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Word & Character Count Tool to Count Words Accurately

Use our online word count tool to count words and characters with precision.

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How to Check Word Count with Our Word Counter?

Your Words, Perfectly Quantified in a Few Seconds

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Copy-paste your text in our online word counter or upload a textual file like PDF, Doc, Docx, or Txt.

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Choose the font type, font size, and line spacing of your blog post or paper to get character counts and word counts.

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The word counter tool will instantly estimate the number of characters or words in a sentence or passage.

Get Accurate Counts

Premium Features of Our Free Online Character Counter

Count, Create, and Conquer with an Amazing Slew of Benefits

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Accuracy at Fingertips

Use our word count checker to be confident in the precision of your character & word count.

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Easy to Use

Paste your text & our word calculator will do the rest. No complex steps, no learning curve

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Multiple Formats Supported

Our online word counter supports a wide array of text formats – plain, rich, and even Markdown

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100% Privacy Assured

Our word count calculator never stores your text, ensuring your content remains confidential.

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Guaranteed Convenience

Access our essay word counter on the go from any device. No downloads or installations needed

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Immense Versatility

Use words counter for all, from an article to report to other languages and social media posts

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Writing any paper within a specified word limit is no walk in the park. While you can always use our online word counter and character count tool, you can also reach out to our proficient stalwarts. Our experts possess the unique skill of meeting and excelling within word limits. We take pride in delivering articles that encapsulate the essence of a subject matter without any words or syllables wasted. With us, you’ll experience the art of conveying comprehensive thoughts with precision in different ways and leave a long-lasting impression, all within limited pages.

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Explore Real Magic with Our Online Word Counter Tool
Unlock an Accurate Count of Words for a Seamless Writing Experience Instantly

Who Can Use Our Word and Character Counter?

Do you often wonder, How many pages is 2000 words?

or “How to get words counted for a doc on Google Drive?” Your prayers have been answered. When counting words, the goal is generally to meet a minimum or a ballpark, with a few exceptions. Below are certain cases where our online tool for word count may be needed –

Students and Teachers-

The assignment word count calculator can be beneficial for both educators and students. The students can use it to count words or characters for assignments, thesis, and many other projects for even other languages. Similarly, educators can use it to determine whether the students are adhering to the specified guidelines

Bloggers/Content Writers -

Bloggers and content writers often need to write content where they need to count words and characters before delivering, even if it’s not their own site. Our online tool can count words and keywords for your SEO.

Freelancers -

Freelancers need to count words, syllables, and characters, and this tiresome process could be dealt easily with our word counters. Our reliable tool can help them strengthen client relationships by avoiding disputes

Website Owners -

Our character counter can help webmasters examine the content by estimating the number of words, characters, syllables, spaces, and sentences.

So, connect with our assignment writing service right away. Enter all details and start reaping the benefits of this brilliantly designed tool now.

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What Makes Our Word Counter Different from Other Tools?

Undeniably, other word counters exist, but our count words and long words tool is exceptionally unique and remarkable. Apart from its user-friendly interface and usage convenience, our word counter and character counter are loaded with exclusive features you hardly get from other counters that count words or characters online. It doesn’t count just a word, a sentence, or a couple of syllables. It also does the following –

  • It shows ‘Basic Count Letter Statistics,' incorporating total words, characters with space, and characters without space.
  • It demonstrates the ‘Top Density’ for 1, 2, and 3 words with a few exceptions.
  • It demonstrates ‘Extra Count Letter Statistics’ for a certain number of unique words, sentences, etc.
  • When you type in ‘how long is 800 words?', it shows you the length statistics of the short and long words, longest syllables, etc.
  • Further, it also does a grammar check of your text simultaneously.

With all these premium features, the online word counter tool by MyAssignmentHelp is much more than your average calculator- and it's free!

Try it once, and you’ll see how efficient it is for estimating the count of words or characters in a sentence or on a page. In case of any query, you can seek the assistance of our essay writing service.

Get Started Now



Can I count words in a PDF file using your word counter? arrow

Our tool is designed to help you easily check the total word count or average sentence length in a PDF file. Simply upload the PDF file to the tool and use the check option. Your documents will be processed similarly, and you'll get accurate results instantly, even for other languages.

How to use your word counter or character count online tool? arrow

Counting words or characters on our tool is incredibly easy. If you desire to count words in sentences or passages, all you need to do is –

● Paste the text in the empty text box

●  Choose the font and font size or other languages

● Select the line spacing

Once you provide all the details, the counter accurately estimates the number of characters, words, and syllables in sentences or passages. It can also do a grammar check simultaneously.

What is a word counter? arrow

A word counter or character counter tool is a web-based utility designed to help users track numerous metrics related to written content. These include the total number of words, syllables, sentences, characters, paragraphs, and the likes.

How do I know the number of words I have written? arrow

You can count the words you've written by simply accessing our calculator and entering your text in the text box. As a result, the count of words and other information will be shown on your screen immediately.

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