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Sophia Martin

Hi, my name is Sophia Martin, a Broadcast news analyst by profession and a writer by passion. I am an active blogger who loves blogging about the latest fashion and makeup trends. Apart from this, I also work as an English writing expert for I have written several English writing samples for prominent academic websites. I have 6+ years of experience guiding students to tackle their complex English writing tasks. When I am not working, I am probably hopping around, discovering the latest fashion and makeup trends or searching my next read at a book store. Or maybe reading one at some cafe!


Advisor vs. Adviser- Fundamental Differences

UserSophia Martin time15 July,2019

Gracie Brown, an undergraduate student from the University of Leeds happened to come across the issue of differentiating between the words advisor and adviser. She was struggling to overcome the conf...


Everything You Need to Know About Metals and Electricity

UserSophia Martin time03 June,2019

Most of the wires we use on a daily basis are made of copper. Have you ever wondered why? Well, copper is a metal and metals are good conductors of electricity. Metals consist of movable electrically...


Language techniques every student must know

UserSophia Martin time08 March,2019

The English language serves as a vast reserve of devices, terms and techniques to enhance the quality of a write-up. Naturally, students are often encouraged to become familiar with Literary techniqu...


An Excellent Guide on How to Write an Abstract

UserSophia Martin time22 May,2018

How do you write an abstract for a paper presentation? Or How do you write an abstract for a thesis?” This is what a student wonders when he/she has to compose a paper or thesis, for whic...


The Best and Worst Outcomes of the Universities in Victoria

UserSophia Martin time25 April,2018

As published in The Age, according to a new data submitted by the Education Department, Victorian universities both has the best and worst outcomes. According to the data submitted, it has been revea...


5 Music Albums That Could Influence You to Write Your Next Essay

UserSophia Martin time20 April,2018

Writing is an art nurtured through continuous practice over time. Dedication and knowledge is a vital aspect of writing. To sharpen their writing abilities, students can seek the help of their profes...


50 Ideal Construction Dissertation Topics

UserSophia Martin time18 April,2018

Coming up with relevant topics for your dissertation papers and working on them with all mettle and dedication is certainly one of the most crucial steps one should consider if they want their paper t...


Good Topics for Remarkable Research Essays

UserSophia Martin time12 March,2018

“The common facts of today are the product of yesterday’s research.” -Duncan MacDonald (American academician) The innate quest for further knowledge drives humankind forward. While that i...


8 Tips to Prepare Essays for Scholarship/College Funding

UserSophia Martin time30 December,2017

Have you always harbored the dream of studying in an Ivy League college, even if you don't have sufficient resources? Do you feel that your career goals will be restricted because you can't afford th...


How College Students Should Answer Examination Questions

UserSophia Martin time01 September,2017

The fresh academic year had just started and before you could even get the hang of it, the exam season came knocking on your door with a couple of loud thuds and emphatic bang bangs! Now you feel lik...


The Right Way To Compose An Excellent Dissertation Proposal

UserSophia Martin time28 August,2017

Do you know how you can win half the battle of writing your dissertation? By writing your dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal is like the North Star of your paper that can guide you in t...

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