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Exploring Cultural Artifacts from Greek Civilization in Chapter 2

Assignment description

After reading chapter 2 in the textbook and reviewing the chapter resources found here for Ch. 2 answer the following.

In this assignment, you will be writing about cultural artifacts from Greek or Ancient Greek civilization. Pick cultural artifacts that interest you.

Answer the following question. For the purpose of clarity, please number your explanations for the cultural artifacts 1 through 3.

Select three cultural artifacts from chapter 2 that represent three different time periods in Greek history and explain the following for each artifact:

1.Explain what the cultural artifact is and include a description and some basic information about its use or function in this society. Include the name of the cultural artifact, location (or where it's from), and name of artist/creator (if there is a known artist/creator). You can also refer to the page number in your book and/or the figure number.

2.Explain what aspects of this cultural artifact are distinctly Greek. What does this cultural artifact tell us about Greek culture and the things their society valued?

At least ONE of your cultural artifacts must be a work of literature from the list below which you must cite correctly in MLA. This means you must use a direct quote from the text and use it to back up your argument. Make sure you read the text carefully so you can provide specific explanations. You MUST quote one of the texts below. Do not quote what Gloria Fiero - the author of the textbook - says about the text.

1."The Iliad" by Homer p. 38

2."The Birth of the Gods" by Hesiod p. 39

3."The Greatness of Athens" by Pericles p. 41

4."He is More Than a Hero" by Sappho pg. 45

5."Plato's Ideal State" from Book 7 of the "Republic" by Plato p. 50

6."Man is Political Animal" by Aristotle p. 51

Cultural artifacts are specific things created by human beings – a work of literature, a work of architecture, a piece of music, a work of visual art, or a work of performing art. Click here to watch a video that defines what cultural artifacts are.

In order to be successful in this assignment, you need to select SPECIFIC cultural artifacts. Here is what that means:

A work of literature - This refers to a specific story, poem, or prose created by someone in this time period. Some literary works from this time period were originally recited and passed down orally but were eventually written down. Today we consider these works of literature.

A work of architecture - This refers to a building or physical structure that people use to live, pray, work, or do some other activity. 

A piece of music - This refers to a specific song or composition. Referring to a particular style of music is not specific enough. You need to refer to one specific piece of music. 

A work of visual art - This refers to a painting, sculpture, or some other form of art that you experience by looking at it with your eyes. 

A work of performing art - This includes dance, theater, or some other art that includes a performance. 

Vague and superficial observations will not earn you any credit. For example, saying that the Parthenon is distinctly Greek because it was built by the Greeks is obvious and superficial. This type of answer will earn you "0" points.

You need to answer with specific details that refer specifically to the cultural artifact you're using as an example. For example, if you're referring to a sculpture, specific references to the sculpture can include a description of how the sculpture is standing, details of the colors, details of clothing or nudity, details of movement or action if the sculpture is doing something, what the sculpture is made of...

The writing assignments in this class are factual in nature. The cultural artifacts for all assignments must come from the textbook. The information you use to answer the questions must come from the textbook OR from the video files I provided inside the PowerPoint files or on the Module page for the chapter.

You will receive full credit for this assignment ONLY if it is factually correct, makes good arguments, and is well written. Do not assume that you will receive partial credit for submitting something. If your submission is factually incorrect and/or poorly written, you can earn a zero on the entire assignment. 

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