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Who Was Catherine Parr Really In Love With? Discuss Catherine Parr History And Personal Life

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Catherine Parr Love Hsitory

Catherine Parr was the queen of England and Ireland and also the sixth wife of King Henry VIII. She was the final queen consort from the House of Tudor. Catherine Parr was married with King Henry VIII on 12 July 1543. Catherine Parr was one of the only queen in England who have most married queen title. Catherine has total four husbands and the last one was Thomas Seymour, who was the 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley. She married Thomas Seymour after the six months of the death of King Henry VIII. King Henry VIII was the third husband of Catherine Parr. Apart from King Henry VIII and Thomas Seymour she was also married with John Neville, 3rd Baron Latimer and also Sir Edward Burgh. She was loved with King Henry VIII and also fell in love with Sir Thomas Seymour and got married. From the side of Sir King Henry VIII it was found that Catherine Parr was the only wife he was fond and the only relation who was outlived with.  

History Of Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was born in the year of 1512 most probably in August. She was the eldest child of the family. Her father name was Sir Thomas Parr, who also happens to be the Lord of the Manor of Kendal in Westmortland. This place is now known as Cambria. Her mother name was Maud Green who was also happens to be the daughter of Sir Thomas Green and also her father was considered as the Lord of Greens Norton, Northamptonshire and Joan Fogge. The father of Catherine Parr was the descendant of King Edward III. The whole Parr family use to hail from the north. Their family had supplied many knights to the kingdom. Catherine Parr’s paternal grandparents were Sir William Parr and also Elizabeth FitzHugh FitzHugh was the daughter of Henry.  Catherine had a younger brother whose name was William. William was responsible for the creation of Marquees of Northampton. The younger sister of Catherine Parr was Anne. The younger sister was Countess of Pembroke. Sir Thomas Parr was considered to be the close companion to King Henry VIII. Sir Thomas Parr was responsible which was rewarded and also the income which comes from the position which he holds as Sheriff of Northamptionsphire. Sir Thomas Parr was also responsible for Master of Wards and also act as the Comptroller to the King. Sir Thomas Parr was also the Lord of Kendal. The mother of Catherine Parr was the close friend and also the attendant of the Katherine of Aragon. It was said that Catherine Parr was named after Queen Katherine, who was also the grandmother of Catherine Parr. As per some of the belief it was stated that Catherine Parr was born in the castle of Kendal in the region of Westmortland. As per the history goes it was said that Kendal Castle was in very rundown condition during the time of the birth of Catherine Parr. As per the history goes when the Maud Parr was pregnant she was in the court only and attending the Queen. As per the necessity the whole Parr family was living in their townhouse at Black Friars. Though there is a debate going on and hence it was stated by some of the historians that it was an unlike situation that Sir Thomas Parr would take his wife on a harsh journey which continued for two weeks. The journey involves some bad roads which were also added with bad weather condition. It also assumed by the historians that it was also unlikely that Sir Thomas Parr had taken her pregnant wife for the crumbling castle. This was also stated by historians that in the castle they did not spend much of the time and hence it was stated that they may not happen. Catherine Parr has lost her father at a very young age so she was very close to her mother. The reason for her in depth relation with her mother was she grew up with her. Catherine received similar kind of education which at that time the woman received who hails from the well-known company. She developed a great passion for learning and it continued to live for the rest of her life. She was very much well versed with much language and hence can able to speak languages like French, Latin and Italian very fluently. She also learned about the Spanish language after becoming queen of England and Ireland. As per some of the famous biographer she was not fond of sewing and from the childhood only she was aspiring to become queen and she always wants to touch crowns and scepters. In the year of 1529 when Catherine Parr was only seventeen years old then she got married with Sir Edward Burgh. Sir Edward Burgh was the grandson of Edward Burgh, 2nd Baron Burgh. After the grandfather of Sir Edward Burgh in the year of 1528, the father of Sir Thomas Parr was summoned in the year of 1529 for the marriage proposals in the parliament. Catherine Parr’s first husband, Edward Burgh was in bad health when Catherine Parr was in her twenties.  