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Measurement and Assessing Talent for Administrative Assistant Job Opening


In this unit, you learned about measurement and assessing talent. For this assignment, you will apply what you have learned to a specific situation. Complete the following tasks for job Administrative Assistant:

-Compose 15 questions that will be used to measure or assess candidates’ skills for this particular job.

-Explain why and how these questions relate to the position and why measurement and assessment are important. Be sure to define what is meant by measurement.

-Create a scoring rubric to validate, rate, and rank candidates in order to be able to identify the top three candidates. How would reliability and validity affect the evaluation of this measurement?

Your project must be at least three pages in length. References are not required for this assignment, but if any are used, they should be cited and referenced in APA format.

Ever since its opening the organization has focused on providing help and support in order to create better health  and  wellbeing  facilities  for  the  indigenous population all across Australia (Humburg & Van der Velden,20l5). The organization over the years has also has assisted   in creating  a better community  based culNre that is focused not only in providing help in health and  wellbeing,  but  also  in helping  provide education and platforms of betterment in life for the indigenous community.

Our vision is focused on providing unparalleled leadership and the upliftment of Health and well-being of the indigenous community across Australia through cul%ral sensitivity, education and innovation.

Our organisation that in its is a community that is constantly striving to create a better environment that focuses on creating health and well-being awareness around the aboriginal community of Australia. We invite you to become a part of this venture as an administrative assistant whose job is not only to sort out the various level of tasks within the organisation but also ensure its entire structural change that will not only impact the lives of the people connected to the organisation but with the entire community (Lawong et al.,2019). If you think you can be part of this journey and this initiative contact us on our official social media website as well as on are companies official website get in touch with us and to share your resumes ahead.

As the company is in its own way focusing not only in looking for a good administrative assistant who understand what their job is, but who resonate well with the organizations vision. The recruiting strategy is particularly focused on two phases of internal and external recruitment. The external recruitment process focuses on gaining new and fresh faces who have the ability to come up with new strategies for the organizational benefit, while the internal recruitment process can help the organization recognize superior employees who are already part of the company, as volunteers, part-time employees, or even employees slated in other job roles (Swider, Zimmerman & Barrick,2015).

The Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance focuses on the idea that the organization will consider employing people who can be of any gender, race, ethnicity, and age. The entire process of hiring will take place in a fair chance, meaning that any employee of the organization who has referred any specific candidate will not become part of the entire process ofhiring (Van Esch,Black & Ferolie,2019). Other than that the decision-making will also be unanimous among the hiring team created by the supervision of the human resource team as well as othersupervisors. 

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