resources   Reading and then making notes for your Essay

How to Start Making Notes:


When a student starts searching for relevant information over the Internet for writing his or her essay, then there are chances of mass generation of material. So it is time that the student should develop the skill of making notes for channelizing the required material for working upon the essay. This is a healthy practice which a good essay maker follows. It is a good idea to make a document on the computer for a student to store his source material. This can be an organized way of making notes, where the document can be divided into the parts of the essay under consideration like Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

If a student finds some source related to the essay introduction then he can place it within the introduction part of the notes document and this procedure can carry on. This method can help the student in beginning the essay and taking it in the correct direction to conclude it logically, whatever the essay help may be.

When a student is making notes for an essay then some key points need to be followed and they are:-

1. Write down about the things which you have found that are good and even mention about the location where such a source was found within the source document. You should also include the search terms and page numbers within the document so that you can repeat the search faster the next time. Such steps need to be taken as a student at times may not be able to recall later about the exact location where he found something interesting.

2. If your essay is consisting of comparative or balanced argument then make sure to include “for” as well as an “against” section to fill both of them with appropriate content for both sides of the essay’s debate.

A student may also come across various other questions and ideas which he might want to address at a later stage, while going through sources and taking notes of them. It is also a good idea of making a box within the source document within which such ideas can be inserted, and the box can distinguish such content from other people’s material.

Lastly, when a student has analyzed about his source findings for the essay then it should be remembered that the source material should not be simply summarized. If an essay does not analyze other people’s thoughts to the level that every opinion is scrutinized, then there are chances for a student to score very little marks. A student should on the contrary, utilize other people’s viewpoints and findings to develop his own arguments for strengthening the essay. Various essay experts over the Internet and in institutes would prefer to go with this strategy only while collecting source material and going ahead with the essay writing process.


Making of notes is not just Subjected to Essay making but even in other types of Assignments

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