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“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

— Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch is absolutely right in his assessment. Business administration is an extensive field of study that evolves with time and students need to keep pace with the fast changing business and marketing concepts. MBA, by definition, is the course of managing a business or non-profit organization, incorporating many types of management positions. Business administration encompasses a number of areas ranging from operations and management. There are some universal standard roles that business administrators carry out that include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting.

Outline of MBA Course

The MBA course is designed in such a manner that the students can become capable of playing administrative roles in the corporate hierarchy. This master degree course gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of business, marketing, economics, finance and accounting.

Core Subjects

Generally, MBA programs are outlined based on the core subjects that the students have to take up at the beginning of the course. The first part of the program is designed to help the students understand the analytical tools necessary for key management functions as well as working knowledge of those functions.

The basics of accounting

With accounting, MBA students interpret, analyze and use management accounting information in a business environment like manufacturing service or public sector. Accounting in MBA helps you understand the concept of cost accounting, managerial accounting, and financial accounting.

MBA Help Sample - AAA theory organizational applications

The two industries selected for discussing the idea of research outcomes of adaptation, aggregation and arbitrage are Food/ Beverage Industry and Retail Industry. The two companies selected for Food/ beverage industry are Coca-Cola and McDonald's; Retail Industry are Tesco and....

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Master of International Business (MIB) University of Wollongong, Australia

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The basics of finance

Students learn to apply the theories and models to support corporate finance and investment decisions. They gain knowledge about personal finance and finance planning.

Managerial economics

It helps students to apply microeconomics analysis to decide the methods of business or other management units. This subject offers the basics economics theories so that managerial hierarchy-optimize business decisions give the corporate firms specific objectives.

Operation Management

The MBA students put special emphasis on product and its overall planning. Specialized approach to operation system and management help to gain a thorough understanding of the principles of quality control, project management, innovation management and change management.

Organizational Behavior

This is a study in organizational settings, the interrelation between human behavior and the organization culture. Organizational Behavior is divided into three separate categories: individual in organizations (micro-level), work groups (meso-level) and how organizations behave (macro-level).

Business Statistics

This subject is considered as the science of understanding many disciplines such as financial statement analysis, econometrics, auditing, and operations, marketing research etc.

Financial Management

With this disciplines, the MBA students learn how efficiently and effectively manage the funds in order to accomplish the objectives of the organizations. This significant function is done by the top management of the organization.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

For grooming the skills and strategic HRM, the students learn professional and interpersonal management industrial relations. Human resource departments and units in organizations control a number of activities that includes employee recruitment, employee motivation, training and development, performance appraisal and rewarding.

Marketing Management

It is one of the key inputs boosting the prospect of gain. The students not only develop capability to unravel the prospective trends of the market, but also to design and sell accordingly. The students acquire the skills of developing new product, developing business and public relations in the international market. The students implement basics of segmentation positioning and strategic marketing during new product development. With the fundamental knowledge of 4Ps of marketing (Price- Place- Promotion- Product), the company decides its strategies for marketing.

Business Ethics

This discipline offers a set of professional ethics and morals that commonly rise in the business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and relevant to the conduct of individuals and organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR policies ensure the active participation of the organization in social good. It is a self-regulatory mechanism whereby business monitors the ethical standards and international norms.

MBA Help Sample - Woolworths limited management

Woolworths Supermarkets or Woolies is owned by Woolworths Limited that is a supermarket chain in Australia. There are over 872 stores across Australia. The company was originally founded in September 1924. The company continuously grew and became a chain in the year 1927 (, 2016). There are four primary markets of the company namely...

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Done Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from Australian Graduate School of Management

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Subjects of specialization

Electives subjects

Marketing Research

This subject is an important component of business strategy. MBA students get the chance to learn how to identify and analyze the market need, market size, and composition and consumer behavior. This involves gathering and interpretation of information about individuals and organizations.

Organizational Structure

With developing knowledge in this field, the students become capable of defining activities like task allocation, coordination and supervision in organizations.

Strategic Management

By learning this subject, the students get the knowledge of the overall direction of the enterprise, the objectives of the organizations and developing policies and plans to achieve the goals.

Business Law

It aids management students to realize the value of business ethics in order to run a proper and authenticated business. Employee law is essential for every management student whether he wants to set up a business or willing to join the service as a manager.

Project Management

With the practical knowledge of this subject, management students learn the course of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources. The manager of the organizations counters challenges to achieve all the project goals.

Specific specializations


MBA students learn how to start a business from scratch, develop business models and acquire human and other required researchers. In the recent past, the MBA employers are increasingly placing emphasis on the entrepreneurial talents of the new hires. The reason is in the tough economic times these skills help develop fresh source of revenue.

