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The Importance of Attending College for Professional Growth and Overall Development

Why Pursuing College Education is Essential for Professional Growth

Using the same topic that you used for the Academic Argument essay, write a Rogerian argument essay in which you discuss both sides evenly and fairly, and present a middle ground position. Your essay should have an interesting and engaged title, and be balanced in tone and neutral in word choice throughout. It should follow the format below: Introduction - background/setup of the issue. Must end with an issue question (NO claim/POD here) - this part should be roughly the first page Side A - roughly one page (this is the reader's perspective - they disagree with you) Side B - roughly one page (this is the writer's perspective - your view) Common Ground/Compromise - this should be roughly one full page Double spaced. 12 point font.

At least four full pages, not including works cited page. You must use at three credible sources for each side (6 sources total). Please note: your Works Cited page must match up with your in text citations within the essay, and vice versa. If they do not (there are sources within the paper that do not appear on the WC, and/or there are sources within the WC that do not have in text citations within the paper), the paper will not pass. This is your responsibility. Rogerian Essay Checklist Rogerian argument Draft Review Introduction Opening sentence grabs the reader’s attention and draws them in to the paper. Opening sentence does not engage the reader. Hook is missing. Issue is introduced, but background information may be inadequate or jumbled. Issue is introduced, but the author goes no further. The issue is unclear or does not match or connect with that discussed in the body paragraphs. Ends with an issue question to frame the argument.

No issue question is present. Body Paragraphs Two-three paragraphs that discuss major points from the reader’s position on the issue followed by two-three paragraphs that discuss major points from the writer’s position on the issue. Transitions and connections between paragraphs and ideas are smooth and polished throughout (in other words, you can follow the arguments), and clear, focused evidence is presented and explained (the arguments are supported). Sides are not balanced – one may have two paragraphs, and the next only one (or vice versa). Evidence for one is thorough, while that for the other is less so. Transitions may be awkward, connections and evidence are present but insufficient. Middle Ground Final one-two paragraphs present a common ground position, incorporating elements from the previously presented points to show how both sides benefit from this new position A middle ground is presented and supported, but benefits may not be explained or it may more clearly favor one side. A middle ground is presented, but the writer goes no further.

Building Valuable Connections through College Education

A middle ground is not presented. Grammar/Mechanics How many grammatical/mechanical errors are there in the paper? None A few More than 10 Many *Authors: if “more than 10” or “many” are indicated, please take the draft to the Tutoring Center prior to final submission. Tone Is the author’s tone neutral, or are there places where his/her preference is clear? Where in the paper do you see preference? Is the language used formal or informal? Where do you see informalities? Remember that academic essays call for a more formal style. MLA Are there at least six sources cited within the essay and on the Works Cited page? Are the parenthetical citations within the essay present and correct? Do the parenthetical citations match up with the sources listed on the Works Cited page (and vice versa)? Are there any sections that read as though they need quotation marks or citations?

It is extremely important for the youth to understand the fact that college is not just an academic institution that would enable a student to pursue his degree or come out with a certification of the course he has attained rather it is a social institution that helps in overall development of an individual through social interactions with other peer group and seniors that helps the students in developing their cognitive and behavioural skill set (Guiffrida). In this context here in this essay the focus would be on analysing how going to college is an extremely important part of a person’s education life and there cannot be any substitute offered for the same no matter how much technology advances

In this context it is definitely important to first discuss how pursuing college education and a degree is extremely essential in terms of building one’s professional career and ensuring professional growth. In a survey report conducted by U.S. Department of Education in 2015 it was found that employees with a bachelor’s degree are expected to earn approximately $1million more than those candidates who do not gave postsecondary education degrees (Burrs). It is important to understand the fact that there can be no substitute to learning and this is exactly the reason why attending college, getting a degree or a specialisation on the subject or any academic course is extremely necessary. For instance enrolling in a mass communication and media college is extremely important if one intends to move forward in the field of reporting or television anchoring because the specialization that college degree focuses on with several projects and on-the-field training, interning opportunities with theoretical knowledge helps in in-depth understanding on the subject and the concept that cannot be substituted with pursuing a crash course of 2 to 3 months.

Attending college is not just limited to receiving the education regarding the course that one has enrolled for rather it helps in building valuable connections. When individuals enter college they get the chance to meet new people, make new connections and understand how to behave in a social setting (Barnet). Students across the globe come together to attain college education hence students from different culture, societies with different values, opinions meet and this cross-cultural communication setting actually benefits an individual in their overall personality development. Not just communicating with peer groups but students also need to coordinate with professors and seniors, work as a team, participate in various co-curricular activities that actually helps a student understand how important it is to come out of their comfort zones and experience the unknown. Attending college helps in shaping the overall personality of an individual where the focus in not only on academics but on grooming the student and making him industry ready.

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