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APA Referencing Style

APA Referencing Generator

If you are pursuing any of the sub-disciplines under behavioural or social sciences, you know the challenges of using the style of APA referencing. Our APA citation generator tool is what you need to use the ‘author-date’ style. has come up with an APA referencing generator to help you create lists and bibliographies in a matter of a few seconds. Since the APA style format comes with a host of rules, it is normal not to be able to keep all the rules in mind. This is where our free APA referencing generator comes in. And do you know what the best part is? You can use the tool to create APA references online for Free in 6th and 7th edition format style. Read along to learn more about APA style formatting and our APA generator.

Our Free APA Reference Generator Can Solve Every Academic Woe

The APA referencing generator of has been made keeping perfection in mind. Some of the best referencing app creators have dipped their hands while designing our APA reference maker. Plus, the tool is based on invaluable insights of educators and academicians in the field of behavioural and social sciences. So, it has an inbuilt library of algorithms that ensure that the results are as per the APA format guidelines.

When you use our APA 6th referencing tool, here are the benefits that you get to enjoy:

  • 100% Accuracy

Our tool was built in complete adherence to each rule listed in the APA referencing guide. So, you can be sure to get an APA style bibliography that has the commas, capitalisations, and dates in the right place.

  • Time-saving

We have used super-fast and smooth codes to build the APA referencing generator. Therefore, our tool can save your time and energy and create references from scratch with a few minutes.

  • Plagiarism-Free

Including citations in an academic paper is the best way to avoid the plagues of unintentional plagiarism. Use our APA referencing generator to cite every source you have used and steer clear of academic piracy.

Our APA referencing generator comes with a simple interface so that you can create in-text citations with ease. If you are not familiar with the guidelines of APA referencing, our free APA referencing website is the right place to be in for ready results.

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What Is APA Referencing? Learn About The Latest Editions

APA format style was formulated by the American Psychological Association (APA). The style guide was developed to make it easier to comprehend papers on topics of social and behavioural sciences. The APA Publication Manual also makes it easy to trace sources and reduce bias in language.

The APA referencing system can be bifurcated into two parts – in-text citations and the list of references at the end. Since APA format referencing follows the "author-date" style, the in-text citations include the name of the author(s) along with the year of publication within (first brackets). When creating a reference, you also need to include the page number, chapter or section numbers.

Currently, most scholars use the APA 6th and 7th edition while creating references. If you cannot keep track of the altering rules, use our APA referencing generator for quicker results.

Updated APA Referencing Guidelines For 6th & 7th Edition

The APA style guidelines are modified from time to time, and currently, the APA 7th edition is in use. The differences between the other versions and the APA 6th and 7th edition referencing are:

  • When creating citations for a source with three or more authors, you have to include the name of the first author only, and write et al.
  • In the reference list of the APA document, you can include all the names of up to 20 authors.
  • For more than 20 authors, you must give an ellipsis (...) after the 19th author and then write the final author's name in the end for APA formatting.
  • You no longer have to include the place of publication in the references as per the latest edition of the APA referencing guide.
  • You must provide the issue number of a journal within parentheses immediately after the volume number.
  • Follow this format to mention a DOI:
  • You cannot miss out the "Retrieved from" before mentioning a URL.

If you think remembering all the minor yet significant changes is becoming too hectic for you, use our APA 6th style referencing generator for accurate results. Our APA 6th ed referencing tool works faster than a fidget spinner. You can also check out our archives for APA in-text and referencing examples.

APA Citation Guidelines: An Overview

Under the APA format, referencing can be done in the form of author-date citations or a bibliography. Here is what you need to know about writing APA citations and references.

  • Basics of APA in-text citations

The one thing that sets APA apart from the rest of referencing styles is that you can include brief parenthetical and narrative citations right within the text. You can mention the author’s last name only (as per the APA 6th and 7th edition) and publication year within parenthesis. But it doesn’t end here. You will also have to create a corresponding entry for the source with the complete details in the reference list.

Here is what an APA in-text citation should look like – (Brown & Charlie, 2019)

  • Basics of APA references

After you have cited the source briefly within the text, you need to mention the detailed bibliographic data of each of the sources in the reference list. Each entry should be made with respect to the superscript number of the footnotes and endnotes.

If you are muddled about the basic tenets of the APA citation style, you can use the APA citation generator of Alternatively, you can use the guide below to understand how to create a bibliography or footnotes as per the APA-style referencing system.

How To Create And Format References In The APA Style?

Learn why you need an APA format and the essentials

The reason that makes using the APA referencing style so tricky is the long list of rules set in the APA guideline manual. Even if you use our instant APA reference generator for spinning results quickly, you must know the fundamental tenets of the APA referencing format.

Here are the essential elements that you must keep in mind when creating in-text references and formatted reference lists:

For An APA Bibliography

  • Write the word Bibliography atop the first page and centre it.
  • Left align the entries.
  • Use a one-inch indent after making each entry.
  • Use a single-space and a blank line between two entries.
  • To cite multiple works by the same author, use a 3mm dash instead of repeating the name after the first time.
  • Use 12-pt font and a 2.0 pt. spacing while writing the paper.
  • Make sure you mention your name and school right under the heading by aligning the text in the middle.
  • Number the pages in the upper right-hand corner.

