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Best Paraphrasing Tool for Accurate Rewriting

Rewrite the original text without altering its original meaning with our paraphraser

Use Our Reliable Paraphrasing Software in 3 Steps

Ease Your Endeavors by Paraphrasing Content in One Click.

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Paste Your Paper Content

Paste the content you want to paraphrase or attach doc/PDF/.txt/. in the paraphrasing input box.

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Adjust the Rewording Modes

Choose the sentence rephraser mode (standard, fluent, creative, formal, expand, or shorten).

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Generate Rephrased Content

Hit the ‘Paraphrase the Text’ option to generate accurately rephrased content in any English dialect in seconds.


Main Features of Our AI-Powered Free Paraphrasing Tool

Unlock All the Special Features of Our Reliable Paraphraser Software.

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Original Rewording

Get 100% uniquely rephrased write-ups in one click for all subject topics! Try our sentence rephraser.

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Quality Assessment

Generate quality sentence structures with new and relevant words on each use without hassle with our tool.

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Eliminates Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism in the reworded content and churn out original write-ups using a paraphrasing tool.

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All English Dialects

The software can provide rephrased words in all English language dialects, such as AU, CA, UK, USA, etc.

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Enhanced Readability

Let our paraphrasing tool work to improve readability issues, flow, tone, and overall length of your writing.

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Supports ALL Languages

Use the paraphrasing tool for support in as many as 17+ different languages to enhance your writing skills.

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Well-Versed Essay Specialists for Your Assignment Needs

Compiling and paraphrasing academic essays is always a challenge. Unlike school-level writing, such tasks come with plenty of complex guidelines – many of which students don’t know about. In addition, students face many other assignment hurdles like difficulty finding resources, aptly paraphrasing content, finishing tasks within deadlines, and many more. Understanding their plight, we present our AI-paraphraser tool to help pupils craft original text for their papers. We recommend opting for our 360-degree essay help services (with an online paraphrase generator) to grasp instructions and improve academic writing.

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Correct all grammatical errors using our unique grammar-checking AI tool. Get accurate results instantly.

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Using this online tool helps students with proper citation and save lots of time and effort.

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Browse Samples with Paraphrased Text Via Our AI-Rephraser!

Access to Every Reference Sample and Use Our Free Software

Assignment On Sample Property Data Analysis

Answers to the six assignment tasks in Part II must be based on the sample data file that you have created in Part I. All tasks in this assignment require you to obtain an Excel output prior to performing some analysis. Copy and Paste these outputs to your assignment MS- Word document immediately preceding any subsequent analysis. Explanations must be precise and to the point. Charts and tables must have appropriate titles and numerical values must be rounded to an appropriate number of decimal places and accompanied by the correct units of measure.

Critical Appraisal Of Research Article Using CASP Tool

Randomisation refers to the process of randomly allocating individuals or sample for a particular research activity or across particular intervention or treatment groups (Hróbjartsson et al. 2014). The study design was a pragmatic one that was based on a randomized controlled trial, with the aim of evaluating the effects of nurse practitioner service. The patients who presented symptoms related to pain were randomly assigned in the research study in two different groups namely, standard ED medical care and NP care. Randomisation of 260 patients resulted in allotment of 128 patients to the standard care group, and 130 to the NP care group. Use of a computer random number generator facilitated the process of random sampling and helped in removing selection bias between the two different patient groups.

The Essay On Smart, Connected Products' Implications In Business Analytics.

1.Develop a decision support model using Visual DSS using the variables described above. Include comments within your Visual DSS model to explain the variables and your calculations. 2.Based on the result of your model, what is the net present value (NPV)? Explain whether the claim regarding the NPV being above $2 million is correct or incorrect. When the above analysis reached the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company, he became very concerned about the assumptions made in the model. His experience has taught him to consider the uncertainty associated with selling price and production costs more thoroughly.

Essay: TQM Tool Used By Tesco To Enhance Quality.

1. Understand the nature and purpose of total quality management and how it is influenced by the management culture of organisations. 2. Identify a range of total quality management techniques including benchmarking and process re-engineering. 3. Determine how the introduction of total quality management involves reconsideration and synchronisation of functional policies to achieve maximum efficiency in organisational performance.

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12 pages

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Explore More Exciting Perks of Our Paraphrasing Tool
Craft compelling paraphrased text using the best AI tools in the industry!

Paraphrasing Tool to End Your Rephrasing Woes

From the exciting world of artificial intelligence, welcomes students to try out one of the best AI paraphrase tools for academic writing to produce expertly rephrased content from any web source.

Whether you’re a first-year or seasoned writer, using a paraphrasing tool helps you create polished, error-free, aptly structured, and easy-flowing content for all genres of academic assignments. Our AI paraphrasing tool is engineered to prevent the hurdles students often face when meeting their assignment requirements.

It’s very easy to rephrase sentences. You copy-paste the section you wish to rewrite, set the modes, and hit the option. Our paraphrasing tool will start rewording the words/texts and produce freshly crafted content to use as assignment writing notes.

