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What Is Bronsted Lowry Definition Of An Acid? Discuss Its Significance In Detail

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Chemical change also known as chemical reaction, is a system where one or more substances are changed into one or more new and different types of substances. Similarly, a chemical change is a chemical reaction, which involves the rearrangement of atoms, while there is procedure to revert a physical change, a chemical change cannot be altered unless some other form of chemical reaction takes place. The chemical change involves a change in the energy present within the system. Chemical change where there is a release of heat is termed as an exothermic chemical reaction, and a chemical reaction where absorption of heat takes place is termed as an endothermic chemical reaction.

Chemical changes takes place due to combination of two substances to form a new substance, which is termed as chemical synthesis or chemical decomposition to from two or more different substances. These types of processes are called chemical reactions, which are not reversible until further occurrence of chemical reaction. Occurrence of chemical reaction takes place, when the atoms are rearranged accompanying the reaction is change of energy state due to generation of new product. Example of chemical change is reaction between water and sodium for producing sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. There is a tremendous release of energy which, spontaneously burns the air when hydrogen is released. This is a chemical change, reason being the end products are chemically different from the substances before the chemical reaction.

Chemical changes are categorized into three main classes, which are inorganic chemical changes, biochemical changes and organic chemical changes. Inorganic chemistry describes the reactions of elements and compounds, which are generally involved with carbon. The changes occur in laboratories, or on a large scale in heavy industries. Changes include neutralization, which is mixing an acid with base, creating water and salt, oxidization include combustion and redox reactions. The domain of organic chemistry is involved with the chemistry of carbon and various elements and compounds reacting with carbon. Compounds like mineral oil and other products and a lot of outcomes of industrial manufacturing paints, pharmaceuticals, detergents, fuels, cosmetics. Examples of organic chemical changes include cracking of heavy hydrocarbons in an oil refinery for the creation of gasoline from crude oil, due to higher demand of gasoline than the comparatively heavier hydrocarbons, like residual fuel oils, whereas other reactions have condensation, methylation, polymerization and halogenation. Biochemistry on the other hand, deals with the chemistry of growth and activity of living organisms. Here, complex proteins known as enzymes, which are controlled and inhibited by hormones, control most chemical reactions. This is highly complex and not completely understood. The decomposition of organic materials is always within the scope of biochemistry, however in this case it involves activity and growth of bacteria, fungi and other types of micro-organisms involved. Changes include the process of photosynthesis, a process where carbon dioxide and water are transformed into oxygen and sugars by plants. Digestion is the process in which, organisms for growth and movement use materials that are rich in energy. Krebs cycle liberates energy from stored reserves and synthesis of protein enable organisms for using processes that are controlled by RNA ( Ribonucleic Acid).

There are certain procedural evidences, which denote a chemical change, although these evidences are not conclusive. There is a change of odor, which takes place when two substances undergo chemical reaction. Change of color is also prominent, for example iron changes color from silver to reddish brown after it undergoes rusting. There is a change in temperature or energy, when there is a chemical change occurring due to a reaction, like the production of heat into the environment or the exothermic process and loss of heat or endothermic reaction. Compositional changes are also evident in case of a chemical reaction, like turning of paper into ash when it is burned. There is release of light or heat occurring due to chemical reaction, and there is also a formation of gases, that appears as bubbles in liquids. Precipitates are formed for particles that are insoluble and decomposition of organic matter, for example rotting of fruits and vegetables when kept exposed for a long period of time. Chemical change is difficult to reverse and sometimes it is impossible for change to occur. These are certain changes, which occur in the composition or properties of a substance after undergoing a chemical reaction.

Chemical reaction is an example of a chemical change, which includes combination of baking soda and vinegar, which bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. Combination of any acid and base, cooking of an egg, burning of a candle, rusting of iron, addition of heat to hydrogen and oxygen to produce water, digestion of food inside human body after chemical synthesis and breakdown of various compounds, pouring of peroxide in a wound. Changes occurring, which do not create products or it is a physical change rather than a chemical change. These type of changes, which are physical in nature are breaking a glass, cracking of an egg and mixture of sand and water.

Chemical changes are identified by change in temperature, which involves energy change occurring in a chemical reaction, but it is often a measurable change in temperature. Precipitation formation where chemical reactions produce solid particles remaining suspended in a solution or fall out as a precipitate. Chemical reactions are an integral part of technology, like smelting of iron, making pottery and glass, wine, cheese, and other activities incorporate chemical reactions. Geology of earth, atmosphere and oceans, and in a vast use in complicated processes that occur in all living systems. Chemical reactions are always distinguishable from physical changes were there is a change of state, melting of ice into water and again back to ice.

Chemical reaction usually involves change in the structural and chemical composition of a substance, which do not occur in case of a physical change. Chemical composition of a substance changes after undergoing chemical change and does not revert to the original state unless another chemical reaction takes place, which is involved in creation of a substance from two or more other chemical substances undergoing reaction.


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