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What Is Apeneurosis? Describe Its Structure And Function In Detail

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Apeneurosis is a flat sheet or ribbon of tendon like material which anchors a muscle or connects with a part of whether the muscle moves. The apeneurosis is compared to dense fibrous connectivity issue which contains fibroblasts and bundle of collagenous areas in the ordered arrays. Thus apeneurosis are similar structure wise and to the tendons and ligaments. Hence an apeneurosis is a type of variant or deep fascia, in the form of a sheet of pearly white fibrous tissue which attaches sheet like muscles needing a wide area of attachment. Hence the primary functions is to join the muscles and the major body parts which acts upon whether it is to be done or some other muscles. Hence they have a major shiny and other silver colour coated area and these areas are historically similar to that of the tendons. On the other hand these tendons are very sparingly similar to that of the blood supply lines over the vessels and nerves. Thus when the function are been dissected, the apeneurosis are being paperly peeled off in the section. The primary regions are being known as vertical regions with thick areas of apeneurosis, the dorsal lumber regions, and the ventricles region in the birds and lastly the palmar regions found in the birds and planter regions.


Anterior adnominal apeneurosis:

The anterior abdominal apeneurosis are located in the superficial area to the rectus abdominal muscles. It has all the borders like external oblique, pectoralis muscles and the latissimus dorsi. 

Posterior lumber apeneurosis:

These are situated in the top of the epaxial muscles of the thorax which are multifidus spines and sacrospinalis.

Palmar and plantar aponeuroses and extensor hood

The palmar aponeuroses occur on the palms of the hands. The extensor hoods are aponeuroses at the back of the fingers. 
The plantar aponeuroses occur on the plantar aspect of the foot. They extend from the calcaneal tuberosity then diverge to connect to the bones, ligaments and the dermis of the skin around the distal part of the metatarsal bones.

Anterior and posterior intercostal membranes

The anterior and posterior intercostal membranes are apeneurosis located between the ribs and are continuations of the external and internal intercostal muscles, respectively.

Scalp apeneurosis

The epicranial apeneurosis, or galea aponeurotica, is a tough layer of dense fibrous tissue which runs from the frontalis muscle anteriorly to the occipitalisposteriorly.

Pennate muscles and aponeuroses

Pennate muscles, in which the muscle fibers are oriented at an angle to the line of action, typically have two aponeuroses. Muscle fibers connect one to the other, and each aponeurosis thins into a tendon which attaches to bone at the origin or insertion site.

Thus in a nutshell it can be said that aponeurosis is hard area which is basically present in palm, foot sole and front part of abdomen and the lumber region to the back. These helps to strengthen the muscles and protects from occurring herniation in extreme cases.

Structure and function

Structure of aponeurosis:

The aponeuroses are known as flat or ribbon shaped tendons of a pearly white colours iridescent, glistening, and similar in structure to the tendons. They are only sparingly supplied with blood vessels. The tendons and the aponeuroses are fully connected with each other with the muscles and the movable structures. As the bones, cartilages ligaments and fibrous membranes. Where the fibres are in direct line with those of the tendon or aponeuroses and are directly continuous. And hence these muscular fibres are put in optical angle. Thus according to kolliker, in the verge of describing the extremities which have been superficially congruent to the corresponding surface layer of the latter. Thus the connectivity techniques and tissues over the fibres are connected to that of tendon. Hence the later mode of attachment are formed in the process of penniform and byformed muscles. Thus in those muscles are in tendons of which commence in a membranous form, gastrocnemius and soleus.

On the other hand the facies are considered as fibroareolar or aponeurotica laminate of variable thickness and strength. Thus the same is found all over the place of all over the body and investing in the softer and more specific organs. Thus to the process of development many of the cells are differentiated into bones. Thus they are differentiated into bones of the body and been subdivided. Om the other hand the structures are been totally differentiated into the skin and hence the same process could be subdivided and fully been considered as very much superficial and important for the aspect.

Function of aponeuroses:

The main functions of aponeuroses are as follows-

Towards the front foot at the middle metatarsal level the wholes system is been divided into five areas and each of the areas are been divided into different flexor tendons. However the same has been divided to three parts like the medial, the lateral and the central area. The central area are the most important area to be considered. Thus functionally they are been attached to the medial calcaneus. The middle portion of the same overlies to the hallux muscle while the lateral muscle is in the little toe. Thus during walking the planter aponeuroses functions are been taken mainly in the left shoe which allows flexion to the first position of the major body weight. Thus the same provides shock observation when the foot hits the ground. Similarly the shock constantly comes when we walk.  Apart from this the inflammation injury of the platter aponeuroses is very much common to the atheists. Hence the same could cause severe foot and leg pains and may bring out foot injures and leg injuries if left untreated. On the other hand the same requires rest and furthermore a good amount of treatment and care.  Hence the pain relievers or in some extreme cases excorporeal shock therapy or any kind of different shock wave therapy.  Therefore these are the key functional areas to be considered.  


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