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Using a Rephrasing Tool vs. Hiring an Essay Expert

Benefits of Our Rephrasing Via Our Paraphrase Online Tool

The paraphrasing tool generates lightning-fast rewording.
The paraphrasing tool offers a detailed report for your review.
The paraphrasing tool is totally safe and free to use.
The paraphrasing tool accepts all doc files - txt, Microsoft Word, pdf, etc.
The paraphrasing tool allows hassle-free performance.

Perks of Hiring Our Essay Specialist

Personalized topic tutoring
On-demand doubt-clarifications
Free editing and proofreading help
Scope to buy plagiarism-free essays.
Unlimited revisions and reworks

We recommend going for both to increase your chances of earning your desired grades. Let our paraphrasing tool count your score while you tell us, ‘Do my assignment for me’ right away!

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Why Do Students Use Our Tool to Paraphrase Text Online?

Several students from noteworthy US colleges and universities predominantly use our paraphrasing tool.

Reasons to Use Our Academic Paraphrasing Tool

  • To rewrite the same text quickly.
  • To improve their academic writing prowess and versatility.
  • To check plagiarism for plagiarism-free essays.
  • To rephrase sentence voice and vocabulary, adjust content length and overall coherence.

Our AI-powered paraphraser tool is reliable and accurate, supports all file formats, is easy to use, and allows unrestricted usage free of cost.

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What Are the Chief USPs of Our Paraphrasing Tool?

Save Time Whenever Rephrasing

Our paraphrase generator halves your time and effort whenever you rewrite. The paraphrase tool can also alter content tone and style per your assignment needs.

Best Way to Augment Grades

Our online paraphrase tool helps you produce a new version of the original content worthy of an A or A+. Start using one of the best paraphrasing tools to produce and submit well-crafted, unique assignments.

Tool That Checks Plagiarism

With our paraphrasing tool, you can quickly compile 100% unique content for your assignments. Stop looking. Use one of the best paraphrasing tools to ‘paraphrase my essay.’

Works for All English Dialects

Our state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool offers support in 17+ languages. As one of the best paraphrasing tools, it also features a built-in free plagiarism checker, 3 vivid rewording AI versions, and helps reword content in all English dialects – AU, USA, CA, UK, etc. 

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How Does Our Paraphrasing Tool Enhance Your Vocabulary?

When rewording content from various web sources, do you struggle to find relatable words? Use our paraphrasing tool for students to write correctly in their own words!

Our AI rewording tool also saves you time and effort by allowing you to rephrase assignments (either in chunks or in their entirety). Above all, our free online paraphrasing tool enhances your English vocabulary.

  • The rewording tool has AI NLP (Natural Language Processing)that teaches you to paraphrase in your own words (with synonyms and antonyms).
  • The paraphrasing tool paraphrases content without grammatical errors, sentence structure flaws, or unrelated synonyms.
  • You witness how the free tool can rephrase text in new sentence structures in stanzas and remove unwanted texts to suit the quality and context of the original paper’s content.
  • Every time you phrase content, you are informed of flawed sentence structure to improve upon and generate freshly reworded write-ups, oozing high-quality and impressive readability.

Use Today

Secure A+ Using Our AI -Rephrasing Tool

Our AI tool ensures you compile original content with the same meaning without grammatical mistakes. The rephrase tool/word changer improves writing style, changes sentence structure and sentence length, and is apt for legal writing, digital marketers, and their social media posts. Plus, you can paraphrase articles and create study notes with proper citations for future reference.

Our online paraphrase software gives students the medium to produce flawless sentences and stanzas devoid of spelling, punctuation, or other grammatical flaws. The rephrase tool also ensures the reworded content is relevant to the topic (not someone else’s words), is clear to follow, and is free of plagiarism.

Try our easy-to-use software and easily paraphrase online without any worries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reword Anything Using the Paraphrasing Tool? arrow

Indeed, you can paraphrase assignment content of all types in your own words using our software. Enter the words/text, set the mode, and hit the ‘Paraphrase the Text’ option.

What is the Rewording limit for the Rephrasing Tool? arrow

You can paraphrase documents up to 500 characters on each use. If you have lengthy content to rewrite, use it multiple times for specific phrases, sentences, or portions of your paper.

Are There Any Usage Restrictions for The Rephrasing Tool? arrow

Our essay rephraser helps students by easing the writing process and comes with no usage restrictions. With its simple interface, students can use it for paraphrasing unlimited times and get correctly reworded content on every use.

Does The paraphrasing Tool Identify Issues? arrow

Yes, our essay paraphraser easily helps avoid plagiarism. It has a built-in plagiarism detector that scans the text and automatically generates original paraphrased content in seconds.

Does the Paraphrasing Software Accept All Content Files? arrow

Our document paraphraser effortlessly rephrases all content files (TXT, Microsoft Word, PDF, etc.) and generates unique and relevant content without requiring any waiting time.

How Does Using the Paraphrasing Software Make Me a Better Academic Writer? arrow

Our essay rephraser studies the key points, improves your vocabulary knowledge, and gives you different ideas and word choices. It improves your writing flaws and produces easily readable papers.

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