For APA In-Text Citations

Every APA footnote should have a superscript number that corresponds to the source details with the same number in the bibliography. When writing the citations, make sure to mention the page numbers where the reader can find the information. Start with 1 and continue accordingly throughout the paper instead of numbering each source in different pages with 1.

Yes, we get it! The restrictions of APA style formatting can be a lot to process. But all you need to do is get the basics right. To create the references, you can always fall back on our APA referencing generator. Use our APA citation generator tool to get the job done in no time at all.

How To Use APA Referencing Style In Various Documents?

The APA format differs depending on the source you cite. So, the format for citing an online book would vary from that of a printed book. You can use our APA 6th ed referencing tool to cite all sources – books, magazines, journals, and newspapers.

To help you have an idea, here is all you need to know about citing different sources in the APA referencing style.

  • How To Do APA Referencing For A Book?

Author's last name, first name’s starting letter. (year of publication). The title of the book. Publisher City, State: Publisher.

When there is one author:

Smith, D. (1999). From the Shadows: The Insider's Story of Five Presidents. New York, NY: Bloomsbury

When there are multiple authors:

Lawson, T. R., et al. (1993). Business Ethics: An Introduction. New York. NY: MacMillan.

  • How To Do APA Referencing For An Edited Book?

The surname of the editor, first name initial. (Year of publication). Title of the book. Place of publication: Publisher.

Example: Brent, J. (Ed.). (2014). Effortless attention. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

  • How To Do APA Referencing On Book Chapters?

The surname of the author, first name initial. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. Title of book (pp. Page numbers). Place of publication: Publisher.

Example: Baker, M. (1998) Psychiatric Care of Elders in Hospice Facilities. A-Z of Psychiatric Nursing (24-56). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press

  • How To Do APA Referencing For E-Books?

Last name of the author, First name initial. (Year of Publication). Title of the Book (E-book version). Retrieved from

Example: Holland, W. (2018) All about technology. Retrieved from DOI: xxx

  • How To Do APA Style Referencing For Journals?

The surname of the author, First name initial. (Publication Year) "Title of the article." Name of the Journal, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.

Example: Graham, T. (2006) “Teacher Education and Special Education” The Journal of the Teaching Division 127(13), 110-129

  • How To Cite E-Journal Articles In APA Style Referencing?

The surname of the author, first name initial. (Publication Year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume (Issue), pp-pp. DOI or Retrieved from URL

Example: James, J. (2010). E-Leadership in higher education. The British Journal of Educational Technology, 176(19), 889-915. DOI: 10.1111/bjet.12103

  • How To Cite A Website In APA Format?

The surname of the author, First name initial. (Year, the month of publication) “Title of the Article” Title of the Website. Retrieved from: Web URL

Example: Loomis, D. (2015, January). “Is the Album Scene in the Music Industry Dead?” Retrieved from:

  • How To Do APA Referencing For Magazines?


The surname of the author, First name initials. (Year and month of Publication) "Title of the article." Magazine Title, Volume (Issue) pp.-pp.

Example: Stansky, A. (2016, May) Are the Storms Getting Extreme? The National Herald, 167(13), 56-70.


The surname of the author, First name initials. (Year and month of Publication) "Title of the article." Magazine Title, Volume (Issue) Retrieved from:

Example: Stansky, A. (2016, May) Are the Storms Getting Extreme? The National Herald, 167(13). Retrieved from: http://www.the

  • How To Cite A Newspaper Using The APA Citation Style?


The surname of the author, first name initial. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Newspaper Title, pp. xx-xx.

Example: Ross, J. (2007, May 24). The latest electronic discovery can be a significant legal weapon. The Daily, p. D5.


The surname of the author, first name initial (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Newspaper Title, Retrieved from homepage URL

Example: Hayden, G. (2020, August 31). The Pandemic surges on: Where is the end? The New York Times, Retrieved from

  • How To Do APA Referencing For Legislation And Court Cases?

Name of first part v. Name of the second party, Volume Source Page (Court Date)

Example: Albert v. Charlie, 354 F. Supp. 1078 (E.D. Wis. 2007)

  • How To Do APA Referencing For A Patent?

Name of the inventor or the author. (Date of Obtaining the Patent). Labelled Patent or the Application Number. Place. Office.

Example: Waltham, D. (2003). Screwless computer drive. U.S. Patent No. x,xxx,xxx. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • How To Do APA Referencing For Conference Proceedings?

The surname of the author, First name initial. (Year). Conference paper title. First initial of Editor. Editor Surname (Ed.), Proceedings Book Title (pp. page range of paper). Place of Publication: Publisher.

Example: Ansel, E. (2013). Scales measuring features of small business information systems. In W. Brown (Ed.), Proceedings of Research, Relevance and Rigour (pp. 163-171). Perth, Australia: University of New South Wales.

To cite the sources as per the APA referencing style accurately, follow these formats. You can also use our APA referencing tool to do the task without any hassles.

