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Inverse Function Calculator

Find Inverse Function Calculator From Myassignmenthelp.Com

Inverse Function Calculator



  • Enter the function in the input area in the form y = f(x) =
  • Click on CALCULATE to get instant and accurate results

Try with these sample equations:

Inverse Function Calculator

An inverse function calculator computes the inverse value of a function given as input. As for the definition, an inverse function is a function that reverses another function. It is also known as an anti function and denoted as f(x) = y ⇔ f− 1(y) = x. Students struggling to find the inverse of a function can use our inverse functions calculator to find accurate answers.

Inverse Function Calculator – Top Rated By Experts

An inverse function reverses another function. However, most students struggle to find the inverse of a function without a calculator because the concept is unclear to them. Myassignmenthelp.Com inverse function calculator is a digital tool that allows learners to find inverse functions easily. If you don’t know how to find the inverse of a function, use our inverse operations calculator with steps.

The inverse function solver of Myassignmenthelp.Com is designed and developed by some competent mathematical and programming geniuses to simplify complicated inverse function calculations. The tool is fast, accurate, and recommended by top-ranked subject tutors for delivering correct results with proper steps.

Yes, that’s right! Our function inverse calculator will give you the correct steps for solving equations so that you can refer to them and practice on your own. So what are you waiting for? Use our inverse functions equation calculator or math experts to ease your calculation intricacies.

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How To Find The Inverse Of A Function Without A Calculator?

Solving mathematical problems, such as inverse function equations, without a calculator can become challenging when the concept is unclear. Hence, to find the inverse function without a calculator, here’s what you must do:

  • Let’s take one function f(x) with x as the variable
  • Consider y as the function for f(x)
  • Change the variables x and y, and the resulting function is your x
  • Next, solve the equation x for y
  • Find the value of y.

Remember to replace the function variable with the other one first and then solve the other variable by replacing both. Let’s look at some examples to get a clear idea of the same:

Example 1: Find the inverse of f(x) = y = 5x − 1


First, replace f(x) with f(y).

Now, the new equation is y = 5x − 1,

x = 5y − 1

Solve for y,

y = (x + 1)/5

Thus, the inverse of y = 5x − 1 is y = (x + 1)/5/

Let’s solve another example of a function inverse equation without a calculator.

Example 2: Find the inverse of the function y=x+6/3x+5


Given function is y=x+6/3x+5

Swap the variables x and y







Thus, the inverse function of x+6/3x+5 is 6-5x/3x-1

Not confident about calculating the inverse of a function? Use the inverse demand function calculator for instant results. You can also check our sample repository for more examples and sample inverse demand function equations to solve without a calculator.

How To Define Inverse Function Calculator With Steps?

The inverse function finder will compute the inverse of the specified functions with the vital steps. The inverse function solver will generate a unique inverse if the function is one-to-one. Still, confused about how to find the inverse demand using a calculator?

Let’s take a look at the steps of finding the inverse function y= x+7/3x+5y using a calculator:

To find the inverse function, swap x, and y and solve the equation for x.

In case of no initial one-to-one function, the chances of more than one inverse increase.

Now coming to the steps:

As the variables will be swapped, so the equation will look somewhat like this:

The y=x+7/3x+5y equation will become x=y+7/3y+5

Now, to solve the equation: x=y+7/3y+5 for y


Therefore, the final answer is y=7−5x/3x−1

The inverse function calculator can be handy when you need to quickly solve the inverse function equations. Using our inverse function calculator can get first-hand experience generating accurate results. But in case of queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. We are all ears 24x7.

How To Use An Inverse Demand Function Calculator?

When finding the derivative of an inverse function, using a calculator is often out of the question for most students. Instead, they choose to find the inverse of a function without a calculator, follow the guidelines and refer to the textbook examples.

But sadly, that cannot be said for all. Many don't understand the basics of finding the inverse of the function and use calculators instead to find tricky inverses. Using a one-to-one function calculator is any day a better choice than turning in assignments with incorrect solutions.

You cannot just rely on any random inverse function calculator to find inverses. Not all online inverse function calculators are genuine or generate accurate results with steps. Thankfully,’s inverse function calculator assures both of these factors.

With our equation inverse calculator, you are assured of accurate results with proper steps. Thus, if you wish to use our inverse demand function calculator, follow these steps to get started:

Step 1:

Enter any function in the empty box after “The inverse function of” text.

Step 2:

Check the function and click on the "Submit" button

Step 3:

You’ll get the inverse of the function on the new page.

Why worry about finding difficult inverses of functions when our calculator can reduce the hassles of lengthy steps and generate 100% correct results with vital steps? Use our inverse function calculator for FREE and be your judge.

How Does Inverse Functions Calculator Works?

There's no denying that you have to back your answers with proper steps to fetch good grades in mathematics. So, if you are not confident enough about your mathematical computing skills, our tool can be of great help in calculating an inverse function.

But then, why our inverse function calculator is the best, and how does it work?

Well, our inverse function calc is pretty handy and user-friendly. You don't have to be a computer expert or tech-savvy to find the inverse of the function using our calculator. In fact, you have to enter a function on the equation inverse calculator and submit it. Then, the tool will find the inverse(s) and generate the result with steps.

What makes our inverse function calculator unique, you ask?

  • There is no charge for using our online inverse function calculator– it's entirely free, without any terms and conditions and subscription drama.
  • Our inverse function calculator is fast and hassle-free. Anyone can use it without relying on a user manual.
  • The inverse function calculator is developed using the latest algorithm to assure 100% accurate results each time.

Sure, our inverse function calculator makes finding inverses less tedious and saves time. But what if you want to learn the basics from a subject tutor? math homework Worry not! We have that option as well.

Aside from our top-rated inverse function calculator, we house some of the best math tutors in town. Each tutor is a real mathematics genius and has decades of teaching expertise in their kitties. Students love our tutors for their unique way of teaching and simplifying complicated math sums. In addition to customized study help from Ph.D. experts, you are guaranteed the following:

  • ON-TIME resolution of problems
  • 100% plagiarism-free and error-free papers
  • FREE rework support and revision facilities
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 100% anonymity & data security
  • Unbeatable prices with year-long offers without any hidden charges

Then why wait any longer? Use our expert-recommended inverse function calculator for quick calculations. If not, learn from the best math tutors to enhance your subject knowledge and boost your grades in mathematics.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Inverse Function Calculator is an online tool used to compute the inverse of a given function. For example, if e(x) is the inverse of g(x), then g maps an element ‘a’ to ‘b’ while e maps the element ‘b’ to ‘a.’ For using the inverse function calculator, one has to enter the function in the input box.

To find the inverse of a function, write the function y as a function of x, which is y=f(x), first and then solve x as a function of y. Here’s the step-by-step process to find the inverse of a function:

  1. Replace f(x) with y
  2. Replace every y with an x and vice versa
  3. Solve the equation for y
  4. Replace y with f-1(x)f -1(x)
  5. Check to verify that (f∘f−1)(x)=x ( f ∘f − 1 ) ( x ) = x and (f−1∘f)(x)=x ( f − 1 ∘ f ) ( x ) = x are both true.

The multiplicative inverse of 5 is 1/5, and the additive inverse of 5 is -5.

Reciprocal is a type of inverse, while an inverse doesn't necessarily have to be reciprocal. For example, the reciprocal function f(x) maps x to 1/x, which is an example of a function that is its inverse. The notation f-1 is used for the inverse function of the function f, which, generally, isn’t equal to the multiplicative inverse.

Easy Access to Solved Keys, Samples & More

Explore our library rich with referenced samples, solved questionnaires and study notes.

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