International Business

This subject encompasses all commercial transaction related to two or more regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundaries. Usually, the management positions have to take care of the business activities involving cross border transactions. A number of business schools felt the need for launching specializations in MBA programs in this area.

Management Information System (MIS)

This discipline incorporates the terms like decision support, expert systems and executive information systems. Most of the business schools have a MIS department that is used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities. A number of prospective candidates who come from IT and engineering or even programming background tend to build their technical skills further with the specialization in this area.


MBA students are aimed to be the future leader of the corporate world. The leadership is mainly described by the process where a group of people achieves a common goal. Many schools constantly redesign and redevelop their curriculum in order to make the students efficient enough to reflect their skills.

Corporate Social Responsibility

After the recession, a series of protests was organized against the perceived greed fostered in some industries. The stirs had resulted from increased frustration with a lack of consideration for CSR in business. As a consequence, the value of corporate social responsibility is evolving day by day.


This discipline has gained popularity amongst the applicants in recent years. Global financial crisis is one of the reasons. The business schools alter their programs according to the ongoing economic events around the world. Employers continue to value modern approach of MBA graduates to finance.

MBA Help Sample - Develop a sustainability indicators monitoring system for Starbucks

Topic Students will be required to choose a specific enterprise (it should ideally be one with which they are somewhat personally familiar) and develop a sustainability indicators monitoring system for that enterprise. Examples of the enterprises you might consider include a plant nursery, a pet shop, a day care centre, a primary school, a carpet manufacturing...

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Done Ph.D. in Economics from Australian National University.

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Innovation is considered to be both cause and effect of developments in MBA curricula. The famous business schools value the importance of developing the ability to form innovative ideas and to implement them in the future business world.


The MBA students are expected to reflect marketing skills in order to meet the demand of the business world. In this fast-paced technological world, the growth of internet, online social media and the collation of databases that contains the profile of the customer has enhanced the value of sophistication in marketing.

Operations Management

MBA socialization in operations management encompasses the concepts of production and operations function of an organization. The study makes the students understand the planning and control activities necessary to run the operation.


The outline of MBA programs includes the basics concepts of strategy like distribution strategy. So the students can choose specializations in this subject. With the help of this subject, the students can choose a career focusing on new commercial avenues as well as modernizing the management of existing business structure.

Top business schools in Australia, UK and US

According to the Forbes Ranking, here is a list of the world’s best business schools. The following universities are the top 3 business schools in US, UK and Australia.

Top 3 business schools in US

Rank 1 Stanford University (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

  • Required GMAT score: 740
  • Annual Enrolment: 398
  • Tuition and Fees: $117,960
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $125, 000It is hard to get a chance to study at Stanford than any other business school. Stanford curriculum follows the typical pattern with core classes required in the first year and specialized electives in the second year.

Rank 2 University of Chicago (Booth School of Business)

  • Required GMAT score: 720
  • Annual Enrolment: 575
  • Tuition and Fees: $116,969
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $115, 000Chicago school offers full-time, weekend, evening, and executive MBA programs.

Rank 3 Harvard Business School

  •  Required GMAT score: 730
  •  Annual Enrolment: 919
  • Tuition and Fees: $126,576
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $120, 000

Similar as Stanford, Harvard students also have to study core subject for the first year and specialized electives in the second year. HBS offers dual degrees along with several Harvard school, law school, medical school and Kennedy School of Government.

Top 3 business schools in UK

Rank 1 The London Business School

  • Required GMAT score: 698
  • Annual Enrolment: 405
  • Tuition and Fees: $98,858
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $110, 000

In this school, all students must demonstrate competency in a language other than English before graduation.

Rank 2 University of Oxford (Said Business School)

  • Required GMAT score: 686
  • Annual Enrolment: 191
  • Tuition and Fees: $73,738
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $97,950

Said offers one-year MBA program emphasizing on experiential learning. In the first term, the students take up all core classes and in the second term, all students complete an entrepreneurship project, for which they prepare a business plan and present it as a capitalist venture.

Rank 3 University of Warwick (Warwick Business School)

  • Required GMAT score: 666
  • Annual Enrolment: 70
  • Tuition and Fees: $48, 300
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $88,550

This university takes pride in its MBA program, combining academic theory with real-world practice while offering personal career advice and support.

Top 3 business schools in Australia

Rank 1 University of New South Wales (Australian Graduate School of Management)

  • Required GMAT score: 630
  • Annual Enrolment: 51
  • Tuition and Fees: $72,512
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $106,080

The students of the 2014 batch came with a median of six years of work experience.

Rank 2 The University of Melbourne (The Business School of Melbourne)

  • Required GMAT score: 650
  • Annual Enrolment: 67
  • Tuition and Fees: $70,000
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $108,729

The course pattern of Melbourne Business School is designed to create maximum impact.