APA 6th Edition Referencing Examples

You may have already found different APA format examples for the referencing of different sources of information. If you need more insights about APA referencing, here is a sample that you should check out.

The following sample has a title page, sample assignment page and the references list in the APA format. You can use this as a template for your next assignment if you want.

Full Title of Research Paper Student’s Name Course Name (e.g. Econ 101) Professor’s Name April 6, 2019

Full Title of Research Paper

Start your first paragraph of the research paper with an indent of 0.5 inches in the left. Refrain from using the heading “Introduction” at the beginning of the paper. The first sentence should immediately follow the title.

Incorporate the research into the content as you proceed. You can use a direct quote that "uses the original source by word for word" (author of the quotation, year of publication, page number). For the rest of the content, you can derive information from your research and put them in your own words. If you are paraphrasing the information, you should also use in-text citations for that (Author Surname, Year). If you are using information from a website that has no author, you should still cite the source (Website name, Year).

You need to list all the sources in a list format under the title “References” at the end of the paper. The References page should always be on a fresh page and must be included in every research paper or assignment.


Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). Title of the source. Place: Publisher Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). Title of the source that is available online. Retrieved from the location (Website URL or DOI)

When a single reference requires more than one line to fit, it should be indented 0.5 inches from the left from the 2nd line (as done in the sample).

The list should be arranged alphabetically. In this sample, if the author’s surnames are Martin and Tolkien, Martin would go first in the list.

How Can I Create Accurate Citations With APA Referencing Generator?

Long gone are those days when citing sources in the APA style referencing was tedious. When you can access our APA referencing generator with a few clicks, be confident of getting the perfect APA referencing format every time.

Here is a guide to using our APA reference convertor.

  • Select the books, journal, magazine, etc., that you have used and save the information.
  • Now, save the information and other details like the URL, ISBN, DOI, etc.
  • The tool will then put the source in a proper structure as per the APA format.
  • Finally, copy the reference and insert into the text's body and paste the formatted reference links into the bibliography.

Citing sources in the APA referencing style has never been easier before. Use our APA 6 reference generator right away to get rid of all the glitches. With our APA 6th ed referencing generator at your aid, you are sure to overcome citation woes.

Accurate Citations Are Now A Tool Away!

Use Our APA Referencing Generator For Instant Results has some of the finest academic tools to enhance students’ study experience. If you aren’t able to cite your paper as per the standard guidelines, APA Generator can do it for you.

You will find tools for the major citation styles, including APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, and many more. Besides citation and referencing, you get to enjoy these fantastic features whenever you use a citation tool of

  • Supreme-quality references with zero errors
  • No additional software downloads – free online access
  • No pocket-pinch or subscription hassle for unlimited access
  • Generates quick references without compromising with the quality.
  • Quick response from the tech team in case of queries
  • 100% confidentiality of user data, with complete security against malware.
  • Download reference lists option available

The best part of using our APA referencing generator is that it doesn’t cost extra bucks. The tool is available at an unbeatable price in the market: FREE. Then what is stopping you now? Use the device right away and generate countless references for your documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Ans: An APA referencing generator is an automated tool that helps students cite the sources automatically in APA referencing format. Students will not have to wait to get the results. The tool will generate results once you have shared the requirements correctly. The tool is available on and is very useful for students struggling with APA referencing.

Ans: You must use an APA referencing generator to save time and submit a flawless paper. Students often fail to understand the referencing formats and cannot cite sources correctly. Using an APA referencing generator will help you get things done quickly and will also help you learn the correct format for APA referencing.

Ans: You can get the best APA referencing generator on We have designed the tool to ensure students get the best solutions without wasting time. You can sign up with us and start using the best APA referencing generator to sail through the assignments. You can ask for help from our representatives to understand and use the APA referencing generator without hassles.

Ans: You can find many apps on the internet to check the APA format. has designed the APA referencing generator to take care of all the worries and help students overcome problems. You can use the tool to check and create flawless APA citations without hassles. Once you share the requirements, the APA referencing generator will generate correct citations quickly.

Ans: Despite the fact that APA referencing is a variant of the Harvard style, there are some differences between these two types of referencing. APA is mainly for students studying education, social and behavioural science. On the other hand, Harvard referencing is used mainly for scientific writing. Therefore, you must not confuse one with the other. Ask your instructor or an expert from to understand these two referencing types.

Ans: APA 7th is the latest APA referencing style. The style follows an 'author/date' system. You can learn about the latest APA referencing style and implement the same in your papers. Ask your instructor or an expert from to understand the same and implement it properly.

Ans: Follow these steps to make an APA referencing page:

  • Place the section label “References” in bold on top of the page (centre alignment)
  • Order the references alphabetically
  • Double-space all text
  • Apply a hanging indent of 0.5 inches

Look for samples on to understand the same and use the style correctly.

Ans: APA referencing style follows an author-date method of in-text citation. You need to learn how to implement the style before you start using the same. can help you overcome the odds and cite sources using the APA format correctly.

Ans: You will come across APA referencing generators on The tool is designed to create flawless citations. You have to be careful with the details and share them correctly to get the right result.

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