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Upload the digitised version of essays up to 10,000 words or copy/paste content on the blank spot to get started.

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The software checks the paper for grammar and plagiarism issues and shows corrections suggestions to incorporate.

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After polishing the paper, incorporate that content into your original essay and improve its overall quality.

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The Best Essay Rater with Free Features

Unlock the Incredible Perks of Our Reliable AI Essay Checker

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Detects ALL Errors

Our essay checker finds and fixes punctuation errors and grammatical issues and offers accurate suggestions.

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Better Word Suggestions

Besides unlimited suggestions for corrections, the software also edits with immaculate work choice via its built-in NLP.

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Highlights Plagiarism

The AI essay rater scans and detects piracy against a plagiarism database of web copies with 100% accuracy.

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10K Word Limit

Upload papers ranging from 500-word essays to 10,000-word dissertations and remove avoidable errors effortlessly.

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Clear & Cohesive Content

The essay checker creates clear, cohesive, concise content with good grammar in minutes to earn you an A+.

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Free Unlimited Use

Our free online essay rater is easy to use. Use it as many times as you want to create excellent papers based on brilliant ideas.

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Ask Real Experts To Grade Your Writing

Besides using our AI Essay Editor, we recommend hiring our editing and proofreading specialists to polish your work and make it worthy of excellent scores. Our highly experienced QC team, besides helping you write, will highlight all noteworthy flaws and plagiarism matches in the content for you to correct easily and quickly. Place your 'rate my paper' request to our customer agents. We will find a suitable expert to help you write, proofread, prune, and polish the essay. Set up your premium account and connect with our editors anytime. So, don't overthink and hire an expert today.

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Plagiarism Checker

Detect duplicate content with our AI plagiarism checker across a vast database to produce original papers.

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Grammar Checker

Rectify all grammar mistakes via our AI grammar-checking software. It accurately generates results quickly.

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Word Counter

Use our automated counter for FREE and check paragraphs and sentences for precise word count and characters.

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PDF Summariser

Our summariser faultlessly summarises PDF content using its NLP (Natural Language Processing) free of cost.

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Produce unique, duplicate-free conclusion ideas by rewording sentences in the space relating to the topic.

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The software lets you cite sources correctly in essays in Harvard style-, thus saving time and effort.

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Samples of Essays Rated by Essay Grader Tool

Download All Corrected Paper Samples Checked by our Essay Editor

The Essay On Smart

When the above analysis reached the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company, he became very concerned about the assumptions made in the model.

Essay: IT In Accounting

The study assignment topic focuses on use of information technology in accounting and finance. However currently most of the companies including business entities.

Digital Marketing..

All claims need to be supported by evidence from a variety of sources. The more evidence is provided and the richer the variety of sources, the better.

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12 pages
Functional Areas..

In order to start or proceed with business, an entrepreneur needs to consider certain things and those functional areas are going to discuss in this report writing.

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Assignment Writing

Assignment Writing

Hire capable assignment teachers for all complex assignments and yield papers eligible for an A or A+.

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Essay Writing Help

We help with academic essay requirements and let you finish them correctly before the task deadline.

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Dissertation Help

Get dissertation help in topic selection, thesis statement, researching, writing, citing, and editing.

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Get top coursework writing aid and customised doubt-clearing sessions from our specialists on all topics.

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Rectify existing flaws through our proofreading services and have a flawless essay ready for submission.

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Generate research papers through our tailored tutoring and guidance on all facets for timely submission.

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Learn More About Our AI Essay Grader Software
Unlock All the Perks of AI Paper Checker and Edit Like A Pro.

Using the Paper Grader to Make Your Writing Better

Producing flawless academic papers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most struggle in their efforts to do justice to their task requirements, thus often falling short of their target grades.  MyAssignmenthelp understands this and resultantly offers a free essay checker to ease every student’s assignment-compiling endeavours.

Our software is a one-of-a-kind editor. It helps correct poor grammar and punctuation mistakes, offers accurate correction suggestions on every use, and plays a huge role in making the final draft eligible for impressive grades. The software makes editing and proofing 10x easier. One can upload 500-word essays to lengthy dissertations. It doesn't require you to register. Instead, you can use the neural network paper rater free of cost. Upload the content for checking errors in grammar spelling, and punctuation and get instant feedback in minutes. It is the only reason students frequently use it to write and polish their papers from top to bottom

Try it out today if you’re looking for a medium to grade my essay from scratch.


