that is swirling around a loop that is closed.  

  1. Gauss’s law states the proportional relationship between the electric flux through a closed surface to the charge within the surface. On the other hand Ampere’s law states the integral line of B.ds around a close path has a proportional relationship to the current that passes through the given path. 
  2. In Gauss’s law, a closed surface that is imaginary and arbitrary is considered to enclose a charge. In Ampere’s law , closed curve of imaginary and arbitrary nature, that encloses the current is considered.
  3. The flux concept, the flow of field lines through a surface for determination of the field strength is being used in case of both these laws. 
  4. Both these relate the field’s integral over a geometrical figure that is closed.

Explain some examples related with Ampere's Law?

Ampere’s law is very important in calculating the current distributions’ magnetic field where the distributions have a high symmetrical degree. There are several application of this law. The law can be divided or more specifically articulated in two different arrangements – Integral Form and Differential Form. One example that can be stated I s the magnetic field of a solenoid. A solenoid refers to a setup where there are helical winding of wire on a cylinder that is circular in terms of the cross section. Suppose that the cross sectional diameter of the solenoid is longer and there exists tight winding of the coils. The internal field near the solenoid’s midpoint is uniform all over the cross section and it is parallel to the axis. The external point lying near the midpoint of the solenoid is very small. It is required to find out the field near the center or at the center of that long solenoid. There are “n” numbers of turns of the wire per unit of length and it carries a current of value “I”. According to the Ampere’s Law, ∮B⃗ .dl⃗ =μ0Iencl and by following the integration path we get the following result:

B⃗ .dl⃗ =μ0nLI

abB⃗ .d`l⃗ +∫bcB⃗ .dl⃗ +∫cdB⃗ .dl⃗ +∫daB⃗ .dl⃗ =μ0nI



Another example that can be stated is the magnetic field of a Toroidal Solenoid. A toroidal solenoid is doughnut shaped. Suppose it has N turns of wires and carries a current I. The following lines will determine the magnetic field at every point. If we consider the first path, it does not enclose any current and hence the magnetic field along this path is 0. When the third path is considered, it can be seen that the net current enclosed by this path is also 0. The second path however has the following value –


B =μ0NI / 2πr


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