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Learning Strategies Development - Identify Areas of Strength and Potential Change


Identify areas of strength (Items marked with 4’s and 5’s are your strengths Gradually shift your focus to other areas needing improvement. and areas for potential change Identify a few of these items (marked with 1’s and 2’s) Have certain habits and study skills always been a challenge? Based on your findings, decide which study skill you would like to research. Look back to see if I approved your study skill that you would like to research.

Please answer each question using the 5 point scale, to best reflect what you actuallt do or have done as a student. The information can be used to help identify areas of strength and  potential change, so be as open as you can be!

1. I eat healthy food every 3-4 hours, while awake.              
2. I sleep 7-8 hours on a regular schedule, at night..              
3. I am physically active (exercise, sport, walking) for at least 5 hours/week
4. I have 30-60 minutes of unstructured down time, daily.      

1. I find it easy to stick to a study schedule.                  
2. When I decide to study, I can start and keep going.            
3. I spread out my study time, to avoid cramming.                
4. I have enough time in my week to study.                  
5. I spend more time on difficult courses.                    
6. My on-line time is under control: it doesn’t interfere with other things.  

7. I am able to study subjects that I don’t really like.             
8. I like learning, not just the thought of a good job.             
9. I attend class.                                 

10. I concentrate well when studying.                     
11. I listen attentively in class.                        
12. I can focus my attention without too much effort.             
13. I work 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break.           

14. I am comfortable in large classes.                       
15. I am confident delivering class presentations.               
16. I am calm enough in an exam that I do my best.               
17. I think I will get passing grades.                  

18. I set high standards for myself in school.                  
19. I persist when the work is boring or challenging.            
20. I am up to date with assignments.                     
21. I am satisfied with my grades.                      
22. My course work relates to my future plans.   

23. I download and read notes, or read texts before class.
24. I review notes shortly after class.
25. I stop reading periodically and check my understanding.
26. I make up and answer questions to test myself.
27. I refer to the course outline for the learning objectives.

28. I try to personally relate to information I am learning.
29. I connect ideas from one lecture to another.
30. I do review questions or practise problems.
31. I translate what I'm studying into my own words.
32. I relate course content to the learning objectives.

33. I can find the main points in lectures.
34. I can summarize texts effectively (not get lost in details).
35. When problem-solving, I can identify relevant details.
36. My notes contain both main ideas and details.

37. I am able and willing to ask for help when I need it.
38. I use “people-resources” available, when needed.
39. I use text, internet, or library resources, when needed.
40. I feel confident about my note-taking methods.
41. I attend review sessions when offered.

42. I separate my initial “learning” from my “studying”.
43. I know what to study for an exam.
44. I feel confident in my study methods.
45. I answer practise questions to study.
46. I study in a group, or with a friend.
47. I adjust my study methods for different courses.

48. I finish my exams in the allotted time.
49. I answer the exam questions I know best, first.
50. I map out an essay answer before writing.
51. I take enough time to understand what the problem asks.
52. I predicted exam questions well.
53. I studied enough for the exam.

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