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Eating Disorders and Self-Harm: A Study

Eating Disorders affecting self-harm

Eating disorders affecting self-harm
Eating disorders are quite serious in nature and can also be associated with fatal illness among individuals and are also associated with severe disturbances in the life of people that have eating behaviors as well as related thoughts hello with emotions. Preoccupation with edible items, body weight increases and change in body safe can also be identified as symptoms of eating disorder. The common eating disorders that are currently associated with human beings include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. It is very important to identify the various aspects that are associated with eating disorders and how it affects the life of an individual in order to mitigate the factors and help and individual to overcome eating disorders.

According to Blasco-Fontecilla et al. (2016), eating disorders can be considerted to be same as gambling, internet use or work and it can also be associated with the boreal addictions. it also has the same characteristics various substance abuse and it has impact on neurobiological levels which ultimately leads to self-harm. Cella and Cotrufo (2017), identifies the fact that non suicidal self-injury is one of the international approaches that is undertaken by an individual to self-harm their body and the purpose that is associated with this practice conducted by individuals are not considered to be suitable for reciting in a society. Eating disorders are associated with the self-injuries in which the body tissues of an individual are severe damage which ultimately leads to self-harming. Self-harm is quite common among the individuals that are age between 12 to 14 years and it is during this age it has been identified that eating disorders are most common among the adolescent. During the adolescence, young people are known to self-insured or self-harm themselves which reflects the fact that effective approach of diagnosis needs to be conducted to provide them with a better future. In the words of Memon et al. (2018), it can be stated that people during their adolescence are experiencing a much more tendency of being suicidal in nature due to the utilization of severe social media platforms. Self-injury has been also subjected to individuals during their adolescence period in United States of America in which it has been identified that the young people that are more associated with online as well as social media website have higher chances of getting self-harm. Under this context it must clearly be identified that social media is currently one of the most important and integral part of an adolescent young individual and it is also associated with making the individual depressed in nature. In the social media websites in has often been identified that eating disorders are directly connected with body shaming which ultimately leads to make an individual more depressed in nature and ultimately become suicidal in nature. It has been pointed out by Pater et al. (2016), eating disorder is directly associated with the process by which individuals cause self-harm due to the fact that they are suffering from body shaming and they are aware about their body awareness. It has often been identified that individuals are compared with certain model as well as celebrities and this often causes embarrassment in their social life which ultimately makes the individual depressed in nature and lead to self-harming and self in during. This particular factor leads to the bulimia nervosa disorder as well as anorexia nervosa disorder. According to Marco et al. (2018), the body image that is associated with an individual is often pointed out to them which instigates the individual to cause self-harm intentionally. Individuals often self-harm themselves due to the fact that they try to relate themselves to certain psychological representation of certain body image which is nowhere similar to themselves.


The number of participants that will be selected for this research paper will be 100. Systematic sampling method will be utilized in this process by the help of which the above identified number of participants will be selected for this research paper. The selection of the participants for this research paper will be conducted by the help of providing advertisement in social media and also designing fliers. The advertisement that will be presented on the social media will be stating about the various advantages of this research paper and how this research paper will be helpful in the future to avoid self-harm that is caused due to eating disorders. The fliers will be designed in a similar way and all the valuable information that is associated with this research paper will be provided in the flyer so that the participants are aware about outcome of this research paper. It must also be stated that in both the advertisement with the social media as well as fly as the ethical considerations that has been taken into account will also be stated. The ethical considerations will be containing importance of the participants data and how the data of the participants will be kept anonymous in nature and their details will not be shared with anyone even after the completion of the project. Based on the response, systematic sampling process will be utilized in which one among every five participants will be selected for collecting data of the research paper.

Procedure about the study
The data that will be gathered for this research paper will be analyzed by the help of thematic approach. The data will be collected from the participants of this research paper and utilizing the metric analysis, different identifiable patterns that are present in the data will be identified. The research analysis method will be very much helpful in generating a positive outcome of this research paper and it will also be very much helpful in estimating the future studies that need to be conducted on the topic selected for this research paper. There will be a questionnaire provided. 

In this research paper, questionnaire will be designed for collecting data from the participants for this research paper. Closed ended questions will be selected from this research paper. With the help of closed ended questions, it will be possible to ensure that proper data is collected for the research paper. Likert scale questions will be utilized for this research paper, in which a total of 22 questions will be selected for this research paper. The selection of the Likert scale questions for this research paper will be very much feasible in nature to conduct the thematic analysis, as identified in previous section. Questionnaire that will be designed bike utilizing by Likert scale questions will be provided to each and every participant that has been selected for this research paper. Response of each and every participant will be identified and graphs and charts will be designed based on the data that has been collected. The collected data will be very much helpful in understanding effect of eating disorders on self-harm of individuals it will also provide a proper idea about the problems that are being faced by the participants that has been selected for this research paper.

Eating disorders are pretty severe and can also be associated with fatal illness among individuals and are also associated with severe disturbances in people who have eating behaviors and related thoughts with emotions. The results below will help identify the various aspects of eating disorders and how they affect an individual's life. A 7-point Likert scale was used for all questions, with one indicating strongly disagree and seven indicating strongly agree. Each participant answered 21 questions.

As per the results of this analysis, most of the respondents agreed that they usually feel remorse and guilty when they eat. However, they declined of forcing themselves to vomit after eating. In addition to this, most of the respondents articulated that they don't continue eating when they are full. The majority of the respondents indicated that they do not take medication instead of exercising. Therefore, the results of this analysis have shown mixed reactions towards the asked questions. An eating disorder has affected the self-esteem of most of the participants. A study by Pater (2016) stated that individuals experienced embarrassment, leading to self-harming or self-injury, turning the simple activity of eating into a disorder. These results go in line with what was revealed in this study. The majority of the participants in the current study indicated that their emotions affect their eating habits. In addition to this, most of the participants showed that they hid food.

Therefore, it is clear that people suffering from an eating disorder have disturbed emotions. This thus indicates that they are likely to self-harm themselves. The current study results are connected to past studies discussed in the study. Having an eating disorder is expected that you may suffer from self-harm. Such people will even skip meals to reduce their weight. In addition, they will try to take diet food so that they lose weight. This was also established in the study where the majority of the respondents indicated that they take diet food to lose weight. 

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