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Nursing Ethics and Legal Practice: Case Study Analysis

Professional bodies and guidelines on social media use in nursing

Scenario 1: Sally

1. List three (3) professional bodies in nursing that have relevant guidelines surrounding the use of social media in professional practice. And, for each body specify one (1) rule, regulation or code that relates to the case study.

2. The nurse in the case study had a conversation about a patient over social media. In 50 words discuss whether this is ethical practice and if confidentiality for the patent and her parents was breached.

 3. You identify a colleague has posted something you feel is unethical. Describe in 50 words how you would address this issue, and how you might set a strategy for it to be avoided in the future.

4. Describe in 50 words what is meant by the term ‘open disclosure’ as it relates to health care and enrolled nurses. And, identify two (2) healthcare professionals, other than nurses, who have a responsibility to provide open disclosure.

Scenario 2: Graham

5. Identify how you as a Nurse would support Graham’s decision to withdraw treatment and describe how you would encourage him to make an informed decision.

6. Identify the legal requirements for the development and use of Advanced Care Directives and Not for Resuscitation (NFR) orders in your relevant state or territory 

7. Explain whether the doctor has given Graham enough information to allow him to make an informed decision and withdraw treatment. In your response, you might like to consider consent, autonomy and patient rights. 

8. Graham has been removed from a transplant list. discuss the ethical implications on the health team for removing Graham from the transplant list, and explain how you would attempt to resolve these implications.

Scenario 3: Yu Yang

9. In 200 words, identify and describe themes, issues and factors that may impact the health and wellness of Yu Yang and the twins. In your response consider environment, cultural barriers and community acceptance.

10. Describe in 100 words how you would address the principles of primary healthcare and wellness in relation to this scenario.

Question 11. For this question there are two sections you must address.

Part 1:

Write a brief nursing report about this scenario. In your report:

  • Summarise in 20 words why Yu Yan has come to the clinic
  • Document two (2) pieces of advice Yu Yan was provided
  • Specify your name and the date.

Part 2:

Identify four (4) appropriate support agencies and members of the inter-disciplinary health team that Yu Yang and the twins should be referred to, and describe their roles in 25 words each.

12. List three (3) non-western healthcare treatments or approaches and discuss in 50 words how these effects the care delivery in contemporary nursing.

13. Identify two (2) specific themes or health issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and note in 100 words how addressing these issues impact upon care delivery in contemporary healthcare.

14. In the table below identify the act, code, guideline or standard that applies to each.

Area requiring governanceApplicable act, code, guideline or standard

Medication Administration

Professional Practice


Recency of Practice

Continuing Professional Development



Safety in the workplace

15. Define ethics, bioethics and nursing ethics and provide a nursing example of each

16. In the table below list one potential ethical issue that you may be faced with, which relates to each heading.

Client Situation Potential Ethical Issue


Tissue transplantation

Reproductive technology

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Conscientious objection



Artificially prolonging life

Stem cell research

Cultural and religious matters

17. List four (4) strategies you could apply within your own work role to maintain standards of care related to legal and ethical practice. For each strategy specify:

  • The legislation or code or guideline it applies to
  • The implications and penalties for non-compliance with that standard or legislation
  • How you could monitor your own compliance with that strategy.

18. Explain what you should do as an enrolled nurse, if you receive a request for information regarding a patient from an external healthcare provider.

19. Explain what mandatory reporting is, clarify what the mandatory reporting guidelines are in your State or Territory and comment on how you can apply those requirements to your own professional practice.

20. You receive a request for medical imaging of a patient, what steps would you take to ensure the request is appropriate?

21. For each of the items listed below, provide:

  • A 10-15 word description
  • An example of how it might relate to nursing practice
  • A piece of legislation that relates to it.

Consideration DescriptionRelated Legislation

Power of Attorney

Living wills and advanced directives


Question 22. Describe each of the items listed below in 10-15 words.

Consideration Description


Beneficence and non-maleficence



Patient Rights


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