Key Benefits Of “Rate My Essay” Tool

Noteworthy Perks of Our Grade My Essay Tool -

The essay grader generates accurate content at lightning speed.

Students receive detailed feedback on their writing flaws.
The Grade My Essay checker is safe and free to use.
The essay grader accepts and supports all doc files - txt, Microsoft Word, pdf, etc.
The software allows hassle-free performance.

It comprises a plagiarism checker, grammar checker  and spell checker as well.

Perks of Our Editing and Proofreading Services -

Removing punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Customized tips for writing and delivering flawless essays.

Help in removing duplicate content traces from papers.

Correction suggestions to incorporate into essays

Help to remove referencing errors and wrong words from essays.

Improving writing flow and fixing essay formatting errors.

We suggest going for both variants of our essay grading services for maximum grades.


Try Our AI-Powered Essay Grader

Learners either don’t find time or are reluctant to edit and proof their work once complete. By not revising, they unknowingly ruin all their good work during writing. By signing up with MyAssignmenthelp, these candidates can reduce their editing and proofreading load tenfold through our AI paper grader.

  • The AI tool minutely scans for clarity, relevance, and plagiarised content in the paper against millions of web publications and academic databases.
  • It scrutinises sentence construction and fragments, subject-verb agreements, excessive passive voices, punctuation, spelling errors, typos, and other writing blemishes.
  • When scanning it adheres to the highest academic standards and always delivers accurate results without the wait.
  • It re-configures errors in essays up to 10,000 on every use.  

You will always be assured of top-quality content solutions for all academic tasks.  


Why Should I Use Tool to Rate My Paper

Top college/uni learners use the tool by MyAssignmenthelp for these reasons.

Spelling and Grammar Check

Students use it to rectify spelling and grammar errors easily and make their work read-worthy.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

They use it to remove duplicate content traces and churn out 100% authentic work.

Better Flow and Coherence

Students use it to achieve proper content flow and coherence in their produced essay and ease stress during crunch moments.

Remove Inconsistent Formatting

The AI paper checker helps remove inconsistencies in paper formatting, thus ensuring everything is uniform from top to tip.

Save Quality Time

Our grade essay software helps save time and effort otherwise not possible via manual editing and proofreading.

Score A+ Grades

Lastly, students use our essay rating software to secure top grades on each essay upon submission.


How to Improve Your Writing Skills Before Submitting A Paper?

For most students, improving academic writing skills takes time, effort, and plenty of dedicated practice. Besides being adept at researching and in-text citing, you must have a sound command of English – grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

Furthermore, adopt the habit of editing and proofreading to remove typos, spelling errors, inconsistencies, and other blemishes. Once you finish revising your work, don't submit it immediately. Use our free essay checker and grader, or hire our editing and proofreading services to improve plagiarism results and remove mistakes in sentences.

Get feedback from someone you trust. Refer to their suggestions, incorporate them whenever applicable and revise again. Only after following these steps should you submit your paper.


Personalised Assignment Help for Each Student

 We also offer personalised guidance on various tasks for all apprentices.

Here are the other assignment help services that clients love. 

  • Essay Help
  • Research paper help
  • Dissertation Help
  • Case-study help
  • Coursework writing
  • Homework help (on 100+ subjects)
  • College paper writing
  • Term paper help

We also provide limitless access to 1691079 study materials on various subject topics for writing and learning.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Are Any Experts Who Can Proofread My Paper? arrow

Yes, there is. offers grading services to help students learn how to proofread essays and improve their writing style. Connect with our essay graders today!

How Does the Paper Grader Evaluate My Essay? arrow

Use our paper checker to correct grammar and punctuation, replaces words correctly, improves sentence structure, and suggest corrections on each use when grading papers. Generate a free essay in minutes.

Are There Limits to Using the Paper Checker? arrow

Our AI-powered paper checker comes with no usage limits. You can use our AI editor as many times as you want to craft a free essay quickly.

Can Someone Grade My Paper Instead of Tool? arrow

Our paper checker helps you correct grammatical errors and unintentional plagiarism and offers detailed feedback with unlimited correct word choice suggestions. Besides this, we also have top writers to help write and edit papers without hassle. Place your request today!

How Long Should It Take to Rate My Paper? arrow

Our free online checker only takes a few moments to rate the content and produce the best paper. It works for all academic papers and earns you the grade you want.

Does the Paper Checker Deliver Accurate Results? arrow

Our software eliminates duplicate content, corrects spelling issues and improper words in sentences, and ensures no common mistakes exist. It always delivers accurate results to improve your writing.

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