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Sophia Martin

Hi, my name is Sophia Martin, I am 26 and I am a Academic Blogger based in Melbourne. I started writing and blogging from a young age and most of my write ups are based on real experiences and self taught. Currently I write Academic Blogs for Students all across the Globe at


Everything You Need to Know About Metals and Electricity

UserSophia Martin timeJune 3, 2019

Most of the wires we use on a daily basis are made of copper. Have you ever wondered why? Well, copper is a metal and metals are good conductors of electricity. Metals consist of movable electrically charged particles known as electrons. When you apply an electric charge to it, the electrons move and allow electricity … Read More


Language techniques every student should master right away

UserSophia Martin timeMarch 8, 2019

The English language serves as a vast reserve of devices, terms and techniques to enhance the quality of a write-up. Naturally, students are often encouraged to become familiar with Literary techniques. That said, these literary techniques can be tough specifically because of the sheer volume they come in. In fact, you may become dumbfounded trying … Read More


An Excellent Guide on How to Write an Abstract

UserSophia Martin timeMay 22, 2018

How do you write an abstract for a paper presentation? Or How do you write an abstract for a thesis?” This is what a student wonders when he/she has to compose a paper or thesis, for which abstracts are a must. Even though this part is short in length, it holds immense importance as it … Read More


The Best and Worst Outcomes of the Universities in Victoria

UserSophia Martin timeApril 25, 2018

As published in The Age, according to a new data submitted by the Education Department, Victorian universities both has the best and worst outcomes. According to the data submitted, it has been revealed that the national rate of completion has gone down to the lowest levels, perhaps for the first time. The statistic has shown … Read More


5 Music Albums That Could Influence You to Write Your Next Essay

UserSophia Martin timeApril 20, 2018

Writing is an art nurtured through continuous practice over time. Dedication and knowledge is a vital aspect of writing. To sharpen their writing abilities, students can seek the help of their professors. Also, the introduction of newest technology can equip the students with skills which they can put to good use. Great writing skills also … Read More


50 Ideal Construction Dissertation Topics

UserSophia Martin timeApril 18, 2018

Coming up with relevant topics for your dissertation papers and working on them with all mettle and dedication is certainly one of the most crucial steps one should consider if they want their paper to be an interesting composition, and of top-notch quality. Until and unless you know what exactly is to be written and … Read More


Good Topics for Remarkable Research Essays

UserSophia Martin timeMarch 12, 2018

“The common facts of today are the product of yesterday’s research.” -Duncan MacDonald (American academician) The innate quest for further knowledge drives humankind forward. While that is appreciated quite well from afar, not all seems so rosy when your professor assigns a research essay for your academics. Making sure that you conduct all the background … Read More


8 Tips to Prepare Essays for Scholarship/College Funding

UserSophia Martin timeDecember 30, 2017

Have you always harbored the dream of studying in an Ivy League college, even if you don’t have sufficient resources? Do you feel that your career goals will be restricted because you can’t afford the hefty expenses of the college tuition fees? Well, fortunately for you, various renowned colleges and universities in the USA are … Read More


How College Students Should Answer Examination Questions

UserSophia Martin timeSeptember 1, 2017

The fresh academic year had just started and before you could even get the hang of it, the exam season came knocking on your door with a couple of loud thuds and emphatic bang bangs! Now you feel like you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, going through bouts of nervous breakdowns as you … Read More


The Right Way To Compose An Excellent Dissertation Proposal

UserSophia Martin timeAugust 28, 2017

Do you know how you can win half the battle of writing your dissertation? By writing your dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal is like the North Star of your paper that can guide you in the right direction and make sure that you achieve that much fancied A grade on your assignment. Therefore, you must … Read More

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