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Developing a Work Breakdown Structure for a Park Modernization Project

Step 1: Understand the Core Characteristics of a WBS


The work breakdown structure (WBS) forms the basis for subsequent scheduling, estimating, and monitoring/controlling activities. It is critical, therefore, that the work breakdown structure clearly communicate the scope of work and the project manager’s intent with respect to how the project is to be structured.

Some of you may have had the opportunity to develop a work breakdown structure in your professional careers; some may have had the opportunity to develop a work breakdown structure in the PMAN fundamentals class. In this review assignment, you will have an opportunity to brush up on your WBS knowledge and skills.


You have been recruited by your neighbor, the president of the local homeowner association, to lead an effort to modernize a park in the neighborhood. The homeowner association will pay for all supplies and equipment but all of the labor will come from residents in the neighborhood. You’ve walked the park with your neighbor to scope the project and the two of you have put together the following information:

The wooden bandstand needs to be scraped and re-painted. Residents would like to have a portable audio visual system integrated into the bandstand to support a weekly movie night and other neighborhood social events. The president of the homeowners association has already asked a local AV expert and community resident to research and select an appropriate audio visual system. Based on the estimated equipment cost, the president has decided to delay purchase and installation of the audio visual system until a later date (i.e., it will not be part of this project). However, he wants to go ahead with any bandstand infrastructure modifications needed to support the selected system. A subsequent meeting with the AV expert reveals the following: (1) the bandstand already has electrical outlets; (2) pads for four speakers will have to be mounted to the bandstand; (3) the structure of the bandstand will have to be modified to enable mounting a removable movie screen and create a space for an audio visual control station; and (4) the base of the bandstand will have to be modified to include a secure storage area for audio/visual equipment when not in use.

The playground area for younger children currently has a six-seat A-frame swing set. There is a broken weld joint at the top of one A-frame member that needs to be repaired and the entire structure needs to be cleaned and repainted. All six seats and chains sets need to be replaced.

Step 2: Develop Products and Outcomes

Residents would like to have a wooden play structure installed to replace a merry-go-round that had been removed a couple of years before. Residents would also like rubber mulch to be installed under and around the swing set and the play structure.

The koi pond used to be an attraction for residents. Since the aeration system failed several months ago, the fish died and the pond has become overgrown with algae and other contaminants. Residents would like the pond to be restored to its former glory. You note the work scope will include draining, cleaning and refilling the pond; repairing the aeration system, and restocking the pond with fish.

Six park benches need to be cleaned, scraped and repainted. One or two may need some repairs.

The park currently has only two trash receptacles and both have seen better days. The residents would like four new trash receptacles and four new recycle receptacles located throughout the park. Trash and recycle receptacles should be paired together.

There is a very small grassy area, used for picnics, at one end of the park with one dilapidated picnic table. Residents would like the grassy area expanded in size to accommodate three picnic tables with benches. One new trash receptacle and one new recycle receptacle are to be located in this area as well as three new or refurbished picnic tables.

Some residents would like to be able to use the existing sports court for games like corn-hole toss. Unfortunately, the court was originally build for bocce ball and the few residents who play are very vocal and against any multi-purpose use of the court, typically citing potential damage to the turf. You and your neighbor decide the best solution would be to build a second identical court that could be used for other activities. Artificial turf will be installed in both courts to minimize damage to the playing surface.


1.The neighborhood park is owned and managed by the homeowner association.
2.No permits or outside approvals are necessary to do the work.
3.The homeowner association has sufficient funding available to pay for material and equipment.
4. A WBS Dictionary will not be created. The WBS will be the only planning document available to other team members.


Based on the information provided above:
1.Create and present a work breakdown structure incorporating proper WBS core characteristics (except as noted below). The WBS may be presented in either a graphical or tabular format.
2.Decompose products/outcomes sufficiently to insure all elements of the project scope are included and non-scope elements are excluded.
3.For this assignment, include at least two work packages for each lowest level product/outcome. Work package descriptors should clearly support identification of the work necessary to deliver the lowest-level product/outcome. Remember that a work package applies to only one organizational entity and typically addresses only one type of work. For example, digging a ditch and paving a section of road would be two separate work packages. Each of these work packages could be further decomposed into component activities. For example, digging a ditch could be further decomposed into component activities like: (1) marking underground utilities; (2) clearing trees and shrubs; (3) renting the ditch digging machinery; etc. Do not decompose work packages into their component activities
4.Include a hierarchical WBS numbering system; ensure all WBS elements are properly identified in accordance with this system.
5.The WBS must clearly communicate the work scope and your intent with respect to how the project is to be structured. Work packages must be clearly distinguishable from products/outcomes. To achieve this requirement, you may deviate from WBS core characteristics with respect to how work packages are described.
6.Do not include any scheduling or resource information, task dependencies, or milestones.

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