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Why Use Equation solver?

Are you worried about “how to solve a math equation?” or “who will solve my equation?” Here we have a quick tip to get things done. You can utilise an online equation solver for ultimate results. An online equations calculator/solver helps you find quick solutions to problems related to algebra, arithmetic, geometry, calculus, differential equations and discrete mathematics.

With this tool, you can verify multiple equations for your research and develop adequate solutions in real-time. The maths equation solver available on our website needs you to enter the equation, look out for degrees and signs and finally click on the “solve equation” button for the result.

We shall use an online equation solver due to the following reasons:

How Does an Equation Calculator Work?

Here is a complete guide describing the functional part of an equation solver with steps:

Write Your Equation

All equations solver toolsavailable online have similar functional patterns. You will have to enter a query in the text box.


Examine for Operator & Degree Sign

Cross-check the values you have inserted to avoid discrepancies in the final results.


Press Solve My Equation

Click on the “solve equations” button, and the AI-powered free online tool will come up with appropriate solutions in no time.

Our online equation solver is 100% accurate and versatile as well. Whether you are dealing with complex problems, challenging maths equations or too many issues at once, our equation solver online has a quick fix for all.

What Are the Examples of Maths Equation Solver?

Example 1 4x-5 = 6 x - 7
Solution Solve for x: 4x-5 = 6 x - 7
Subtract 6x from both sides: (4 x - 6x) - 5= (6 x - 6x) - 7
4 x-6x = -2x: - 2 x - 5 = (6x - 6x) - 7
6x - 6x = 0: - 2x - 5= -7
Add 5 to both sides: (5-5)-2x = 5-7
5-5= 0: -2x = 5-7
5-7 = -2: -2x = -2
Divide both sides of -2x = -2 by - 2:
Answer x=1
Example 2 7 x - 8 = 9x - 10
Solution Solve for x: 7 x - 8 = 9x - 10
Subtract 9 x from both sides: (7x-9x) - 8 = (9x9x) - 10
7x - 9x = -2x: - 2x - 8 = (9x - 9x) - 10
9x - 9 x = 0: - 2x - 8 = -10
Add 8 to both sides: (8-8)-2x = 8 - 10
8 - 8 = 0 -2x = 8 - 10
8-10 = -2: -2x = -2
Divide both sides of -2x = -2 by - 2:
Answer x = 1

What are the Important Operators in Online Equation Solver?

Here is a comprehensive list of the key operators in an online math equations solver:

An equation in its general format i.e., Ax2 + Bx + C = 0

A variety of equations can be solved in no time, the types are:

You will have to be careful with the signs and degrees in various equations. These act as the determining factor for your main result.

As the entire equation solver is AI-based, programmers use their coding knowledge to insert appropriate formulas and grades, which bring adequate output.

How to Solve My Equation in Different Types?

General rules to follow while solving an equation:

If the question “how to solve my equation step by step?” is still running in your mind, here is a comprehensive guide on how to solve the following equations:

Quadratic Equation

It is termed the polynomial of the second degree, having a standard form of ax2 + bx + c = 0

Example ax2 + bx + c = 0 gives
a = 1, b = -5 and c = 6
b2 – 4ac = (-5)2 – 4×1×6 = 1
Substitute the values in the quadratic formula
x1 = (-b + √b2-4ac)/2a
⇒ (5 + 1)/2
= 3
x2 = (-b – √b2-4ac)/2a
⇒ (5 – 1)/2
= 2

Rational Equation

it is the expression of a quotient with the numerators and denominators as polynomials. However, the denominator can never be 0.

equation-solver Example equation-solver
= 3, and the second one is x =2.

Biquadratic Equation

A biquadratic equation does not comprise any odd degree terms in them. It is also regarded as a special case quadratic equation.


Example equation-solver
= 3, and the second one is x =2.

PolPolynomial Equation

A Polynomial equation comprises exponents, variables and coefficients. Here, the equation can have multiple exponents; the higher one stands out as the degree of the central equation.

F(x) = anxn + an-1xn-1 + an-2xn-2 + …….. + a1x +a0 = 0

There are six types of polynomial equations:

Example equation-solver

Radical Equation

in a radical equation, either one or more than one terms come with an exponent or a radical sign. y=√x is the most common type of radical equation.

Example equation-solver

Logarithmic Equation

The logarithm of a particular expression, including a variable, is termed a Logarithmic equation.

Example equation-solver

Logarithmic Equation

The logarithm of a particular expression, including a variable, is termed a Logarithmic equation.

Example equation-solver

Exponential Equation

An exponential equation comprises exponents. Here, the exponent or part of it is a variable.

Example Solve the equation 7y + 1 = 343y equation-solver

Absolute Equation

It is a statement with an absolute value.

Example equation-solver

Complex Equation

It is a number comprising a fundamental part along with an imaginary one.

Example equation-solver

Matrix Equation

In a matrix equation, we deal with variables in the form of matrices. These equations can be solved quickly using the Matrix addition, subtraction and scalar multiplication method.

Example equation-solver equation-solver

Roots Equation

The values of an unknown variable coming from a quadratic equation are known as the roots of the equation.


Without solving the quadratic equation 3x2 - 2x - 1 = 0, find whether x = 1 is a solution (root) of this equation or not.


Substituting x = 1 in the given equation 3x2 - 2x - 1 = 0, we get

3(1)2 - 2 (1) - 1 = 0

⟹ 3 - 2 - 1 = 0

⟹ 3 - 3 = 0; which is true.

Therefore, x = 1 is a solution of the given equation 3x2 - 2x - 1 = 0

Rational Roots Theorem

When a polynomial equation comprises a variable having an integer as a coefficient, then it is regarded as a rational number. However, the leading coefficient shall be divisible by the denominator of the fraction, and the numerator must be able to divide the constant term.

Example equation-solver equation-solver equation-solver

Floor/Ceiling Equation

The floor function is also termed the greatest integer function.

Example equation-solver

Ceiling Function

The ceiling function is always the least integer number, either greater than or equal to a number already provided.

Example equation-solver

Equation Given Roots

Example equation-solver

Some of the common activities associated with solving equations are Adding or subtracting same value from both LHS and RHS of the equation, dividing every term by the same value, combining like terms, factoring, expanding the expression and finding the pattern that leads to the results. With huge number of integers, decimals and many rules involved, it’s not always easy to solve equations.

The problems compound if you have multiple clashing problems and complex math sums, having many equations to solve. Here the equation solver can back you up. With this tool, you can solve and check a large number of equations, in all your tasks, within a very short time. The results are 100% accurate.

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