Rank 3 QUT Business School

  • Required GMAT score: 610
  • Annual Enrolment: 47
  • Tuition and Fees: $38,000
  • Average Pre-placement Salary: $55, 000

This business school offers 18-month business program that has four starts in March, May, July and September. It is the first business school to gain the triple accreditation.

Types of assignments in MBA course

MBA course is known to be overpopulated with assignments. There are different forms of assignments. Many of them are individual and independent ones. But MBA course also teaches teamwork. There are many assignments where you need to coordinate with the team members and the assignments have to be completed jointly. Let us take a look at the different kinds of assignments presented to MBA students.

Case Study

A case study places the students in the role of the decision-makers. Students need to show incorporate dynamic processes of exchanging perspectives and countering and defending points to complete a case study.


MBA thesis is a scientific paper written by a student at the end of the academic program. The students first need to choose a topic and then establish the goals for the thesis. It is advisable to consult your advisor for further guidance.


The MBA aspirants are expected to present the application essays in the course of admission. The students must convey all those aspects that make them stand out from competition. This is why admission essays are so important and tough to accomplish.

Book Review

MBA degree students are given task to read a book and write a review on it. The students are instructed to read many books and offer their opinion about them.

Project Report

In MBA degree, the student needs to analyze and write a report on business problems that are traditional or contemporary. They must research and solve the problem. This type of assignment is designed to provide practical application to the MBA coursework.

PowerPoint Presentation

MBA degrees are designed to develop students’ management and communication skills. It can be team-based or individual task. The students will be given topic or asked to choose their topic and then communicate their views and opinions through illustrated presentations.


The students are expected to present dissertation project. Before you start with your dissertation, you need to present your research proposal in front of the research committee.The above mentioned assigned are theoretical ones, but MBA course also puts emphasis on practical work. As field work, the students need to visit various companies and learn their marketing strategies. The students are also supposed to present their own business models in order to showcases their skills throughout the coursework.

Typical problems that students counter in MBA assignment writing

If you pursue MBA program, it can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are different types of MBA programs such as full-time, part-time, executive and distance learning. Whichever you choose, your life becomes all the more challenging. There are many major and minor problems that MBA students counter during their academic years. Here are the major problems faced by MBA students,

Too many subjects

When students are admitted to the MBA course, they are needed to take up the core courses in the beginning. These core classes include everything, right from the basics of accounting, finance and IT to the general and complex concepts of marketing and human resource and operations to project management.

Leadership skills

Academics love to debate whether the leaders are born or made. According to National Centre for Educational Statistics (NCSE), over 150,000 students acquire MBA degrees in United States every year. But the question remains unanswered as to how many of them are capable of becoming a real leader. The MBA students are highly expected to showcase leadership skills whether they develop it or acquire it from genes. The main reason for this disruption is management becomes a science rather than a profession. Business school professor became increasingly disconnected from practicing managers and leaders. The schools lack to provide the particular attention to the students in order to make them more proficient in the leadership skills.

Writing assignments

MBA schools instruct their students to create various assignments because MBA is a practical knowledge-based degree. You have to apply your learned skills through the practical assessments. But the quantity of the assignments related to MBA program is huge and there are various forms of tasks that students need to accomplish. Business schools believe that necessary analytical tools for the key management functions and working knowledge of these functions can be adapted by the practical assessments. This is why they enforce various style of constructive writing, practical assessment, work projects, and team-based activities.

Ever-changing concepts

The business world is altering faster and is more complex than ever. Now technology is driving changes and redefining business ideas and whole industries. The students need to survive and learn those evolving notions. The reason is the business world has become more flexible and open to new ideas. Due to increasing globalization of business, the corporate arena is expanding more than ever. New ideas are evolving, replacing the authentic concepts.

Lack of encouragement

Students counter difficulties to execute soft skills like entrepreneurial skills, communications skills, team building skills, presentation skills etc in the proper manner and managing both internal and external forces. The students do not get enough encouragement from an external world. They are expected to get secured jobs and start earning steady rather than starting their own venture.

MBA Help Sample - Strategic human resources management for Job Training and Employee Development at radio station

The aim of this report is to frame a set of recommendations for DK Radio. DK Radio is an owner driven radio station targeted at urban and suburban listeners. The radio station plays the best music and programs based on latest listeners' survey. The organization comprises of about 20 people that include both part-time and full-time employees. The punch line for...

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Master’s degree in Sociology from Macquarie University

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Adjustment with new world

Many students travel abroad to get MBA degree. Even if one chooses to get into neighborhood school, he or she is likely to encounter a new environment and a new culture where the stakes are higher. The reason is students need to set a new social routine. You have a new set of people (classmates, professors, career directors and company representatives) to interact with. You have to make time for everyone as well as for your own social life.

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