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Sophia Martin

Hi, my name is Sophia Martin, a Broadcast news analyst by profession and a writer by passion. I am an active blogger who loves blogging about the latest fashion and makeup trends. Apart from this, I also work as an English writing expert for I have written several English writing samples for prominent academic websites. I have 6+ years of experience guiding students to tackle their complex English writing tasks. When I am not working, I am probably hopping around, discovering the latest fashion and makeup trends or searching my next read at a book store. Or maybe reading one at some cafe!

Finding It Tough To Choose A Humanities Dissertation Topic?

Humanities Dissertation Topics   Choosing an impressive Humanities dissertation topic is tough. Most students waste a lot of time and face difficulties while choosing a Humanities d...

HR Dissertation Topics Ideas For MBA Students

Best Solutions On HR Dissertation Topics Writing a dissertation paper on human resources management is not an easy task to accomplish. Human resources management is considered ...

Demonstration Speech Ideas

Demonstration Speech: Definition Any product that is sold in the market needs to be demonstrated properly to the audience. It does not matter which category does the product belong to or who the t...

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Hasty Generalization: How to Avoid this Fallacy in Your Writing?

Students tend to make different types of fallacies when writing their academic papers. Fallacies refer to incorrect or unjustified evidence or reasoning to reach a certain conclusion. Hasty generaliz...

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