At that point of time Sir Edward Burgh was to be considered as the feoffee for Thomas Kiddell and also served as the justice of peace. Edward Burgh’s father use to have joint patent in Survivorship collaborating with his son for the office of Steward of the Manor of the Soke in Kirton in Lindsey. In the year of 1533 Edward Burgh died in the moth of spring. Edward Burgh was not able to survive till time to have the title of Barton Burgh. Till the next marriage Christine Parr was used to be termed as the Lady Burgh. After the demise of the Edward Burgh it was seen that Catherine Parry use to spend time with the Dowager Lady Strickland, Katherine Neville who was also the widow of Catherine Parry’s cousin Sir Walter Strickland at the residence of the Strickland family which was also known as the Sizergh Castle in Westmortland. In the year of 1534 Catherine Parry went to marry John Neville, 3rd Baron Latimer. After the marriage Catherine Parry holds the title of second woman in Parr family who married to the peerage. As per the historians it is stated that the twice widowed Latimer was the twice the age of Catherine Parry’s age. At that time Catherine Parry has a home of her own and a title and also the higher position in the country. Catherine Parry ahs very high influence in the north of the country. Latimer was termed as the supporter of the Catholic Church and they opposed many King’s annulment. In rthe year of 1536, the month of October during the rising of Lincolnshire, Catholics rebelled. The rebel group came before the castle of Latimer and provided threat to Latimer if he did not join in the rebel group. This was done to estimate the links between the England and Rome. Catherine Parry was not able to do anything except seeing her husband to drag to the rebel group. As per the historian between the year of 1536 in the month of October to 1537 in the month of April Catherine Parry remained in fear with her step-children. At that point of time Catherine Parry even find difficult to survive. It can be estimated that at this point of time Catherine Parry’s determination against the rebellion strengthened specially against the reformed Church of England. In the year of 1537 in the month of January Catherine Parry and her step children was held prisoner in the Snape Castle in Yorkshire. The rebels destroyed the house and send the letters to Lord Latimer that if he comes from London then they will kill his family. After Latimer returned to the castle the rebels had come into some meeting where it was sated that he convinced them to release the family. The repercussion was very high as the family has to spend tax for the whole family. In the year of 1542, Lord Latimer’s health has gone down. Catherine parry had nursed her husband and in the year of 1543 her husband died. After the death of Lord Latimer Catherine Parry was given the rights of the guardian and which put her in charge for her daughter. Lord Latimer left the manor of Stowe and also other properties. In the year of 1543, Catherine Parr married to King Henry VIII on the day of 12 July of that year. Catherine Parr became first women to become the Queen of England and also Queen of Ireland. It was possible because King Henry VIII adopted the title of King in the country of Ireland. Catherine Parr and King Henry VIII shared much relationship between them in respect of noble and royal ancestors. After becoming Queen, Catherine installed her step daughter Margaret Neville, as the lady in waiting and also offered the stepson’s wife Lucy Somerset a position in the household. Catherine Parr was partially responsible for reconciling Henry with his daughter from the first tqo marriages and she developed a very good relationship with the son of King Henry VIII, Edward. When Catherine Parr became the Queen of England and Ireland then she made her uncle Lord Parr of Horton also became her Lord Chamberlain. King Henry VIII became unsuccessful campaign to France from the month of July to September in the year of 1544. Catherine Parr became the regent. As the regency council contain the sympathetic members like the uncle of Catherin Parr, Thomas Cranmer and also Lord Hertford. This was the reason Catherine Parr obtained an effective control and had rule the regent. Catherine Parr has handled many responsibilities like provision, finances and also musters for Henry’s French campaign. She signed five royal proclamations and used to keep constant contact with her lieutenant from the Northern marches. The reason for the contact was regarding the complex and unstable situation with Scotland. The historians believed that the actions which was potrayed by Catherine Parr as the regent with strength of character and also the noted dignity and also the convictions related with religion has influenced her step daughter Lady Elizabeth who later became the Elizabeth I England. Catherine Parr’s views regarding the religion was scrutinize with suspicion by anti-Protestant officials such as Stephen Gardiner and also from Lord Wriothesley. At the mid-year of 1544, Catherine Parr was again came under the suspicion that she actually a Protestant. The reason for the suspicion was the book which she published in the late 1547 named as Lamenticion of a Synner which means Lamentation of a Sinner. This book contained idea which was similar to the idea of Protestant concept of justification by Faith alone which belief heresy by Catholic Church. The reason for the suspicion was it was said to be unlikely that Catherine Parr developed the views in such short period of time between Henry’s death and also during the publication of book. In the year of 1546, the Bishop of Winchester and Lord Wriothesley tried to turn the king against her and issued an arrest warrant for Catherine Parr. After seeing the warrant Catherine Parr spoke with the King and soughed out. Before the death of King Henry VIII, he made a provision of providing provision of 7,000 euro every year for Catherine Parr. It was provided because she can support herself after his death. Catherine retired from the court after the coronation of her stepson, Edward VI on 31 January 1547. She moved to her home at Old Manor in Chelsea. After the death of King Henry VIII, Catherine Parr was married to her old love Thomas Seymour. The marriage was done in secret. In the year of 1548 when Catherine Parr was just the age of 35 she became pregnant and gave birth her only child named as Mary Seymour. On September, 1548 Catherine Parr died due childbed fever.               


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