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  • Top 10 Essays and Assignment Writing Tips for College Students

Top 10 Essays and Assignment Writing Tips for College Students

The following effective and valuable Resources and Guides of Myassignmenthelp.com provides you Academics Writing methodologies in your subjects and can be helpful in your essay and assignment writing as well.

  • The Stages of Essay and Assignment Writing

      Students are demanded to present numerous assignment at the end of the session, and essay is one of the staples out of them. Essay is no nightmare when you know how accumulate the essay topic step by step to attract the readers. Here are the steps one should take while writing essay/assignment.

      i. Answer/ evaluate the question and get the key terms

      ii. Does the research work- take account of books, journals and other academic resources and sum up with short notes.

      iii. Make a plan with an organized manner for keeping track

      iv. Jump into writing and produce your first draft

      v. Changes should be made after two or three days while reading it aloud, and cross checking the arguments

      vi. Proofreading is needed on the second draft after correcting before finalizing it and handing over to the examiner.

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  • Essay and Assignment Instruction Words

      1.  Compare    2.  Discuss  3.  Demonstrate   4.  Comment upon   5.  Examine  6.  Interpret

      7.  Critically analysis    8.  Give an account of  9.  Justify   10.  Define  11.  Relate   12.  State

      13.  Diagram  14.  Summarize   15.  Trace   16.  Clarify   17.  Distinguish   18.  Elaborate

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  • 10 Golden Rules of Essay and Assignment Writing

      10 golden rules will alter your perspective of writing essays, here is a guide with which essay will be easier than you think.

      i. Focus on structure; plan how paragraph by paragraph the question will be answered with a gradual development of the argument.

      ii. Pinpoint the issue at the opening of the paragraph; don’t fudge readers with misleading statements.

      iii. Each paragraph should unfold a new thing about the topic, but also endorse your argument at the same time.

      iv. The usage of the linking words at the inception of the paragraph makes reader aware about the progress of the argument.

      v. Investigation and supportive sources are crucial while presenting the point of view.

      vi. The quotations should be highlighted that they can make an impact.

      vii. Concluding paragraph always evince the issue that was the core topic.

      viii. Writing Abbreviations in the proper manner will comfort the readers.

      ix. Follow academic style or style guide book to make a positive impression.

      x. Proofread, edit and redraft, follow the steps until the content has no errors.

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  • How to Answer Your Assignment & Essay Questions?

      Essay revolves around the question that should be answered by the time essay development with complimentary resources. The purpose of the guide is to assist you to answer and understand the question.

      Keyword is a significant factor on the subject of the answering essay question, evaluation of key in the question will tell you what are you approaches should be.

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  • Top Writing Tips for Essay and Assignment Introductions and Conclusions

      Effective introductions and conclusions are two eyes which mirror the quality of the essay.


      i. First one or two paragraphs will define the keywords, the themes, the issues.

      ii. Clear the approaches by signposting the argument and overall conclusions.


      i. Compile your key elements of the arguments in order to reach the target.

      ii. Answer the questions and exhibit the ways how you have reached this point.

      iii. Leave a possibility for further reading.

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  • Editing and proofreading checklist

      Errors are stick no-no in essays/assignments, is your essay on the right track? You have to make sure of it by editing at least two or three times. Here is a guide how improve your grade with proofreading and editing skills.


      i. Make sure the question is answered accordingly.

      ii. Keep in track about the structure, written expression, resources and presentation.


      i. Do not proofread just after writing it; wait for two or three days.

      ii. Review the content and search for common errors/mistakes.

      iii. Focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes that can lose marks.

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  • What is plagiarism & Academic Integrity?


      Plagiarism is the practice by which one hand in a work which is not done by him, or he has copied it from someone. Plagiarism will be recognized when you

      i. Surrender your paper that is not done by you.

      ii. Submit the work under the name of yours after copying content or some part of the content from another batch mate.

      iii. Take ideas from another without crediting the original author.

      Academic Integrity

      Academic integrity can be defined as honesty, responsibility towards scholarship, and it comes with a bunch of rules that students, as well as faculty, should follow. It says any intellectual contribution should be acknowledged.

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  • How to Reference/acknowledge the sources in An Essay and Assignment

      Citing the sources is a must element and should be done in a proper manner. Acknowledgements are also necessary when you are writing an essay/assignment. Here is a guide how to cite your references and mention the acknowledgements inaccurate manner that will enhance the quality of content.

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  • Examples of Referencing Styles in Writing

      Referencing style is used to present in-text references (footnotes and endnotes) and bibliography, out of hundreds referencing style every university wants their students to follow certain one.

      Referencing Styles














      Footnotes and bibliography


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  • What is critical writing?

      Critical writing is the declaration of refusal of the conclusions of other writers without giving a chance on the arguments which is presented with evidence. Here is the guide to brush up the skills of critical writing.

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